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The Elves of Christmas ✽ The Elves of Christmas kindle Epub ❁ Author Wendy Rathbone – Two months before Christmas at the North Pole Santa’s workshop bustles with activity Santa is coming early with only half a day’s warning to inspect the elves’ progress Pepper who designs and ma Two months before Christmas at the North Pole Santa’s workshop bustles with activity Santa is coming early with only half a day’s warning to inspect the elves’ The Elves PDF/EPUB or progress Pepper who designs and makes special one of a kind dolls is ordered by his boss Jingle to take time out of toy making to wash three stories of windows and decorate every room in preparation for Santa He assigns Ice to assist But for Pepper it’s a bit of a problem Ice is a surly elf even disrespectful toward Santa while Pepper reveres Santa to the point of hero worshipAn unlikely pairing they must work together in order to finish before Santa’s arrival But can two elves with conflicting value systems even get along Amidst secrets resentments toasted cheese sandwiches snowman building a blizzard and Santa’s nerve wracking visit Pepper and Ice discover a mutual attraction If they can overcome wrongful assumptions and failed expectations love might just take its natural course and lead them to a Merry Christmas.

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  1. Mir Mir says:

    That cover is not very representative of the tone of the story EXCEPT that the underwear are correct Yep Elves wear green underpants lined with white fur That sounds itchy to me but our narrator Pepper says it is soft I guess that's him on the cover with the stubble His antagonist love interest Ice sounds like an even paler Peter Jackson LOTR elf with long hair braided with bells and fashion sense than traditionalist Pepper They both wear stripey pointy elf hats though And make toys This North Pole society was a fascinating mix of modern generic Christmas staples and classy and fantastical elements There will be a beautiful delicate description like ice cliffs of pink blue and mauve in the undulating seemingly perpetual duskiness of October It looked as if the snow and ice had once been a white sea that had been flashfrozen that way The shining wall below the precipice contained an inner light but then there are also for instances candy cane wall clocks Elves come from another dimension; I guess that's just how they rollAnd yes this is a Christmas story set in October Obviously the elves don't make all the toys in December come on They work year round with dedication but also for pay and Santa comes by at unannounced intervals to check up on the work uality and approve new designs Santa is also an elf one who has magical powers that the others lack He is a figure of some mystery and awe as well as love and admiration Except for Ice Ice is not a fan of Santa Is it just because Santa nixed his idea for a Vampire Crusade computer game as not appropriate for Christmas or does something deeper lie behind their mutual animosity? Pepper can't imagine he gets nothing but approval from Santa for his beautiful doll creations So what if some people like Ice and his partying friends think Pepper's work is old fashioned Pepper doesn't care what Ice thinks Really he doesn't guys stop with the meaningful looksIronically this story is akin to what I was expecting from Two Ruined Christmas Eves which my soberer and careful reading friends will perceive has nothing to do with Elves

  2. Tanja Tanja says:

    A charming and magical Christmas story of two elves living on the North pole It was magical from the first page till the last Not only because of the story – Christmas is a magical period after all – but also because of the writing It is flowing captivating almost surrealistic The author set the story in a vibrant and dreamlike winter landscape The characters are lovely Elves come in all different sizes and natures Pepper artist of old fashioned dolls basking in praise of especially Santa socially awkward that comes across as arrogant Ice the aloof genius with electronics elf looking towards the future with a heart of gold and a crush on Pepper And he doesn’t get along with Santa When they are forced to work together Pepper and Ice discover they have in common than they thought They have the same values but they differ in how these affect their livesIn short a sweet Christmas story even their lovemaking is sweet and charming with a surprising twist in the epilogue Perfect to cuddle up with by the fire and a cup of hot cocoa in your hand

  3. Milly Molly Milly Molly says:

    This was a cute and funny Christmas story I loved the names of the elves and also thought the backstory where the elves came from was a uniue ideaThere was a touch of the Brothers Grimm in this story in that it was a cautionary tale but this was interwoven with the humour and descriptive writing so overall the story seemed uite cheerfulThe only part that seemed discordant to me was Santa's attitude towards Ice which was glossed over and never resolved I'm not sure what that added to the storyOverall though this was a lovely read and perfect for this time of year

