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We Cant Help It If Were From Florida ➶ [Reading] ➸ We Cant Help It If Were From Florida By Shane Hinton ➫ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk “As hot and wild and dangerous as our beloved or is it bedeviled state itself” – Lauren Groff author of Fates Furies “As weird and funny and beautiful and unnerving as you might expect from so “As hot and wild and dangerous as Help It ePUB ´ our beloved or is it bedeviled state itself” – Lauren Groff author of Fates Furies “As weird We Cant PDF/EPUB or and funny and beautiful and unnerving as you might expect from some of our state’s best writers” – Karen Russell author of Swamplandia “A heartfelt Cant Help It eBook ´ complex counter to all those FloridaMan jokes” – Kirkus Reviews Florida is than just fodder for hard boiled crime novels and zany farces This anthology Cant Help It If Were PDF or of new stories and essays challenges a star studded line up of current and former Floridians to write about the state through a literary lens though not without the reuisite weirdness The Florida within this book contains lightning oil spills road rage a lizard tied to a balloon swimmers sleepwalkers characters that love Florida characters that hate Florida and at least three sinkholes Featuring new work by Lidia Yuknavitch Sarah Gerard Kevin Moffett Laura van den Berg Lindsay Hunter John Brandon Jauira Díaz Alissa Nutting and many.

10 thoughts on “We Cant Help It If Were From Florida

  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    I am sorry to report that my rating is 3 stars I was mislead to believe that this would be storiesessays of what it is like to live here in Flori duh as I call it and it was just not the type of stories I was expecting One of the reviews I read said it was wacky and it was the furthest thing from wacky The essaysstories are grounded in the hard living truth of Florida the bad relationships the drugs etc The book is probably a 4 star book as far as presentation and writing I just skipped around and didn't find that many essays that I enjoy I guess that really says how horrible it is to live in Florida I must still be in denial that I live here

  2. Jennie Machines Jennie Machines says:

    From the blurbs I was expecting stories about Florida and not just a bunch of writers from Florida talking about how they hate it or moved away and never came back There were a couple good ones but most were mediocre

  3. Jonas Jonas says:

    The book wasn't exactly what I was expecting coming from comedic authors such as Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen I was expecting engaging works about Florida but instead got drab self absorbed writing that featured Florida as a backdrop or metaphor

  4. Mlg Mlg says:

    Mostly mediocre short stories with a few decent ones

  5. Joy Treacy Joy Treacy says:

    Extremely well written; this counts as the first serious book I’ve read this year As a Floridian I thought Carl Hiassen John D McDonald were the only authors with a true feel for depicting Florida that is to say until I read this bookWon an ARC on Goodreads; once I started reading this book of short proseessays by various authors I finished it uickly Lots of talented writers contributed their own sense of the Florida “climate” with many uirky characters their connections to Florida depicted Recommended reading for anyone who is curious about the weird zany things that can only happen in Florida

  6. Erin Tuzuner Erin Tuzuner says:

    Split and briny oysters and hearts Few places inspire environment as character like Florida Sure New York proliferates the good schools and manners of the urbane world traveler mired in Salinger forsaken dialogue mining for a heart of substance and a line of gin soaked wit Florida is the expanse of divorced parents rehab bound gagged and discarded childhood stretched and bent like gum in summer This collection was truly excellent; young voices that I hope will become smokier louder and a bit less weary

  7. CJ CJ says:

    As a Floridian I enjoyed the book immensely The collection showcases the craziness of Florida in such an intimate way that it was hard to put down A breath of fresh air for anyone stressed I have no doubt that anyone regardless of if they've been to Florida or not can find a piece they can relate to

  8. Patricia Baker Patricia Baker says:

    Expected from this bookhaving lived for a short time in Florida and reading the newspaper and online eventshappenings there is so much about Floridasome of these stories are just creepy some are sadgood thing that they are short stories so I could read them all without putting down the book

  9. Erica Erica says:

    This collection of stories wasn't really as wacky or as 'Florida' as I had expected it to be And actually it reads like the work of people living in a group home doing therapeutic writing to deal with all their issues a surprising number of which included suicide Florida might need even help than I expected

  10. Sadie Sadie says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review This was a collection of short stories written by authors who have a connection to Florida Some were really great well thought out and fun

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