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The Witch Doctor ❴Download❵ ➽ The Witch Doctor Author Christopher Stasheff – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Bite from Spider King sends Saul 25 student of physics philosophy and karate after only friend Matthew to world where rhymes are spells and Good always vanuishes Evil He refuses to commit to either si Bite from Spider King sends Saul student of physics philosophy and karate after only friend Matthew to world where rhymes are spells and Good always vanuishes Evil He refuses to commit to either side yet binds ghost Angeliue whose body screams from torture by evil ueen Suettay Saving his love will free country of AllustriaSaul heals 'doctors' witches rescues helpers calls guardian angel against devils Elf prince tames troll Gruesome offers aid St Moncaire knight monk adds suire Gilbert Father Ignatius hears witches' confessions Poet Frisson scribbles spells Jailed 'Rat Raiser' was top bureaucrat Gremlin and The Witch PDF/EPUB or Max are amoral demons of mischief and entropy Matt adds gang from four years while Saul uestions morality.

10 thoughts on “The Witch Doctor

  1. Jammies Jammies says:

    While there are a number of good things about this book I am disappointed and irritated by the fact that Mr Stasheff felt it was necessary to repeat a scene from Her Majesty's Wizard verbatim and in full The only things which changed in this book were the characters' names

  2. Lori Lori says:

    While the series starts out as uite entertaining it starts to fall off in plot uality after the first four titles

  3. Nathan Dehoff Nathan Dehoff says:

    While the first two books of this series were focused on Matthew Mantrell a graduate student who was transported to a fantastic but less morally complicated world and became a wizard this one mostly follows his friend Saul Bremener who finds himself in the same world and is even reluctant than Matt was to dedicate himself to either good or evil He seeks to defeat Suettay the witch ueen of Allustria and manages to save several of her hench witches hence the title He teams up with his guardian angel a poet whose rhymes come true a troll who's enchanted not to eat people a suire and an attractive ghost They also ally themselves with the Spider King who has his own dimension that intersects the others There's discussion of the nature of alternate worlds and of course a lot of moral philosophy Saul isn't really as morally ambiguous as he makes himself out to be and even the other characters notice this so it's probably intentional The thing is the way this world is written there doesn't seem to be any real reason NOT to choose good over evil as they're both clearly and unambiguously defined I've written before about the God of the Bible freuently doesn't follow His own moral code but this series doesn't really get into that

  4. Deborah Deborah says:

    I loved the first two books What happened? This was extremely tiresome in part because it took large chunks from the first book There was hardly anything original in it and it got to be a real slog to get through

  5. Lori Lori says:

    I really enjoy this one as well but it is getting one star knocked off for having the exact scene word for word from the second book in the series If it were just the same idea it wouldn't bother me but the dialogue makes way less sense with this cast of characters than the last set

  6. astral astral says:

    If I never read about another sleepy eyelid it'll be too soon

  7. Veronika Elde Veronika Elde says:

    Not as good as the original 2 but enjoyable characters and thought provoking situations and explantations

  8. An Odd1 An Odd1 says:

    uest bogs down in philosophy blather repetition plagiarism from #12 in series; denial reputes hero Saul seeking his only pal Matt wakes from spider bite to spectacular scenery most glorious sunsets p 43 a world where rhymes are spells and Good always conuers Evil no spoiler Saving spirit and body of gorgeous Angeliue screams cries thus motivates trapped by evil ueen Suettay also frees country of Allustria 'Allemagne' en Français Germany combined with Austria p 49 Deservedly forgot read before Saul denies reality allegiance yet helpers flock His everpresent guardian angel dad? combats devils if called Geas from elfin prince p 67 tames carnivorous troll Gruesome promises aid on call Demons of entropy and mischief Max and Gremlin are amoral To older Saul from the airy height of 25 suire Gilbert 18 seems very young p 70 Order of Saint Moncaire patron of Merovence trains monk warriors like Templars view spoiler Gil kills dragon small is knighted at end for deeds hide spoiler

  9. Simon Mcleish Simon Mcleish says:

    Originally published on my blog here in August 2000The third of Stasheff's Wizard in Rhyme series almost completely ignores the characters introduced in the first two novels Indeed it reprises a good deal of the plot of the first one Her Majesty's Wizard with a different central character as Saul Bremener looks into the disappearance of his friend Matt Mantrell finds the parchment Matt had been working on before he vanished becomes obsessed with it in turn and finds himself in a fantasy universe He is meant to save the kingdom of Allustria from its usurping monarch just as Matt was brought to the neighbouring country of Merovence to do the same thing thereAs in the other two novels much of the interest in The Witch Doctor is derived from the way in which Stasheff takes medieval Catholic doctrine seriously Here it is much better integrated into the plot than it was before; the earlier novels tended to use it over freuently as an easy way out of a tight corner Stasheff helps himself through Saul's attitude to it formed by a rejected strict religious upbringing which leads him to initially be contemptuous of the idea that Christianity could have any meaning and a strong determination to be his own man rather than doing the bidding of God or the DevilAt the same time however the plotting is very formulaic as characters move from one puzzle to the next as though they were taking part in a role playing game rather than a novel The characters themselves are ciphers even Saul being far too much like a replay of Matt The novel is rather like the later part of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony in this respect though it thankfully avoids most of the awful puns that are so important there

  10. Dyanna Dyanna says:

    Good book interesting philosophy The action was good SaulPaul was a reluctant hero Who fought himself every step of the way and refuse to choose sides between God and the Devil as was the way of the people in the world that he stumbles into searching for his friend Matt Even when confronted with the obvious he insisted that it was all a hallucination unfortunately it was one that could hurt you or kill you His lack of beliefs in magic was funny even as he was busy casting spells left and right with the help of a poetwizard he befrinded he insisted that he didn't really believe in magic

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