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  1. Hilary Hilary says:

    This is hard to rate most of the story was 4 or 5 stars for us but last page changed thisJoschko is an orphan who lives in a remote fishing village They are poor but have the sun and the sea singing and enough to eat Joschko listens to the men talk of the world beyond the village and he decides to look for a place a most beautiful place so after mentioning his decision to the adults who either weren't listening or didn't believe him he leaves and sets off on a long journeyWe enjoyed how this book didn't tell us where the story was set although we could have found this out perhaps if we had researched some clues We love donkey stories and bought this book on the strength of the donkey being rescued by Joschko and becoming a friend We loved Margery Gill's cover artwork We liked the way it was told in a detached way that read like a folk story and apart from the single reference of a train and chocolate it could have been set in biblical times We enjoyed meeting different people on Joschko's search for his perfect place and hearing their philosophical thoughts on life and peopleJoschko has been reported missing by his village so the police are looking for him to return him to his village and as Joschko travels further and further with his donkey view spoiler we began to suspect that Joschko would discover that the most beautiful place was in fact his own village hide spoiler

  2. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Although like my GR friend Hilary I have found the ending of Gina Ruck Pauuèt's The Most Beautiful Place which I actually ended up reading in the German original Joschko dismal and frustrating my main objections are not really all that much because Joschko's donkey is killed although indeed I would personally have preferred a postive and less horrid outcome for the pair and do find the pretty graphic nature of the author's description of the donkey being attacked and mauled by wolves a bit potentially problematic in a novel clearly meant for Middle Grade readers not to mention that novels depicting wolves as generally vicious also tend to make me rather angry No what has actually been the most annoying and problematic for me on both a personal and intellectual level is how The Most Beautiful Place ends so abruptly and nonsensically with the police who had been searching for Joschko for weeks to return him to his home to the fishing village of Igrane suddenly being of the opinion that he can find his own way home and simply leave and that the explanation of the old woman to Esra that Joschko's donkey had to die to demonstrate to him that life is both darkness and light and that one has to experience both in order to be truly human feels at best like a sermon like a religious type homily that especially if one is actively grieving is really than a bit insulting and unsympathetic and that Joschko also does not react with sadness or even anger to the old woman's in my opinion somewhat at best thoughtless words really does befuddle me for if I were mourning the just occurred death of a companion and the donkey was definitely portrayed by Gina Ruck Pauuèt as being Joschko's best friend hearing words like those just uttered by the old woman and even if they were indeed true would both sadden and enrage me Not a terrible story and much of The Most Beautiful Place is truly lovely particularly when Joschko realises that his home village of Igrane is his most beautiful place However the sad ending of the donkey's death and in particular that the police that the militiamen who had been tasked with searching for Joschko are not even going to see Joschko safely home but leave him and grieving for his donkey his killed friend to his own devices to make his own way back to Igrane that does personally chafe but actually not nearly as much as that silly dictum about life being both darkness and light being just tacked on rather gratuitously at the end of The Most Beautiful Place and then just left hanging

  3. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Because I need to find out what the author meant by the ending as described by H

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The Most Beautiful Place [Reading] ➸ The Most Beautiful Place By Gina Ruck-Pauquèt – Joschko was fourteen when he left the little fishing village of Igrane to find the most beautiful place on earth a place where he could do something special something magnificent With his friend the l Joschko was fourteen when he left the little fishing village of Igrane to find The Most Beautiful Place on earth a place where he could do something special something magnificent With his friend the little brown donkey Joschko travelled for almost a year He met people who dissapointed him and people who were kind And always he remembered what an old woman said to him'You must know that people are weak All the people in the world' Joschko did not find his place with the gipsies he met ; nor in the city The Most Kindle - which enchanted and dazzled him;nor in the valleys and fertile plains; nor in the loneliness of the mountains But he learned many things about the world and the people in it; he learned something about life and death and about himself and at last he found The Most Beautiful Place Description from dust jacket.

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • The Most Beautiful Place
  • Gina Ruck-Pauquèt
  • English
  • 15 April 2014