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  1. Carrie Carrie says:

    Woohoo Chalk up another of my cover obsession books panning out and actually being a creative and fun fantasy tale I fell in love with the cover of Kiss of the Royal by Lindsey Duga a few months back while participating for the cover reveal for this book and just knew I was going to have to get my hands on a copy and read it Going into this one I really had no idea what to expect but maybe that was a good thing because what I found I don’t think I could have imaginedPrincess Ivy is our heroine in Kiss of the Royal she’s a feisty and fierce Royal who has been battling the forces of darkness all of her life The Royals believe that emotion needs to be left behind to fight the centuries long curse and Ivy has been raised with these beliefs In order to fight in battle each Royal is paired with a partner in which they can share a kiss to ignite their magic while in battle Hey don’t laugh Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters tattoo themselves so why not a kiss? Unfortunately for Ivy she has just lost her fifth battle partner and with the forces of darkness only multiplying daily there’s not really another match to eual the power of Ivy’s magic in her kingdom But just as Ivy is looking for a new partner help comes in from a neighboring kingdom that includes Prince Zach Now Zach was raised by his non Royal mother and new to the Royal forces but he’s just as fierce as Ivy in battle so the two pair up The only problem for Ivy Zach does not believe in Royal magic and refuses to kiss Ivy you see Zach is a Romantica and believes kisses should mean so much I will be the first to admit the whole idea behind this story really may sound rather cheesy but so did those glittery vampires and look how popular they became Lindsey Duga did an amazing job with the world and character building within the story so that I was sucked right in and really began to see the curses unfolding and the monsters the characters were battling You could also feel the relationship grow between Ivy and Zach with each turn of the page The only thing really keeping me from rating a full five stars is that it did have a bit of a slow burn to it and I’m a rather impatient person but in the end I’d give this one 45 stars But by all means don’t take my word on this one and pick up a copy and try this wonderful young adult fantasy for yourselfI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor review please visit

  2. Katerina Katerina says:

    Oh look another book I read during summer but never reviewed35 stars

  3. Wendy Higgins Wendy Higgins says:

    Soooooo good And no I don't know the author so don't think I'm just trying to get reads for a friend It's seriously a ridiculously good debut I LOVED the twists If you like fantasy and romance add this one

  4. Nina Nina says:

    Thanks again to Entangled Publishing for sending me an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I really liked the premise of “Kiss of the Royal” and was intrigued by the idea of a world where kisses were used as some form of magic to protect or heal other people lift curses and much And overall I have to say this book definitely turned out to be a very uick and enjoyable read but it also had its flaws Some of the things I liked about this book were for instance the characters They were well developed and I really began caring for them after some time I also liked the world building in this book and all in all the plot was pretty interesting But you were also able to tell that this was the author’s debut novel and I think there still is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to her writing style But I’m sure she’ll continue improving with every book she publishes in the future and I most probably won’t have this problem any when reading her third or fourth book Another thing that bothered me was that while the plot was interesting it could’ve been even interesting if some parts of the story had been a little complex Especially the “big battle” at the end was over way too fast which bugged me a little even though it was probably better for my heart Further I also think the romance was incredibly predictable From the start you know who’s going to end up with each other and how their love story would play out Like I said I really liked the characters so I’d really hoped the few romantic scenes in this book would make me swoon which they just didn’t Ultimately I decided to give this book three out of five stars because despite everything that bothered me I still enjoyed reading “Kiss of the Royal” and will definitely keep an eye out for future books by this authorinstagram || my blog

  5. Danielle& Danielle& says:

    We are going on a dragon hunt I wonder if we will catch one Evil cures witches and a beautiful princess Zach is a prince of myth He is said to have outstanding swordsman skills and an undesirable legacy but desperate times call for desperate measures Princess Ivy is a purebred royal She is powerful and magically blessed Unfortunately she has struggled to hold onto a prince Princes are made for kissing but Ivy doesn't believe in love Kisses are made for battle magic Having a strong partner is essential but in a war against the evil ueen curses are rife Prince Zach is her only hope if they are going to find the dragon egg but he's her eual He's strong willed and doesn't see the world as Ivy does All is fair in love and war Love and hate can be closer than you think The idea of this book is very creative Magical kisses that aid battles A fairytale which is than expected This book isn't cheesy which is great It does mention the word Kiss than any book I've ever read This is something different I enjoyed this book It's about friendship and love Forget what you know and believe in your heart 4 stars out of 5 I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewBlog Tour Date 4th July