  4. Katherine Katherine says:

    A sweet story about not letting your misconceptions keep you from people and about finding love in life Pepper is one of the best elves in Santa's workshop with amazing dolls that win him recognition every year Ice is the frosty non traditional elf making amazing games that don't fit the usual Christmas mold The two being tasked to work together for Santa's visit means that they start to see another side of each other and find out how well their two different styles can work together; after all having a different style doesn't mean that they have different values It really was sad finding out that shy and sweet Pepper is seen as snobby because he works hard and doesn't like going to parties Yet it becomes clear that those sort of actions are the same reason that Pepper believes Ice is standoffish When ti comes to learning why Santa and Ice don't see eye to eye there are hints throughout the story that then come clear at the end It is again a reminder that it is important to get to know a person before judging them and that having disagreements doesn't preclude love

  5. Alina Popescu Alina Popescu says:

    Interesting take on Santa Claus lore Loved the world building around elves and the conflicts arising from having tons of creative workers in the same place I enjoyed Santa as seen from such different perspectives those who hero worshipped him and those who saw him as stuck in the past The romance seemed a bit rushed to me with everything going from enemies to lovers and the big confessions in the span of a day The Ice Santa conflict felt like it needed a bit but overall a uick enjoyable and uniue read

  6. Penumbra Penumbra says:

    The Elves of Christmas is the story of Pepper and Ice who are both elves but have an odd sort of antagonistic relationship The narration is first person through Pepper’s povview spoilerI don’t know what it was about the writing style but I didn’t care for it Pepper told the story using a lot of monologue and brief dialogue with the other elves and Santa His thoughts and speech tended to be short and cryptic and the writing felt like it was some sort of prose poetry because of the abruptness and vagueness of it When it got to the sex scene it was too over the top flowery for me The way Pepper spoke of sex with Ice was like a harleuin romanceI didn’t get much of a feel for Pepper except that he was good at what he does designing dolls Pepper seemed oblivious to how others saw him and every so often one of the other elves would tell Pepper how he acted that’s all the info we were given to understand him Mostly Pepper was obsessed with Ice and trying to figure why he acted the way he did Ice hardly ever speaks and is almost always in a bad mood I didn’t find anything about him appealing He also has a feud with Santa why is revealed at the end of the book Everything about this story gives the reader as little info as possibleThe one thing I did like was the very brief info about where Santa and the elves came from and where they livedThe style of writing in Elves of Christmas didn’t appeal to me nor did the vagueness of the characters and the use of too much monologue of Pepper I give this story 2 Stars and won’t be reading it again hide spoiler

  7. Laurie Laurie says:

    A very sweet Christmas story about never making assumptions Something both Ice and Pepper have done about each other Pepper thinks that Ice is to irreverent about all things Santa Ice believes that Pepper is a suck up to Santa stuck up and standoffish to bootA visit from Santa creates a frantic cleaning and decorating of the workshops All elves are called on to help Paired together Ice and Pepper slowly discover that what they thought was true about other is only an illusion of their own minds There is tension some angst misunderstandings and some hot sex Loved the characters they are well written And the secondary character adds fun to the mixThere was one point that I was unhappy with the ending Santa’s attitude toward Ice and how he dismissed Ice’s idea didn’t give me any ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling towards Santa And the issue wasn’t resolved and yet all seems to be forgiven at the end Christmas magic maybe Otherwise I loved this story

  8. Sarita Chapdelaine Sarita Chapdelaine says:

    This is a cute and sweet Christmas story that I really enjoyed reading It is well written and so much fun All the elves are super busy getting ready for a visit from Santa and Jingle has Pepper and Ice working together After working so closely together and after Ice saves Pepper from a blizzard they get over their misunderstandings I love the ending and I am so glad I read this book as it put a huge smile on my face I can't wait to read books by this authorI was given an ARC to review by the author

  9. Ruth Evans Ruth Evans says:

    This is a book that will get you in the mood for Christmas It is well written and fun to read throughout the book the author manages to make you laugh sometimes out loud This is the story of elves working towards Christmas helping Santa and getting ready for the visit Ice is sent to help pepper pepper loves Christmas and love Santa Ice however feels Santa should give notice before he visits These two little elves really put the reader in the mood for Christmas I have voluntarily reviewed and advanced readers copy of this book

  10. Beth Beth says:

    25 stars rounded up because we do get an HEA between the main charactersNice story between the two main characters but since this is in first person POV only from Pepper it's hard to relate to Ice all that much Nice world building a slightly different origin for the elves without a lot of backstory cluttering up the book A few misunderstanding between the main characters that get glossed over a little to uickly We do find out the reasons for Ice's attitude towards Santa but there is no resolution to that problem received a copy of this book for review purposes

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