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  1. Elspeth Elspeth says:

    Lacking SomethingThere was something missing in this volume that the other volumes had Reading at times were tedious and the plot felt rushed in places I don't know if this is the final volume but if it's not I hope the next book finds what book one and two had

  2. Lukas Lovas Lukas Lovas says:

    Interesting ending to the book We got to see points of view especially the bad guys and it was well written overall I disliked that I felt our protagonist succeeded because he was backed by the right people rather than because of his own clevernessskilldetermination but apart from that the ending felt satisfactory and despite there being room for books from this world I feel this was a well written and rounded trilogy

  3. Bru82 Bru82 says:

    Sometimes things don't add up you take a decent plot a good environment a good author and what you get?A nightmarish end of the series bookHonestly I've never been so drastic with a score butwhat's the good to find in those pages?

  4. Roger Roger says:

    MehMeh this series turned into less of litRPG and a spy type thriller The addition of the main purpose of the game seemed really forced and killed the book for me Not a fan at all

  5. Fel, LitRPG Devotee Fel, LitRPG Devotee says:

    If you purchase this book I strongly recommend beginning at the Chapter 12 mark Everything prior is a frustrating snoozefest which made that part of the book a chore to slog through Because I love this series I will be reading his next book STYX Humanhive which already has much better reviews

  6. Christopher Smith Christopher Smith says:

    A very weak endMultiple editor notes scattered throughout the story The story felt rushed like the author was just trying to get it done The dialogue in the latter half rolled together without any breaks to differentiate whom was speaking

  7. Li Kim Min Li Kim Min says:

    Read up to 65% As much as I love this series the 3rd book's translation problems is just getting a little too awful for me Sometimes it almost feels like a google translate The problem is worsened by the fact that for some reason this book is now half infodump and half storyline The infodumps which can last pages of just outright exposition about gaming mechanics can get pretty technical as well as boring so with a bad translation it's just painful to read throughAlso the infodumps can be pretty jarring because it sometimes comes from the MC who still think he's a noob but is suddenly explaining exactly how many percent kill rates arebut somehow still suck enough to be called a noob at this point despite the how many stat bonuses and titles he's already earned? It's just a little too trite by book 3 to have the MC call himself in anyway a noob By now he's a normal gamer as opposed to a noobThere's also that time where he spent a few pages talking about someone else's stats in torturous detail when he shouldn't be able to know because 1 he's supposed to be a n00b and 2 he just met the character and thus should have only surface conjectures about their character build It was insane how he knew the tiny minutiae of Thyri's character build It was basically a badly done 4th wall breakThe other thing that bothered me is how the author is trying to bring up the tension and suspense in the book regarding the MC's IRL situation but having almost ignored the fact in book 2 trying to get the reader to care about the MC's body so much in Book 3 is weird They're almost trying to throw James Bond level of villainy in this book in the IRL side that it's conflicting with the in game storyline tension I think it would have been smarter for the author to choose which conflict was important InGame vs IRL rather than try to do both eually because it came out really hasty rushed and unfocused infodump galoreCouldn't finish Wanted to but in the end it got a bit too painful with the bad translation and the infodumping galore

  8. Beefgir Beefgir says:

    i got about half way through before i was forced to stop its not good the writing changedi was really enjoying the story in the previous books but this book just decided to stop with proper format so here is what is wrong its like the author had someone proofreading everything in the last books guiding him and telling him how to make a good story this book he decided hes got this and tried to wing it for every 1 paragraph of story there are 10 pages of game mechanics that are not relevant its like the author created this great world but got so into it he wants to tell everyone how every single little piece of it worked at the cost of the story and actual events i was reading and reading and reading and i honestly had no idea what was going on in the story so much so that it felt like i was just checking in on the main character periodically and we may have missed a lot of events And then they had side stories different people doing different things in the background and real world interesting but not wholly relevant it added clutter and much less focus on the main story I was not sure who Ross was with why he was where he was where he was going and why his old companions where not with him the character did not seem to be making rational choices any and with ALL the extra wording describing game related things and how everything worked the character seemed to forget basic things until after he did them Also since it was spewing all these detailed game fas about how the game worked perfectly that i can only imagine where from Ross's perspective he claimed to be a noob and that he understood nothing it just felt loose and poorly written so im sorry this series had a great thing going a truly interesting and uniue character an unusual world and a compelling story make money hide dont get caught by guilds level up build your partyinstead it became hide kinda you are not special any leveling up is not a focus forget about your party sigh

  9. Chris Evans Chris Evans says:

    I've written before about what the Russian Power Fantasy Power Adjacent Fantasy seems to be That being the main character always seems to be special for reasons other than power and relies on far stronger support to achieve their ends view spoilerThose ends usually being a preservation of an over overarching system with their opponents corruption exposed hide spoiler

  10. Vincent Archer Vincent Archer says:

    I hesitated but finally put a 2 star only rating because of multiple thingsFirst the dynamics are all different from previous books you get characters that were interesting that get shelved new characters that get introduced for no real good reason and the mess that is outside politics get shoved down Plus a semi ridiculous series resolution It feels like the series was supposed to resolve in 3 books and that was time to wrap the story and the rushing is obviousI almost put a 2 star rating but the addition of horrid editing leftover notes from translationwriting made that third book a painful experience compared to the previous 2 which were much much better

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The Gods of the Second World ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Gods of the Second World Author Arthur Stone – The Second World is a mire of intrigue; the game's creators have left several back doors permitting them to terminate anyone at will and an unlikely seuence of events has brought someone unsuspecting The Second World of the MOBI í is a mire of intrigue; the game's creators have left several back doors permitting them to terminate anyone at will and an unlikely seuence of events has brought someone unsuspecting into their field of attentionOne player has managed to upset the game world's balance and now he's hunted by everyone Every clan wants to recruit him for his achievements while other powers want him for their own sinister purposes Now Ros must contend against an unseen enemy backed by the world's most powerful corporation while relying on only himself and his The Gods Kindle - few trusted allies The stakes have never been higherDon’t miss the final book in The Weirdest Noob trilogy.