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Man on the Stair ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Man on the Stair By Stacy Bender ✸ – Erased from the system Adam can’t hold a job have a bank account or own a house His digital identity is gone He doesn’t exist He spends his days wandering the park keeping three different street g Erased from the system Adam can’t hold a job have a bank account or own a house His digital identity is gone He doesn’t Man on PDF/EPUB ² exist He spends his days wandering the park keeping three different street gangs from shooting up the neighborhood When a good friend is nearly killed while investigating an accident that should not have been possible the evidence points to a serial killer who uses technology as a weapon With the police running at their wits end Adam decides to track the killer But can he stop them in time or will he get caught in the crossfire.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 206 pages
  • Man on the Stair
  • Stacy Bender
  • 15 August 2014

About the Author: Stacy Bender

When write I tend to cross genrestoss everything into the blender and hit frappeIt seems to work for meHowever I never put pen to Man on PDF/EPUB ² paper until I have most if not all of my story planned out in my head I don't even make notes Along the way the story may shift and change a little and certain characters may stand out but the main body stays the sameI'm having fun I hope you are too.

2 thoughts on “Man on the Stair

  1. Meenaz Lodhi Meenaz Lodhi says:

    It’s been a wonderful and unexpected read a disturbing thriller An ex cop whose identity is erased from all databases like he doesn’t exist but still operates in his own way with his companion friend dog Munch Trying to solve a mystery of deaths An interesting mix of sci fy thriller cyber punk that keeps you on the edge Especially because you are kept waiting to know the mystery behind the ex cop and his weird secret I do hope the author writes a preuel based on him

  2. Bruce Perrin Bruce Perrin says:

    uirky Supporting Characters in an Entertaining MysterySci FiPulp Noir Blend Man on the Stair is part mystery and part sci fi What first appears a simple traffic accident turns out to be part of a murder spree by a serial killer producing the mystery element of the story Who is heshe? It is not however a whodunit with multiple possible suspects or several red herrings Rather it is of a slow reveal through the investigative efforts of our main characters – Adam ex police officer and now ghost to the digital world; Lila a driven and highly capable police detective; and Michal a high schooler with considerable computer skills The sci fi element comes in through the near future setting Self driving cars have been perfected and some jobs have been automated with holographic figures for example And apparently automation is highly interconnected as something like facial recognition identifies Adam on a phone camera and erases him even before the video can be replayed That’s a lot interconnected than your phone ‘talking’ to your thermostat There is also a pulp noir feel to the story Claiming little but “military training” Adam is our gritty hero who holds three warring street gangs at bay in a seedy run down urban area His digital invisibility could nudge him toward super hero except his ghost status seems a hindrance than a help He has to follow people through doors since the technology that controls them can’t see him The supporting cast to our three main characters tends toward uirky if somewhat stereotypic Taggard for example is the police computer technician who believes that every room is bugged and that aliens are coming to get him and probably just about any other conspiracy theory you can imagine He’s good for several laughs over the course of the story My reservation about the book is minor and hinges on the inconsistent advance of technology Some of the tech is uite revolutionary eg using gene editing to mix human and animal DNA to create futuristic police working dogs uite the feat And yet people are still using tablets to send texts and emails and pulling out their phones to take video Computer security is another example Both the villain and our police computer technician seemed to find system vulnerabilities uite freuently as does Michal the untrained high school student Either we have three computer savants in the story or software security took a giant step backwards But this issue hardly makes an impression in the midst of this light fast and often humorous story Overall Man on the Stair is an entertaining blend of genre populated by some gritty heroes with a uirky supporting cast I was given a free copy of this book by the author I elected to write this candid review

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