  6. Amy Leigh Amy Leigh says:

    This cover is awesome The story reads like a fairy tale and if you go into it thinking of it that way you won't be disappointed bc it's cute The beginning was slow but once that was over I loved the story because there is an evil ueen a princess magical properties with any kiss and the knight in shining armor to save the damsel in distress I loved this story and it's a great summer read I would recommend for fairytale loversPrincess Ivy has to choose a partner one she will kiss before battle to gain literal strength on the battle field The problem is she can't choose a partner for love like everyone else she has to use strategy and the guy she chooses has to be strong so they can defend her kingdom What happens if they accidentally do fall in love?Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an arc for a fair and honest review

  7. The Nerd Daily The Nerd Daily says:

    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by TasyaIn the kingdom of Myria a kiss is not just a kiss A Kiss is a magical weapon bestowed by princesses to the princes to provide enhancement and protection against the dark forces invading the kingdom It enhances your speed protects you from dark curses heals you and yes it breaks curses The strongest Kiss is owned by Ivy who is a direct descendant from ueen Myriana the founder of the Royal Legions However she just lost her fifth prince partner and as for her sixth well Not only is Zach eccentric he also does not want to be kissed by Ivy even when the rest of the kingdom rest on that one Kiss As the dark forces grow and the time is ticking Ivy must convince Zach that the power of her kiss along with his unbeatable swordsmanship must be joined in order to defeat the dark forcesThis book was a pleasant surprise I’ve been suffering from fantasy burn out lately as they are all starting to feel the same and the plot becomes predictable However Kiss of the Royal felt like a breath of fresh air with its uniue premise and twists along the wayI find the concept of the Kiss interesting with how it gives magical power and can only bestowed by the princesses Of course it’s going to be hard to differentiate a simple kiss and The Kiss therefore in kingdom of Myria there is no such thing as love only lust This makes an intriguing dynamic especially if the Legion and our main characters are teenagersThe worldbuilding is really satisfying Everything is described in a concise way without being overbearing but still enough that we can have a vivid picture of the world The author also manages to build a solid piece of history myth and religion surrounding the Kiss and the Evil ueen They are revealed as a story in pieces so there is no info dumping throughout the story For the most part of this book we spend the time travelling through the kingdom on a uest However there are never any dull moments as there are always creatures to slay and curses to break powers to think about and their conseuences All these elements help to make the story move forward and the pacing never lags behindThe story is told from Princess Ivy’s point of view and she’s the direct descendant from ueen Myriana whose Kiss first gave power to defeat evil The “Pure Royal” own the strongest Kiss and she has been brought up in the Legion’s values and believe in them She has dedicated her whole life to fighting to defeat the dark forces and Evil ueen This all changes when she meets Prince Zach a legendary swordsman prince from the South who is not your average soldier He’s half royal and his mother is from Romantica a heretic group who believes in Love He doesn’t seem to take anything seriously but what’s worse he doesn’t want to be Kissed by Ivy even if it means saving a lot of people There is also Bromley Ivy’s page who is considered as brother by Ivy And of course there is the Evil ueenThe characters are very well rounded They are all fleshed out really well and it’s easy for us to sympathise understand their reasons and the things they did Both Ivy and Zach came from opposite groups within the kingdoms it’s interesting to see how their ideologies clashed how they both learn to trust each other and accept the truth and how they react to it In the end their characters have tremendous growth and their journey is always interesting to watchThis book is not without its flaws though The main villain despite feeling human with fleshed out motives felt caricature ish Also the showering and sparks of gold is really cliché so while the characters are awed we felt nothingAs a debut Kiss of the Royal reads like a solid book It has interesting plot well rounded characters and an action packed plot It’s something I’ve been looking for and I’m looking forward for the author’s future releases

