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  1. Fee (Ebook Addicts) Fee (Ebook Addicts) says:

    Dangerous Changes is my first book by Joyce and our main character Emily Lazzaro is the daughter of Wayne Lazzaro the winemaker who features in the Brynn Bancroft mysteries I have not read those books yet though I plan to now and you do not need to in order to read this one as it is totally a stand aloneIt all starts with a scary encounter for Emily as she is driving home when a car suddenly starts following her and she fears she is going to be run off the road This is how she meets Jackson it turns out the driver was his brother and he begs her not to press charges due to him having an brain injury From that moment this becomes a story that is full of twists and turns for our main character Emily who ends up getting tangled into a web of lies and deceit involving her ex fiance Ed yet for me the plot was obvious and it was extremely frustrating that Emily couldn't see it or ask uestions until near the end when all hell broke loose I did not take to Emily in the beginning as with all the stuff going on between her ex fiance and the company he works for People's Company I just cant believe she wasn't suspicious I felt that dumbed down her character a great dealThat being said Strand executed the story brilliantly and I loved how it all revealed itself in the end to Emily and the rest of the characters I loved how the characters and their respective story lines came together and merged into the bigger picture despite me banging my head about Emily's total obliviousnessWith a job offer that sounded too good to be true to the possible new relationships blossoming I cant wait to read what the Ramona community has in store next for Emily I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own

  2. Michele Michele says:

    There are many twists and turns in this novel which will keep you guessing Although the book starts off slowly it picks up speed uickly and I found myself reading this in one sitting I have read many of Joyce T Strand's books before and like all of those I loved this oneHave you had a boyfriend or like in the case of Emily Lazzaro an ex fiance who just won't let go after you have broken up with him Sometimes you can like someone as a friend but there are facets of his personality that just don't make itEmily is struggling to make ends meet by doing taxes while searching for a job in the hospitality field BORING ask me I KNOW She is barely making her rent much less food and gas Then one fateful evening she goes through a red light is frightened by the person who follows her who gets rather violent and reports it to the police She ultimately finds out that the person was one who is brain damaged and lives with his brother who profusely apologizes for his brothers actions and begs Emily not to file charges It all goes down hill from there Well Emily does get a great job but no matter where she turns who can she really trust? Dangerous Changes An Emily Lazzaro Mystery

  3. Dawn Dawn says:

    I chose to read this book after receiving a free e copy All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased I have read several books by Joyce T Strand so I was happy to read this one about Emily Lazzaro who was introduced in the Brynn Bancroft mysteriesEmily wants to start a new life in Ramona even though her ex fiancé also lives there She prepares tax returns for people but she wants a job in the hospitality field which is what she has a degree in When she is offered a job it seems too good to be true and when a possible client is murdered she becomes even concerned when she finds out his relationship to her new bosses It seemed that every new chapter brought a new concern or even potential danger to Emily In addition she had no idea who she could trust I didn't like how Emily dealt with her ex Ed It made her seem weak which is ironic since he thought she was weak and that was one reason she broke up with himThere was a twist or two but no big surprises I still enjoyed the read Emily Lazzaro is another character of Joyce T Strand's that I am looking forward to reading about  I can't wait to see how her new life turns out

  4. Nicki Conroy Nicki Conroy says:

    Emily Lazzaro's life is full of change in Joyce T Strand's Dangerous Changes I am amazed she manages to hold it all together with all the stuff that is going on in her life Having recently broken off her engagement she is still trying to be a nice person to her ex fiance This can be hard to do Usually a clean break is better but Emily manages to recommend his company's services to several people without knowing exactly what he does This would be great if her ex fiance would do the work necessary to get the clients to come to his business once a recommendation is made Then Emily gets a job interview and eventual offer for a job in her chosen field She would be able to give up doing people's taxes once and for all The problem is that there are uestions she wants answered about the job about the people offering her the job uestions that bring some doubt about her ability to stop doing taxes to her mind Pick up a copy of Dangerous Changes and find out what happens to Emily I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own

