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  1. K.R. Green K.R. Green says:

    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewAlthough this was the first book of Julie’s I’ve read; it will not be my last I loved this story and finished the book uicker than I usually do The pacing was perfect fast paced enough to hold interest and feel action packed yet not too fast that I was lost or felt rushed The characters despite there being uite a few were well rounded and distinguishable from each other Eually when I felt a plot twist come up it had that delicious “I had no idea” mixed with “but of course that makes sense now” feeling The writing was very easy going with little flourishes of poetic description to really suck the reader into the book’s worldI hope there is a seuel although the threads were nicely tied up because I’d just love to know what happens next and spend some time in the this fictional world

  2. Addison Crow Addison Crow says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI have read Julie’s Shinigami duet and loved those so I was eager to read of her work There is a lot to like about this new series which begins with The Wind Between WorldsI feel that YA supernatural series have taken a bit of flack in recent years following the Twilight Saga and the inevitable slew of similar books With TV series like Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries etc I can see why people might think the market is saturated But Julie has put her own twist onto witchcraft as she did with vampire lore in Running HomeThe Wind Between Worlds follows a coven of sixteen year old witches led reluctantly by Celeste who narrates the story The girls are the magically created daughters of the five immortal Elementals – Earth Air Fire Water and Spirit – and each has a distinct suite of powers The Elementals’ coven and Celeste’s coven of Poisons are charged with protecting and maintaining The Chains and the balance of power between the mortal world and The Gone – a sort of Purgatory inhabited by demons As you might expect the main plot of the story is about that shift in power and what happens when things deviate from the Elementals’ careful planWhat I like about the characters in the story is that they are all distinct and recognisable Each Poison has a particular aesthetic and strives to be noticed for her own merit beyond just being a hanger on to a greater power The girls have been brought up to distrust each other as much as they have to rely on each other as a coven thanks to their mothers’ meddling and controlThe psychology of their family lives is complex and reflects the difficulties that many young people face with dysfunctional and abusive parents or unstable home lives The girls’ powers are useless to protect them against the intense emotional damage they have been taking throughout their childhoods and each struggles to reconcile their conflicting feelings about their parent – they love them fear them need them and distrust them all at the same timeI like that Celeste is shown as a narrator with issues but also is still functional It is good to see a teenager with anxiety who can still be funny and intelligent and isn’t just whining or ‘too numb to act’ or needs people to do things for her all the time She is practical and hopelessly idealistic by turns finding it difficult to balance all the things her coven and her mother ask of her But it is a story about embracing your demons sometimes literally and recognising your worth even if those around you don’t believe in youIf the ambitions and power struggles of ten witches wasn’t enough the story begins with the arrival of an impossible stranger – a demon from The Gone – who could be even dangerous than anything they’ve seen before Crossing between the worlds should be impossible but the boy manages to do it without the witches noticing His power intoxicates the Poisons and frightens the Elementals but what is he doing in the mortal world?Julie manages to do well what so many authors get wrong – she explains and builds the magic system and the world concepts without pages of contrived exposition Celeste talks about things that are normal for her and so it is down to the reader to connect some of the dots It keeps us hanging on for the next piece of the puzzle and means we’re not being talked down to Thanks for crediting your readers with some intelligence JulieThe Wind Between Worlds includes some familiar plot devices and twists of the genre – there is a love story there are twists and there is teenage angst – but the story is not run of the mill As secrets are uncovered and powers wax and wane readers’ allegiances may shift Characters have complex motivations with some difficult choices leading them further down a path they may inwardly regret but have to outwardly embrace There is strength there is vulnerability and there is magic in the darkness between the stars

  3. Isabel Isabel says:

    I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewWithin the first few pages I knew that The Wind Between Worlds was not going to be my cup of tea The premise however? Outstanding I mean uber powerful teenage girls? Dark and twisted magic system? Complex characters? Plot twists upon plot twists? Sign me upBut the very moment Lux was described? Red Alert on the romance angle It was a pretty good romance as far as they go with a tense and weighty build that echoed through the entire plot and affected the story itself But and putting this lightly I’m not a romance fan Especially with the “I love you than anything ever even though I met you three weeks ago” style that’s in most of the YA fantasies If you’re into that come see Celux Luxleste? Starlust? Idk You’ll enjoy it It’s intenseAs the description suggests maternal relationships are key I didn’t really get the sisterly vibe but hopefully that’s going to be featured in the seuel The mothers in this book were twisted? Not sure how to explain it But they're not good people And somehow I could see my own mother a very supportive and wonderful woman in them at times The relationships in this story are masterful to say the least As in carved in my memory and used as reference masterfulTo avoid going into the Spoiler Zone I’ll stop here Overall it was a solid read Not my favorite type of writing but that’s a personal opinion If you want a uniue and female led read I’d ask you to check this one out The snark should appeal to fans of WhedonSuperhero humor Or fans of internet poetry because that’s Hutchings’ prose And Lux’s dialogue He’s lowkey the Darkling okay?ps It took me this long because finals and i have no attention span

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The Wind Between Worlds ✰ The Wind Between Worlds Epub ✶ Author Julie Hutchings – A deadly concoction for readers of Leigh Bardugo and Maggie Stiefvater with ingredients of American Horror Story Coven and The CraftSixteen year old Celeste is the Witch of Stars and leader of her cov A deadly concoction for readers of Leigh Bardugo and Maggie Stiefvater with ingredients of American Horror Story Coven and The CraftSixteen year old Celeste is The Wind PDF or the Witch of Stars and leader of her coven the Five Poisons But Celeste feels her greatest powers are in chewing anxiety pills and stress eating Uniting the vicious witches who share nothing but their uniue forms of magic and a list of family dysfunctions is fruitless The Poisons see only weakness in Celeste for stifling her magic upon her mommy’s reuest Using magic drains their mothers the Elementals but Celeste is the only one of the Poisons who doesn’t want her mother deadWhen a demon breaks through The Chains the magical veil into the human world Celeste tries proving herself to her coven by confronting him on her own Through his eyes she discovers that the Elementals have been feeding the Poisons lies about demons magic their heritage and the coven’s purpose Worse yet the abuse manipulation and oppression Celeste’s coven has suffered at their mothers’ hands was than tough love; it was to strengthen the girls’ powers for a Halloween harvest to weave their souls into The Chains that they serve Celeste will do anything to save the Poisons from traversing the wicked realm of The Gone following the demon who's shown her the truth to waging war upon the Elementals But to end the grisly cycle the Elementals have created means the Witch of Stars must either show her mother mercy and live in the false world she knows or sacrifice herself in ways no magic can reverse.

  • The Wind Between Worlds
  • Julie Hutchings
  • 05 September 2016

About the Author: Julie Hutchings

Julie Hutchings is a pizza hoarding coffee swilling beer guzzling karate loving book geek with a love of all things creepy and obscure She lives The Wind PDF or in America's Hometown of Plymouth Massachusetts with her hilarious husband and two genius children.