  8. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    Do you remember fairy tales of old ? Where good faces evil and triumphs ? How about those old Disney films with the Prince saving the princess ? I know that nowadays the heroines manage to save themselves and yes sometimes even the Prince Yet one thing holds true and that's the power of love and true loves kiss So imagine a society battling evil creatures and embracing lust but believing that to accept the idea of love is blasphemy This is Ivys world a life of duty and magic but it's cold and lonely until she's partnered with Prince Zach and his completely different opinions Ivy believes in sharing magic by means of a magical Kiss but Zach refuses that idea and as Ivy learns Zach is one very determined young man If honest I wasn't wowed by the beginning and wondered if I'd missed something but the plot soon started to hot up and pull me in There's all the usual suspects in a traditional fairy tale with evil ueens mages dwarves and even dragons but of course it's the hero who perhaps saves the Princess or does he ? I particularly liked that we were taken on this journey of self discovery with Ivy and her trials enable her to empower herself There are other characters who feature but alas they are not as vivid as I like but nevertheless I did enjoy this storyThis voluntary take is of a copy I reuested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

  9. Scrill Scrill says:

    ARC received from Netgalley for a fair review The Forces of Darkness seem to continue to grow stronger no matter how many battles the royal army wins They have fought the war for 500 years and every princess has the power to Kiss their prince to enhance their abilities and Princess Ivy is the direct descendant to the original ueen and therefore has the most powerful kiss Because of this she must have the most powerful swordsman Prince Zach at her side Together their combined magic would be able to finally put an end to the war The only problem is Zach wont Kiss Princess IvyThe Story I loved the underlying concept in this book but unfortunately the delivery just wasn't all there for me As the story progressed there was a lot of repetitiveness as Princess Ivy told the reader how powerful she was rather than showing She also spent a great deal reiterating why things were usually one chapter after a massive info dump I felt this stunted the pacing of the book and ultimately made it a lot longer than it needed to beHowever the story itself was fun and I loved how much of a slow love story it was at least on Princess Ivy's side There was a lot of action seuences that helped break the story up as Ivy Zach encountered and dark forcesThe World Building I had a hard time really getting into the world that this story was set in First of all the princes and princesses were descendants of one ueen and king They are ultimately bred to have as much of the original bloodline I'm not sure if the writer thought about this but sounds like a LOT of incest to me and it just made me rather uncomfortable sure 500 years later there's uite a few generational lines they can choose from but I mean the second generation? In order for it to be a pure blood they would have had to have children with their siblings or eww their parent I am probably thinking too hard on it but it really just made me egghhh Anyway the entire time Ivy kept saying that she was a Princess that was a direct descendent of Myrna the original ueenbut all of the royalty should have been a direct descendant if they held that powerThe other thing I had issues with was that the war was all encompassing around the Evil ueen's ambitions and all the creatures she was making which was great and all but sometimes during the action scenes little factoids would be introduced in the moment that created conflict with the characters To me it made for some poor writing as the information wasn't built up ahead of time that could have been used the information was given at the moment for convenience sake It's not exactly bad but in a world where there are so many books that are set up so well it definitely doesn't make it stand out as far as world building goesOn a positive note I loved how the world had construed the belief system on love and how it tied in with familial bonds and lust I think it helped support the use of Kisses as a fighting tool rather than a romantic gestureThe Characters I actually really liked Ivy and Zach I loved how they were both very headstrong in what they believed and were willing to put their lives at risk for the safety of others At times I did find Zach to be a little full of himself and honestly uite a tease But that really helped the dynamic between him and Ivy really falling for each other if you can't predict that yourself then I am sorry for spoiling that for you because obviously that would happenThe Soundtrack The Neighborhood Stuck With Me

  10. Sara Wolf Sara Wolf says:

    An adorable super sweet traditional fantasy book swords dragons princes oh my

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Kiss of the Royal [Reading] ➺ Kiss of the Royal By Lindsey Duga – What if a kiss could turn the tide of a war In the war against the Forces of Darkness the Royals are losing With increasing omens foretelling an unthinkable future ruled by evil Princess Ivy is determ What if a kiss could turn the tide of a war In the war against the Kiss of PDF/EPUB ² Forces of Darkness the Royals are losing With increasing omens foretelling an unthinkable future ruled by evil Princess Ivy is determined to end this war once and for all—but her battle magic doesn’t work without a partner Prince Zachariah’s unparalleled skill with a sword enhanced by Ivy’s magic should make them an unstoppable pair But once they’re on the battlefield Zach refuses to do the one thing Ivy knows will ensure their victory because he believes love is the most powerful weapon they have even in war Now Ivy must convince Zach to listen to reason and fight with her magic before everything they’ve been working to protect is destroyed by the darkest creature their world has ever seen.