  5. Sonya Neal Sonya Neal says:

    This is such a twisty turny fun read I didn't want it to end so that I could keep enjoying the mysterybut I wanted the mystery solved so I'm glad that Ms Strand did such a good job of telling this storyEmily moved to Ramona to be with her fiance but uickly discovers that while he isn't for her the town of Ramona was perfect for her However she's stuck working at a job she doesn't like to make ends meet When an amazing job opportunity comes at her she figures it's a great way to get back on her feet especially since Ed keeps popping back up into her lifeBut something is really wrong in the town and Emily and Ed are in the middle of it Can Emily solve the problem before it's too late?I definitely recommend this story whether you've read the previous books or not I love the Brynn Bancroft mysteries though so I'd recommend picking those up alsoI received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own

  6. Teresa Kander Teresa Kander says:

    This is the second series I have read by this author I haven't read her original series which featured Jillian Hillcrest The main character of this current series is the daughter of a character from the previous series just as the main character of the second series was a secondary character in the first series I enjoy how that adds to the continuity from one series to the next However it is not necessary to have read any of the previous books to be able to enjoy this oneFor a good section of the book I was surprised by how clueless Emily seemed to be when it came to her ex fiance and the company he works forbut eventually she redeemed herself in my eyes There are so many twists and turns in the story that it keeps your attention from beginning to end By the end of the story all the different plotlines came together and everything in the story made senseI am looking forward to finding out what happens next in Emily's life I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mysteryI received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own

  7. Shelly Shelly says:

    This is my third series of Joyce Strand's and I'm hooked Each series has stood on its own but I enjoyed getting background information It pulls all of the little corners together Emily moves and begins a new life with high hopes They are uickly shattered when she begins experiencing some scary situations The stressful situations  have her wanting to change careers and shake up her love life all while staying in Ramona She tries to be the dutiful polite girl but uickly learns that sometimes being nice can put you right in the middle of the madness By the end of the book I was sure that I'd figured every detail out; however Strand managed to have me completely wrapped up in Emily's story that I way off base Such a great whodunit type mystery readI received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Emily? Emily is such a sweet girl but some people manipulative on her I feel badly for her She just need to say no and fight back I am sure that some women can relate to this situation I knew it happened to me but am learning my lesson This sweet girl is so trusting that it almost lost her life Good thing that some good people are behind her to help her out Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for her? She struggles a lot and every time she helped someone something bad happened to them Enough is enough am so glad that she fights until her last breathe This book is full of hope and the second chance of love Life sometimes is not fair but one thing is amazing is when you learn how to step up and moved on to a new life and things will get better I am looking forward for the next book in this series

  9. Tracey Tracey says:

    This ARC was received in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the story of Emily Lazzaro who wants to start a new life in Ramano after breaking of her engagement and almost getting run over on her drive home Her ex decides he still wants to be in Emily’s life and asks her help to recommend his company around the community but chaos happens and Emily is embroiled in a mystery and death that she feels may be too much for herEmily was a great character but just too trusting of everyone even though she has broke her engagement she still has him in her life and will love be in the air between her and Jackson brother to Harry who nearly ran her off the road but because of a brain injury from a previous car crash Jackson has taken it upon himself to be his carer and apologises and begs Emily to not press chargesThis was a great story and I can’t wait to see what comes next by Joyce T Strand

  10. Leila Leila says:

    Oh I loved this mysteryThis book started off with action and kept moving forward the entire bookThis had mystery and romance and suspense all wrapped up in one neat little packageThere were a lot of key players who all had suspicions – and raised my suspicion level It is something I have come to look forward to in Joyce Strand’s books There are always a handful of suspicious characters that keep the mystery movingI fell madly in love with Jackson and adore Harry I foresee romance for both of themThis was a great mystery with parts that kept me on the edge of my seat fearing what would come nextJoyce is definitely one of my favorite mystery writers – she never disappoints

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Dangerous Changes [Reading] ➿ Dangerous Changes ➶ Joyce T. Strand – A series of events rattle Emily Lazzaro a near death encounter with a pickup on a narrow mountain road the murder of a would be client and an ex fiancé who won’t let go Can she survive a police inv A series of events rattle Emily Lazzaro a near death encounter with a pickup on a narrow mountain road the murder of a would be client and an ex fiancé who won’t let go Can she survive a police investigation pressure from her ex’s company and the suspicions of a possible new love interest—so that she can make the changes to create a meaningful new life in a special town in southern California.