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  1. Felicia Felicia says:

    The faith and pure heart of a child confound the Father of Lies in this inspiring taleTwelve year old Willie MacGregor is golden in the lead Raised by the spirited Eleanor Willie sees adventure in everything and doesn’t miss an opportunity to exploreA child of faith Willie is not naïve He’s well aware evil and temptation exists but it is his choice to be a believer and take different pathsHis best friend Johanna—also a believer—is wheelchair bound but her spirits soar when she spends time with Willie and EleanorEvery story has an annoying character and Millicent Johanna’s mom gets the honor in Miracle Dour and overprotective I have to cut her some slack She lost her husband in the accident that paralyzed her daughter Millicent’s lack of faith and a tendency to see bad everywhere is understandableDuring a road trip to Tennessee’s Smokey Mountain National Forest it’s Millicent who sees trauma and catastrophe at every turn and insists on taking Johanna home The two preteens aren’t ready for their adventure to end and because they believe together they recite words from one of their favorite Scottish fairy tales and separately appear in another wooded forestThis begins Willie’s real adventure to find JohannaWillie meets a lovable cast of characters from woodland creatures and horses who can talk to children of privilege left on their own by self centered parentsLed by his strong faith Willie MacGregor attempts to help the friends he makes on his journey He can’t understand why so many live in fear and doubt and tells them of a better wayKnown by many names Satan also shows up in many forms to tempt and antagonize He’s a leopard prince a mighty stallion and a cool hip hop dudeWillie may not realize at first with whom he’s dealing but he senses evil and is cautious and suspicious What Willie doesn’t realize at the time is his character and faith are inspiring to all he meets—but Satan does and he knows the only way to continue his rule is to break Willie’s faithThis read is a fun adventure It is not preachy or judgmental Willie is not a little evangelical screaming fire and brimstone He’s a twelve year old in a denim bucket hat who wipes his nose on his sleeve He has a strong sense of faith family and friendship because that’s how he is being raised—good home training His behavior and decisions puzzle many but are natural to himAlso natural is the way the author wove the Native American spirituality and culture throughout the story Belief systems may appear to be different but at the heart they’re all the same just as people are The imagery is on point the beaded dresses are as vivid and detailed as the flannel shirts The rapid flowing streams and the majestic trees priceless Great jobThere is some head hopping but nothing so distracting as to remove the reader from the storyI recommend Miracle to everyone Read it to your childrengrandchildren or read it for yourself It is a worthy delightEnjoy

  2. Becca McCulloch Becca McCulloch says:

    A charming Christian allegory about two young children who confront the Fallen One Satan and confound him with faith and scripture The book weaves basic Christian mythology about the existence of light and dark forces into an accessible tale about two children who get lost on a vacation The book interjects Christian philosophy about obedience commandments and the power of “blind” faith to overcome opposition For the adherent it’s a useful tale to introduce loftier doctrines that are difficult to explain to children For the non believer it may help to bridge the gap in understanding by removing scriptural contexts and creating a modernized story to teach complex concepts It’s a charmingly written story that matches its tone well to the allegory at play Easy to read and free of inappropriate content

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Miracle ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Miracle By J. Helen Elza ⚣ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Have you ever said to yourself or out loud maybe that just once you would like to put Satan the Devil in his place Well hang on to your bucket hat or whatever kind of hat you wear because one twelve y Have you ever said to yourself or out loud maybe that just once you would like to put Satan the Devil in his place Well hang on to your bucket hat or whatever kind of hat you wear because one twelve year old named Willie MacGregor is about to bedevil the devil Willie and best friend Johanna who uses a wheelchair embark on a grand Smoky Mountain adventure when Johanna goes missing Willie’s search leads him into the enchanted forest of the evil shape shifting Prince Fallon who in all his disguises repeatedly thwarts Willie’s search while trying to win Willie as a new and loyal subject Fallon tires of the boy who rejects all of the prince’s temptations; Willie wants nothing but Johanna In a temper Fallon produces the girl and offers Willie a fair exchange; Johanna’s life for Willie’s soul To Fallon’s delight Willie pleads for Johanna’s safety But is it possible that the prince of demons masuerading as Fallon underestimates young Willie who sees through Fallon’s disguises and serves the prince with one last surprise.

  • Paperback
  • 198 pages
  • Miracle
  • J. Helen Elza
  • 23 January 2016