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Shawty Sprung Off A Boss 3 [EPUB] ✵ Shawty Sprung Off A Boss 3 ✸ Kelly Marie – Sin was hit with a revelation that he didn’t see coming Not only had he been set up by Kingsley and Avon but he had to deal with the shocking secret that Kingsley wasn’t his father To add to that Sin was Off A eBook ´ hit with a revelation that he didn’t see coming Not only had he been set up by Kingsley and Avon but he had to deal with the shocking secret that Kingsley wasn’t his father To add to that they now faced jail time because of a scorned lover Now that the boys Shawty Sprung ePUB í were out of commission it was up to the Boss Bs to show Kingsley and the world exactly why the James men call them their wives In this action packed finale secrets are revealed and an unexpected ally comes out to help when it looks like it could be the end for the James boys Sprung Off A PDF Ê When you find a shawty sprung off a boss don’t mess with her family.

10 thoughts on “Shawty Sprung Off A Boss 3

  1. Sybil Pun Sybil Pun says:

    So this is the finale and it was exactly what needed to happenedSo this finale was something else The James women's are not going down like thatAnaya was so boss lady when she took over and told the others how strong they were and that they got this Then she handled Michael so effortless hint bobbette and still manage to get resultsTalia man she is crazy as crazies can be She is as strong but action than the others and there is Shan whose mother just so happened to be s lawyer and took care of the mensPookie and Sparle man what a combination Kingsley and Avon got exactly what they deserved and even And Angelica well was hoping for something harsher but will take thatFew things that was a little bit weird was 1 how do you in less than 24 hours get a Vera wang dress fitted in your size in Jamaica? Then 2 there was an assumption that this wedding had people and if so who are they? Then a pastor marriage license and all again in less than 24hours and in Jamaica? Then with some grammatical errors it slowed down the flow a little bit but it was still good

  2. Winter Winter says:

    Such a bomb seriesI love all the couples My favorite was AyanaThe ONLY thing that got and get on my nerves is its ALWAYS a thirsty chic that cant let go and this book they was doing THE MOST Im sooo glad kinglsly and that fool Avon got what they deserved Lol i cant believe how the mama was moving back in the day 😩😂🤦‍♀️ I definitely recommend this series So full of drama love and suspense Oh Cant forget about cousin pookie and sparkle I would love to hear about there back story

  3. JeaNida Luckie-Weatherall JeaNida Luckie-Weatherall says:

    Really enjoyed this well written series and hate to see it's overThis story flowed at a steady pace with so many twist and turns Add in all the drama action and suspense and made a great read Great characters that were well developed and likable and entertainingSo glad that the James men and their women got their happy ending and everyone else got what they deserved Can't wait to see what's next for Kelly MarieHighly recommend this series

  4. Robin Perryman Robin Perryman says:

    Good SeriesI loved this story It was action packed from beginning to end Pookie and his girlfriend were too cute I enjoyed reading about these characters and I like how the girls bossed up in the end Avon was a surprise to the story for me There's nothing like a nut job in the story It was jokes in the end between her and the guys It was hilarious because no one knew This is a must read series

  5. BookPlugJai BookPlugJai says:

    5 🌟 ReadKelly Marie does it again this book was awesome I'm mad the series is ending I love the James boys I can't pick one they all bae Anaya surprised me but I knew if she stabbed Switch she would boss up I loved Shan and Talia too I'm glad all enemies got dealt with and everybody got their happy ending


    This series was the truth everybody was crazy in a good wayThe no good fatherbrother was grumpy got what he deservedplus that dirty chick who set of all the brothers cause she couldn't have Sinthe baby mother from he'll faking pregnancy until she really got pregnantall had happy ending

  7. Precious Butler Precious Butler says:

    💯I finished this book so freaking fast AGAIN This is my second time reading this series and I must say it’s like reading it for the first time I still felt every single emotion there is to feel and every thing I feel so connected to the characters that it is unreal lol I look forward to reading books from this authoress


    Out freaking standingAwesome finish From book 1 I was in love with these characters well define and expertly executed this story Pop from beginning to end The storyline feel in right on in and kept you captureOUT FREAKING STANDING

  9. toni zardies toni zardies says:

    BrotherhoodOne of the best series I have read in a while hated to see it end The James boys all were Bae and sexy as hell liked how the story flowed from book 1 until book 3lots of action dramn violence and sexcan't wait to see what's up next

  10. Tonia Tonia says:

    James Men 3All their enemies were dealt with Angelica wishes now she would of moved on from Switch Mercedes is still dumb Glad Shan Sin and her mother worked out their differences Pookie needs a book

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