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The Alpha Omega Taurus Star Gate ✰ The Alpha Omega Taurus Star Gate Epub ✶ Author Wayne Herschel – THE ALPHA OMEGA TAURUS STAR GATE ISBN 978 0 620 77778 0 This book reveals real historical subject matter of both the paranormal and ‘ancient alien’ genre deemed ‘forbidden’ some Biblical Revel THE ALPHA Omega Taurus PDF/EPUB ½ OMEGA TAURUS STAR GATE ISBN This book reveals real historical subject matter of both the paranormal and ‘ancient alien’ genre deemed ‘forbidden’ some Biblical Revelation prophecy encoded breakthroughs the discovery of real historical star gate devices a cosmic visitor and is anything but fiction Due to an undeniable very risky journey publishing this series of books I have had to find the safest way forward in delivering it As a graphic artist I chose the less academic looking but much 'safer' New Age content theme However each publication is 'embedded' with The Alpha MOBI :Ê a very effective and intuitive guiding allegorical presentation which acts deeply on the subconscious when the complete presentation of all my work is covered In a massive chamber had just been discovered inside the Great Pyramid What could we expect to find in it How can we be sure what it is The ancients have left a record of it a 'device' a Star Gate Also in the first ever sighting of a deep origin cylindrical object originating from the Pleiades area passed through our solar system All media silent on the details it was no rock Alpha Omega Taurus PDF ✓ What was it How is this timed with this book’s new discoveries Following the first published printed edition of The Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel in decoding secret symbols and ancient star map discoveries in literally all ancient civilisations this final chapter 'end times' edition has been launched It takes his established new and very original 'Pleiades' star map star visitor human origins theory from one of three sun stars near the Pleiades to new heights as the mode of travel mystery is discovered in ancient records pages with full colour illustrated explicit images and hyperlink referenced links to free view extra content shows exactly how humanity arrived on Earth Some say the author's first publication covered the beginning of humanity as an arrival on Earth This defines the 'first time' for humanity on Earth replacing the doomed Neanderthal so to speak Some also say his 'real story' was what inspired the fictional block buster movie called Prometheus Although the first book endured unbelievable interference and attack due to forbidden controversial secret content this new Book now covers the same genre cracking the meaning of secret symbols pertaining to the timeline where humanity finds itself right now Are we actually in the 'end times' the end of a chaos period and beginning a new way forward and unveiling what might be an official prophesied 'first contact' event Seven major new discoveries are revealed here leading up to finding records of actual star gate devices The two enigmatic symbols of the Alpha and Omega reveal their millennia age old secret And when put in context with the book of Revelation texts the unthinkable is revealed by these symbols Knowing these new symbol meanings leads to some breaking new discoveries A hidden world crisis is identified and occurring right now coinciding with an end time prophecy This book is a journey with a real symboligist decoding each previously deemed forbidden clue very carefully with reasoning and logic It is not a dramatized story either and due to complex content it is a book written as clear as possible to work with computer aided translation programs It is aimed at passionate truth seekers wanting to learn what our powers that be have covered up about our amazing 'alien' human past Thanks to technology the pdf eBook now uses hyperlinks that work only on some modern readers iPhones and iPads that take the reader to other discoveries that are referenced Over pages of free view content are available this way.