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10 thoughts on “Darrens Second Chance (Great Plains Shifters, #2)

  1. Tanu Gill Tanu Gill says:

    L C Davis can never steer you wrongAs I had told the author a while back I had my doubts about this spin off series from Mountain Shifters as I am not that big a fan of countryside setting books But as I also told him I would definitely give it a chance because I love the way he writesAnd yes you guessed correctly I had a lot of fun and a great time reading this second book of the series much than in the first one We had a lovely cast of characters both the main ones and the secondary ones I loved Zander in the first book and I loved him even in this oneIt was sad to read about the circumstances that brought Darren back but there is no gain without pain so let’s just rejoice that Greg’s stupidity and disrespectful and abusive nature led to the beautiful journey of Darren and Zander getting back togetherI loved Bobby but because I love children I wish he had of an active role in the storyThe main reason for my taking off one star is the number of errors in the copy There were even a few name swaps there between Darren Zander and Dustin The other reason was that coming from a past of being a strong steadfast character Darren was resorting to tears way too easilyApart from these minor issues all was great just like it always is in the author’s books

  2. Tammy Tammy says:

    Wonderful story about second chances and forgiveness I was glad Zander got his HEA Once I started I had a hard time putting it down

  3. VICTO VICTO says:

    What I Love in this story is Zander and his forgivable nature say he loved Darren so much or he's kind by nature but I love him so muchDarren know he did mistake by fleeing from mating ceremony and hurting Zander bad at some point I wanted him to suffer what he did to Zander and hurt too and he did and pay the price what he deserve but don't want him to suffer like that by abuse for many years Greg’s nasty horrible alpha not like him from the startWhat I like in Darren the most that he loves Zander and hasn't stop loving him and his pure sufferer of pain what he did to Zander got to know why he did that and then understood his reason his fears his panic his fight for freedom that he never get when run away with Greg but I was happy for him when he shows the courage of fighting for his son and finally face his fears and overcome this time by trusting people he should have trusted from the start and he never forgive himself for hurting Zander that I wanted him to let go the guilt tooThe last twist of the story leave me smiling for Zander at least Six years loneliness hurt pain suffer not went by without any reason but without that twist Zander will be same and best for Darren and Bobby no doubt in that He's a such man who everyone wanted in their lifeThe pace of the story was wonderful has everything what a story needed a Family tie Friendship Villain Hero Romance Suspense Sweet caring love and A DEEP connection Can be read as standalone but would recommended read Dustin and Caleb before reading it they're cute couple too and I'm excited for Cyde's story I like him in this so much very composed Omega wanted to know about him

  4. Dixiecowgirl Dixiecowgirl says:

    Heartache and triumph are the range of emotion that Darren and Zander experience in this latest book of the Great Plains Shifters' series The author wrote so well that I felt their struggle confusion love fear their hope and finally their joy The writing was excellent character development was superb and the pace never let me get bored Story of second chances and overcoming fear is a compelling plot with hot men that have a very physical connection We got to go back and visit the town and we also got to revisit Dustin and Caleb and it was great to see them continuing to be in a loving and strong partnership Compelling second chance story of love Highly recommend Cannot wait for the next book in this series

  5. llv llv says:

    Rating 4 starsI liked this book just as much if not than I liked the first one It was so good to see Zander get his HEA I liked Darren as a character much than I expect to I was glad we got to know him later in his life because I must say I probably wouldn't have liked his younger self This book is all about forgiveness and second chances and I loved the fact that Zander pretty much was in love with Darren the whole time and was willing to give him his second chance I also absolutely loved Darren's son Bobby There were a couple of scenes with him that almost broke my heartI highly recommend this book I don't think you need to read the first one in the series to appreciate this book It would be helpful though since there are recurring characters

