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Mind Games Thought Crimes ❮Ebook❯ ➥ Mind Games Thought Crimes ➦ Author Cosmo Clark – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk This is volume 2 To get Volume 1 2 for free go to wwwcosmoclarkcom 2031 Muslim jihadis set off a nuclear bomb in London creating the Islamic State of London Adam Ali is an accountant who just wants a This is volume To get Volume for free go to wwwcosmoclarkcom Muslim jihadis set off a nuclear bomb in London creating the Islamic State of London Adam Ali is an accountant who Mind Games eBook ´ just wants a peaceful life But he’s been tricked into being part of the biggest plan the Caliph of London has ever devised starting with a suicide bomb attack on the ueen of England Kat Clark is a kick ass journalist and ex professional fighter She’s lost in life But as things fall apart around her she makes a huge decision that could change the future of the whole country Blue Eyed Infidel is an amazingly fast paced action packed thriller satire and exciting page turnerIt’s written by Cosmo Clark a cyber security analyst who has been in warzonesBlue Eyed Infidel is possibly the most controversial book in print today But as Cosmo says “first and foremost comes the story It’s a wild ride and a lot of fun to read Try itWhat readers have said “Funny irreverent and full of twists turns and gory surprises this is a helluva read Futuristic flourishes blend well with old folk traditions” We asked Cosmo a few uestions to find out Why did you start writing I know a lot about warzones the threat of Islamic Extremism the tech involved in counter terrorism and cyber warfare and related topics I came up with the idea to turn some of the things I know into fun stories I started off with a couple of short stories and took it from there Is it true that in Blue Eyed Infidel Islamists set off a nuclear bomb in London and declare London as the Islamic State of London Yes The inspiration here is 'fake news' There is so much uncertainty and political extremism in this modern world I decided to write a book that creates a 'fake future'  It's controversial but it's just as legitimate a topic for a book as right wing extremism was when Handmaid's Tale and Clockwork Orange were written It's a tough topic but first and foremost it's a cracking story with some amazing characters a couple of seriously kick ass female characters and a huge twist It’s a love story a satire a bit of a sci fi a gripping thriller It’s just as much about motivations hopes and fears of people put in a difficult position and how they come to terms with changing emotions as it is about the future of this country How would you categorize your books  Thrillers  Satires For me the important thing is they are high uality More like literature than cheap pot boilers The key thing is that they move uickly I get bored easily so I make sure my books are always exciting and fast moving If I were to invent a term I would call my books 'fake news thrillers' What writers inspire you Chuck Palahniuk James Patterson Vince Flynn Tom Wolfe Stephen King and of course classics like George Orwell and Algernon Blackwood If you like these guys try me too.

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