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Dungeon Player (Glendaria Awakens #1) ❮Read❯ ➮ Dungeon Player (Glendaria Awakens #1) ➲ Author Jonathan Brooks – Librarian's Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereEven after pre ordering the pod that would allow them to play Glendaria Awakens Krista and Devin still had to wait months before they Librarian's Note An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereEven after pre ordering the pod that would allow them to play Glendaria Awakens Krista and Devin still had to wait months before they were able to experience the newest in VRMMORPG Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game technology The wait was definitely worth it as they entered into a game world that was virtually indistinguishable from real life apart from the obvious game elements of course After starting in a typical starting town they learned everything they needed to survive in this new world Journeying through the wilderness outside of town the duo progressed at a good pace until they arrived at the starting dungeon Their lives were drastically changed by this place with the unassuming name of Goblin Cave.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 141 pages
  • Dungeon Player (Glendaria Awakens #1)
  • Jonathan Brooks
  • English
  • 07 December 2015

About the Author: Jonathan Brooks

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

10 thoughts on “Dungeon Player (Glendaria Awakens #1)

  1. GaiusPrimus GaiusPrimus says:

    It was an interesting read and the 2 stars shouldn't be a reflection of me wanting to continue or not with the story I would read the next oneThere were 3 large issues with this story for me1 Everything is being spelled out sometimes multiple times Being available on KU I can see that this is padding for padding's sake 2 The story is really just the first third of a book Once you strip everything that was done because of #1 you are left with not a lot of meat on the bones3 Because of #2 there's very little character development Things happen just because and the two characters just accept it If there was less of #1 and of #2 then #3 would just naturally happen To the author please read this not as a criticism but of a encouragement to work on some things I'll be picking up the next one when I see it

  2. Chuck McIntyre Chuck McIntyre says:

    I like the core concept behind this book and it certainly seems original Without giving too much away instead of being immersed in a game world as a player our protagonist is immersed as a dungeon hence the title The dungeon can level expand and even capture territoryThis is the first time I've seen the concept and is was original enough that I finished the bookUnfortunately this book has a lot of minor annoyances that stack together to make it unpalatable First none of the tables for stats are legible on a smaller Kindle which means I can't get into the gamification The tables don't shrink enough to fit the screen even at smallest text sizeSecond there are a considerable number of grammatical mistakes and the book would benefit greatly from an editor Third the pacing seemed off to me For example on page 1 we introduce some tech then basically never hear about him again I'd rather get personality from our main with an abbreviated backstory instead As another example when our mains enter the game we spend a bunch of timepages on boring newbie tropes before we get to the dungeon player bit Why bother if you're not even really introducing us to an original world?Finally I just didn't buy how fast the characters adjusted to their new circumstances This could easily have been explained by the fact that they were living in a computer or something but as it was the characters just felt like cardboard

  3. Robert Schaefer Robert Schaefer says:

    Great Intro to LitRPG Stories for teens and olderI initially rated this book 3 stars as I compared the writing world building character development etc against the many many other LitRPG books and authors I've read over the years After some consideration I added a star as the author obviously put in a great deal of effort and with so many LitRPG stories that are completely inappropriate for teens the few I've read that are kid friendly deserve to be mentioned positively This author is obviously new to writing and makes any number of mistakes an established author might not However Mr Brooks brings new ideas and an enjoyable way of telling his stories I've made an effort to purchase all his books and am currently working my way through them I haven't written much about his other books until now but would recommend them for teen readers and older with the caveat that several include some language which some parents might find objectionable I don't recall this book having any of those concerns however I wish to add my thanks to the author and best wishes as he develops his books On the whole this is a good start to another enjoyable trilogy

  4. G L G L says:

    Good start of a short story than a novelI am going to be brutally honest I was disapointed I really like the genre and I have a soft spot for dungeon builders but this story was lacking some important story elements Like a climax The conflict is practically nonexistant and there is no resolution by the end of it The main characters are lackadaisical unfazed by dying and essentially having their consciousness installed on a game server They seem to have no interest in the game company's cover up of their deaths or improving their situation beyond leveling up There is so much untouched potential here between the ghost in the shell soul mind vs soul setting the startlingly self aware AI the possible metamorphosis of the MCsbut its wasted The MC dont care that they died don't uestion develop or grow As a result of the cookie cutter MCs the story doesnt really progress or have any sense of tensionurgency The story feels too short unfinished like an overly long prologue Of all the dungeon builders on this one is the least interesting Read dungeon born or slime dungeon first

  5. David Durkin David Durkin says:

    Glendara Awakens contains little character and plot development per chapter the problem exasperated by its being such a short storySimilarly Its central theme as a dungeon core story is hardly represented and world building has not progressed past the studsThe characters are disturbingly detatched to their predicaments showing little emotion and blowing off life changing events I would have loved to see this adressed whether through reference to the limitations of the host perhaps supressed by the ai or even some vague mentions of shock at the minimum Unfortunently no effort for explaination was undertaken and the characters simply become strange and unrealistic from the startDespite all of this the book is still readable and though i could not recomend its not totally off the table for an unpicky reader

  6. Colin Rowlands Colin Rowlands says:

    Most of the litrpg books I have read have not been in the dungeon core style that is where the main character is the dungeon or some entity bound to it in some fashion but this one worked well for me as the main characters settled in well to their new circumstances despite the manner in which they became trapped in the gameThe narrator gave a very good performance with pleasant and distinctive tones that helped to enhance my enjoyment of the storyThis book is uite a short one but during its running time the author manages to progress the story well and makes the main characters interesting enough for me to want to see the subseuent books in the seriesNote I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review

  7. Wyatt Smith Wyatt Smith says:

    Better than I thought it would be Most dungeon core games tend to follow the same predictable format of someone becoming a dungeon core with no knowledge of anything and then progressing with the assistance of a usually annoying impfairywhatever This book has both a dungeon core without a dungeon core and an NPC monster as main characters I can't say without spoiling it but it is actually very enjoyable I did tend to zone out a bit on some of the stats for the various items spells upgradesI received this book as free download and chose to write a review

  8. Jack Jack says:

    If you have an Kindle Unlimited account and about an hour to kill this is a cute book to fill in some time I gave it 3 stars because it is pretty short and the RPG elements are a technical and tedious read mostly I just skipped them However the story is cute and worth reading especially being free with Kindle UnlimitedSo if you haven't tried the LitRPG genre and you have Kindle Unlimited give it a try

  9. Xander Boyce Xander Boyce says:

    A uick fun readShort and a little unrealistic in that a lot of the plot devices are very dues ex machina that wouldn't actually exist in a game world Also the lack of emotional response from the protagonists after the dungeon is wired But the story was enjoyable just a little shallow

  10. Ben Barlow Ben Barlow says:

    Good but shortThe book has a great premise good characters and is well written My only issue arises with the length It ends just as I was getting seriously invested into the story Another couple hundred pages would have been preferable

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