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DODO ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ DODO Author Felipe Nunes – DODO is a graphic novel for all ages that explores emotional alienation within familiesLaila is six years old and she’s been taken out of school following her parents’ divorce She doesn’t unders DODO is a graphic novel for all ages that explores emotional alienation within familiesLaila is six years old and she’s been taken out of school following her parents’ divorce She doesn’t understand why she can’t go to school with the rest of her friends or why her dad never comes by any Laila comes across a mysterious bird a DODO named Ralph and befriends the creature that has been living in the part near her house Through her friendship with Ralph Laila starts to notice things things she never wanted to understand .

10 thoughts on “DODO

  1. Ariel Ariel says:

    I really loved some of the panels and started to really bond with Laila but I really felt like the third act was missing The set up happened then I started to feel invested and then it just ended I really wish this had been longer

  2. Laura Laura says:

    This is a Portuguese translation of a graphic novel I state this at the start because I’ve noticed some translations just make things confusing And this is a confusing story to begin withLaila is six years old and her parents have separated and for some reason she has been pulled out of school She has to make fun on her own One day she sees a large purple bird that she called Ralph is is supposed to be a dodoAnd yeah that is the story Ralph the dodo is very destructive and Laila tries to control him but she can’t no than her mother can reconcile with her fatherAnd that is it That is really the whole story

  3. Matthew Matthew says:

    To check out all my reviews Reading In the DarkThis book is one of the rare occasions where I discover it through BookTube and was enchanted immediately by the colorful illustrations I tend to avoid BookTube recommendations cause most of them are sponsored and too many times the books were overhyped Luckily my public library had a copy and I devoured it within the hour It’s relatively short and simple yet it’s mixed with a ton of magical realism Supposedly this book is geared towards children but I highly doubt that cause the magical realism took me a while to comprehend and digest I can’t begin to imagine a child who doesn’t know much about magical realism Even though there’s a scene that still left me confused so I am hoping for someone to read it so I can have a valid discussion about itI have to say I wish I could have read this graphic novel in the original language because there’s a bit of dialogue that got lost in the translation which furthered my confusion For the most part it deals with Laila a six year old girl who does not comprehend what is happening to her world Her parents are getting a divorce and she fails to deal with her emotions and her sense of reality until one day a Dodo bird appears out of her local park and barges into her houseLaila hides the bird in her room and at first everything seems fine but then the bird causes havoc destroying her room and everything it touches in her house kind of like the Cat of Hat but scarier Putting two and two together the Dodo bird represents Laila and her wreaking havoc as her bottled emotions have reached its pinnacle I enjoyed the graphic novel for what it was but I felt that the translation to English was a bit rushed and could have taken its time for such a simple story My main confusion was did the parents divorced cause the father had another child with someone else? A past life before meeting Laila’s mom? That whole scene was confusing and for a second I actually that Laila was originally a boy cause the illustration of the photograph of the child looks almost identical to Laila so then the discussion becomes did Laila parents transition her without her permission and that’s what lead to the divorce? CONFUSION UPON CONFUSION UPON CONFUSIONOverall I enjoyed it and if weren’t for these issues it would have gotten all the stars Even though I rated it a 4 it’s technically a 375 on my end I definitely want to check out Felipe Nunes graphic novels cause he has major potential to create masterpieces for the graphic novel medium

  4. Blue Cypress Books Blue Cypress Books says:

    This work has been translated into English and I'd certainly recommend it for the YA set or older Would have liked to see the story expanded; I was left wanting a bit

  5. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    While there was a little two dads thing that I didn't understand I liked the play of the dodo entering her house and causing chaos as her mother and father separated

  6. Joe Joe says:

    Love the art style and had genuinely laughed at some of the dodo's illustrations The story might be a bit confusing for younger audiences I would sum it up as a story about divorce past mistakes financial hardship lost emotional connection and possibly the mental tolls divorce takes

  7. Tonia Humphrey Tonia Humphrey says:

    Set in the tradition of comic books Dodo by Felipe Nunes presents an account of a child experiences challenges in life Nunes tells the story of Laila and how the world around her seems to be crumbling At age six she is expected to understand why her mother is busy with work and not have the time to spend with her As the Booklist review poignantly stated Laila is in the state of desperation – needing attention from parents who undoubtedly have issues with each other and seeking friendship This is the unfortunate reality of most young children in our world Picking up “bits and pieces of heated arguments between her separated parents” Nunes effectively through the use of the graphic novel tells the story of this young girl who has not yet attended school His use of panels depicts the scene of each ‘chapter’ in the book He captures the moments that Laila experiences in her daily life The illustrations are sketchy are that come alive in the illustrated panels One might say that the dark reds and purples used represents the harrowing experiences that Laila has The book brings back the famed comic book era that told the stories of the superheroes Batman Superman etc There is use of interjections that served as memorabilia for the comic book loversThis book can be used as a social emotional learning piece for children of all ages in bridging the unfortunate circumstances of life to a positive optimistic way of solving issues of friendship childhood and progression in life Because within the story Laila learns to become independent a huge step in life that all individuals need to come to

  8. Travis Travis says:

    Not really a bad book and decent art but it didn't click with me and also doesn't match expectations Rather than the implied wondrous story of befriending a member of a supposedly extinct species the titular dodo is mainly a disruptive and uncharacteristically destructive presence and in a way isn't even really real it is like a manifestation of Laila lashing out in response to a family situation that is confusing and stressful beyond her ability to process It doesn't seem like it should be a children's book either; I'm not sure if it is marketed as such but my library system thinks it isI don't really like the ending either From what can be pieced together in the story it appears that Laila's father cheated on her mother for uite some time I would guess since the picture of his son shows a boy seemingly about Laila's age and then left his original family presumably in favor of his mistress Yet at the end he gets to fix things a bit by promising to take Laila back to school where she can see her friends again Though that raises the uestion of why she was even taken out of school which I assume points to a difference in education patterns in Brazil where the book was first published

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    Wow I wasn’t expecting the emotional wallop this book contains but this was a wonderful read about a 6 year old girl copingnot coping with the destruction of the life she once knew Her friendship with Ralph the Dodo symbolizes her inner turmoil and how she is not dealing with it Ralph becomes her guide in going through the hard stuff especially the anger she has bottled up I’m not too sure why people are having issues with the book I thought it was pretty simple There is an open ending which may bug some but I felt that made for a poignant moment I loved this and hope you do too

  10. Katie Katie says:

    A lonely and awkward six year old trying to cope with her parents' contentious separation befriends a wide eyed dodo from the park adjacent to her home A surreal amusing and mysterious tale about childhood imagination in the face of domestic turmoil Worth the trip if you enjoy a visual style with echoes of Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá who mentored Nunes and Jeff Smith's Bone series and you are prepared to roll with a magic realism that doesn't provide straight answers

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