  6. Laina Gruver Laina Gruver says:

    4 stars I was sooo happy to find out that Zander got his HEA When Zander was introduced in Caleb Dustin’s book I felt so sad for him with the few details that were given about his history When I read this book my heart ached even for him I was prepared to hate DarrenDarren’s story broke my heart AND had me seeing red Poor Darren and Bobby So glad they got out and went back to family Plenty of drama but NOT between MCs POV third personStandalone or series book 2 in series Hangover noRecommend yesReread sureKU readZanderAlphaDarrenOmega

  7. Anisha Kanwar Anisha Kanwar says:

    Superb book I was eagerly waiting for Zander’s story to read and let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed when it comes to the book great story interesting plot and amazing characters development This story has drama angst action little bloodshed lots of romance and passion between the protagonists suspense oh and sizzling hot Knotting Now I would have enjoyed shifting but then may the story didn’t reuire much attention to that aspect Overall I enjoyed reading this story and will re read again

  8. JB JB says:

    We knew this was headed towards a happily ever after from the start but the fun was in the journey Very well written story that expertly conveyed the complex emotions of the MCs There were lots of tender moments and the conflict with the abusive ex was not overdoneI liked that the community embraced and supported Darren throughout the ordeal Perhaps we could have done with a bit build up of sexual tension between the true mates

  9. Mim Crenshaw Mim Crenshaw says:

    Good bookThis book was well written with a great storylineplot and the characters were very detailed and very relatable Zander was a great Alpha but I just didn't like Darren at all in the beginning There were instances where I liked her later on but I didn't like that she kept running and didn't have the faith trust and honesty in her mate that she should've had In this story Zander was a saint towards himDarren was lucky

  10. Nic Nic says:

    Second chances It was nice to read Zander's story I liked him from book one and I felt like Caleb towards Darren He was unworthy and undeserving of a second chance But Sander was steadfast in his love and commitment to Darren Darren allowed his insecurities to play a factor but loved Zander

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Darrens Second Chance (Great Plains Shifters, #2) ❰EPUB❯ ✰ Darrens Second Chance (Great Plains Shifters, #2) Author L.C. Davis – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Zander was the type of Alpha who’d never shied away from the idea of forever It’s been six years but Zander is finally starting to put the pieces of his life back together after his omega left him Zander was the type of Alpha who’d never shied away from the idea of forever It’s been six years but Zander is finally starting to put the pieces of his life back together after his omega left him for his best friend the night before their mating ceremony At least that’s what he tells himself In truth the Alpha knows he’ll never be able to get over Darren not the least of all because he imprinted He’s only shared this dark secret with one Darrens Second PDF \ other person and that doesn’t include Darren He ran because he feared commitment and Zander knows that if he ever enforced his claim the omega would only be staying out of obligation When Darren comes back into town to take shelter from his abusive ex all Zander’s failed attempts to move on go out the window Not only is Darren a far cry from the fearless careless omega Zander fell hard for in his youth but he has a son a curly haired kid who has his daddy’s eyes and tugs at the Alpha’s heartstrings despite surely being another man's by blood Darren is an omega with a lifetime of regrets In fact the one thing he’s never regretted since leaving the idyllic town of Sawyers and his soulmate at the altar is Bobby the little ray of light that came out of his worst mistake After throwing away his chance at happiness with Zander and becoming isolated from his friends and family to please his increasingly controlling significant other Darren lives for his son He looks past Greg’s abuse because he’s sure it’s the only way to give Bobby the family he deserves but one night the Alpha goes too far When Darren flees with his child to the one place he can think of he knows there’s distance between him and the life he left behind in Sawyers than the hundreds of miles between them Zander rises to the occasion to protect the omega he still loves and his innocent son and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them both but can an arrangement of convenience turn into a second chance Darren knows he doesn’t deserve Approximately words While this is book in the Great Plains Shifters Series it can be read as a standalone.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 193 pages
  • Darrens Second Chance (Great Plains Shifters, #2)
  • L.C. Davis
  • English
  • 01 May 2014

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