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10 thoughts on “Immobile 2

  1. Christine Baker Christine Baker says:

    Immobile 2Picked up where Immobile 1 left off Showed of his family in relation to Lena and the baby which I loved Hated seeing Lena fall into the same pattern of wrong guy but loved how Alec handled it Enjoyed the story and will be reading from this writer

  2. Elysa Elysa says:

    OkOkwowokThis story could have been so much better had it not been for the poor editing the incessant horrible slang and the disgusting use of the N word The dozens reallyI havn't heard that phrase since I was a kid and then it was being explained to me by my parents as something done when they were kids in the south and generations before Nobody engages in that crap now because no one is seeking to get their behinds beat down to the ground Lena stayed stupid way too long But she Akylas still cause you to root for them The cover models are drop dead gorgeous esp the young ladyI sure hope to see her on other covers And you can't help but fall in love with Akylas' family But the trite racial stereotypes lack of decent editing and slightly raunchy sex scenes ruined the overall story Lastly it should have been one book not two

  3. Kiera Rutledge Kiera Rutledge says:

    Unexpected happenings and love conuring it allBook two and the continuation of Lina and Ike's story they face different hardships concerning their relationship; whoever said love was easy and not worth the fight lied and this couple proves it overcoming every obstacle thrown their way both individually and together With the the support of family and friends they get through hard hurdles This is a story about live conuring all and not to judge a book by its cover but also that love heals all wounds and every diagnosis doesnt have to be permanent if the right one comes along Deals with Parent careReconcealiations of family lossabusemental illnesshaving it all and losing it real friendship and love and navigating the winding twisting roads of life to finally be happy

  4. Hope Simmons Koch Hope Simmons Koch says:

    Was okAfter reading book one I was excited for this one but was disappointed Too many grammatical errors too much unnecessary info like description of simple actions like morning routine going to the car etc I also can tell the author has no kids because what child a year old and older drinks formula still? Lena also dragged out her break up with Ike so long I started hopping he wouldn't get back together with her because her reasoning was stupid I think the author should've taken time before getting this book published It was to rushed and not thought out The difference between book 1 and 2 was like two different people wrote it I gave it a three because it wasn't all together terrible just ok

  5. Angela V. Herndon Angela V. Herndon says:

    This was such an awesome story I fell in love with the relationship that formed between Lena and Akylas Something that that was only supposed to be a momentary fling turned into an ever lasting love with a family bond that grew beyond anyone's wildest dreams There was so many moments when I was brought to tears but was able to smile beyond them in the end GREAT JOB YVONNE

  6. Sheila Wright-Grier Sheila Wright-Grier says:

    ?What about Albert's revenge ? You left that totally open So will there be a book 3 in this series Giving those poor twins some people to keep them busy Loved the story just needs to be finished

  7. JoAnn Felder-Gaskins JoAnn Felder-Gaskins says:

    Finding Live againThis is the conclusion of the previous story where Lena left Akylas when his ex Abby came back However he did come to his senses and got rid of his ex He and Lena got married and in spite of different obstacles they made it

  8. Terri Moye Terri Moye says:

    Couldn't stop reading I was waiting for this second installment This two series was one of my best read Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome

  9. Jackie Bragg Jackie Bragg says:

    Loved itMs Yvonne Bennett thanks for this Awesome series I loved both books from beginning to the end Can't wait to read of your Work

  10. Momo Le Momo Le says:

    Needs work The scenes were way too descriptive and there were too many typographical errors Other than that it was a good book

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Immobile 2 ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Immobile 2 By Yvonne Bennett ✼ – After the gut wrenching realization that Ike chose to rekindle the flames with his ex wife Lena Rae is determined to put Akylas Reynolds to the back of her mind Soon after getting her heart broken her After the gut wrenching realization that Ike chose to rekindle the flames with his ex wife Lena Rae is determined to put Akylas Reynolds to the back of her mind Soon after getting her heart broken her life turns to hell Faced with the tough decisions and with no one for her to lean on can Lena morph into a mature adult and put the past behind her Or she fall into the same destructive patterns that will keep her heart forever Immobile Or will she find the salve to heal her wounds in the arms of Akylas.