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My Son the Wizard ➮ [Ebook] ➩ My Son the Wizard By Christopher Stasheff ➺ – A WORLD OF TROUBLES TIMES TWOWhen Matt Mantrell Her Majesty's Wizard conjured himself from magical Merovence to his hometown in New Jersey he discovered that vicious drug dealing gangs had reduced the A WORLD OF TROUBLES TIMES TWOWhen Matt Mantrell Her Majesty's Wizard conjured My Son MOBI :Ê himself from magical Merovence to his hometown in New Jersey he discovered that vicious drug dealing gangs had reduced the old neighborhood to a wasteland and forced his parents to the brink of destitution For Matt the only answer was to transport them safely back to Merovence with him But the Mantrells weren't the only ones moving to Merovence While Matt had been away an army of Moors had invaded As ueen Alisande led her army forth to engage the enemy Matt launched his own campaign with the aid of his fledgling wizard parents the faithful dragon Stegoman and a hapless tagalong thief They sought to root out the real enemy behind the mayhem even if it meant grappling with djinn matching wits with a Moorish military genius and trading spells with sinister sorcerers For this enemy proved to be a cunning and deadly wizard one who served the most evil master of all From the Paperback edition.

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  1. Kristina Kristina says:

    getting mom and dad involved was pretty great but the author forgot a few details along the way Spelling of Narlh's name for one The fact that he established that dragons teeth do not grow back for another He even brought up Maxwell's Demon but not as a character possibly these books are greater appreciated when spaced out enough to forget the fine details

  2. Susan Ferguson Susan Ferguson says:

    Matt Mantrell Her Majesty's Wizard begins to worry about his parents on the earth that he left when he traveled to Merovence In a discussion with his friend Saul the Witch Doctor Saul propounds his theory about the difference in time between the two worlds For example 5 years have passed in Merovence but only a few months on earth Matt goes back to visit his parents and with difficulty returns home to his wife He returns to find the kingdom under attack After talking with his wife and actually receiving a letter from a friend of his mother he goes back to bring his parents to hew new life And just in time for the police are arriving as they are transported away Then Matt has to figure out who is causing this sudden eruption in warfare and why And who is the very powerful sorcerer who almost prevented his returning and why And how to stop the warIn this world a belief in good and evil matters God is very present Knighthood gives the receiver special abilities and good and evil behavior bind you to either God or the devil A fascinating read on a place where things are mostly black and white and rarely gray

  3. Nathan Dehoff Nathan Dehoff says:

    Matthew Mantrell Prince Consort and Royal Wizard of Merovence an alternate world version of France returns to his old New Jersey home to find it overrun with gangs and drugs He brings his parents to his new home with him and it turns out they're able to work magic too This is also the first book in the series to deal with the magical world's Muslims Since the historical period paralleled in the fictional world is one in which the Moors were making incursions into Spain perhaps this was unavoidable; but it's also a little difficult when it's already been established that medieval Catholicism is literally true in that universe The Islamic invaders turn out to be unwittingly following an evil sorcerer who operates in both worlds and is also using a magical drug to recruit criminals in our world When they find out about this they turn away from him and end up peacefully settling in Ibile This book also brings jinn into the series It's a little heavy handed but does make some interesting additions to the magical world and its connections to our own

  4. Michelle Wardhaugh Michelle Wardhaugh says:

    I always forget how good his books are until I crack open another and sit there giggling for a while This is light fun and I enjoyed the inclusion of family However for some it could get a bit preachy True love and the honoring of one's spouse is well worth showing but bludgeoning people with the same theme at least three times over makes it feel less worthy Still once that backed off and the story went on it was fun and frivolous again

  5. John John says:

    So far Stasheff's bible thumping has overpowered the fun and playfulness of this once vibrant series His attempts to recapture the intrigue and wonder of the first book are overshadowed by his thinly veiled attempts to illustrate the damage and dangers of drugs all the while showing a very unrealistic reactions and behaviors by all of the characters A weak and preachy chapter in an otherwise fun series

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This was the first book of the Wizard in Rhyme series that I ever read and the one I always go back to when I feel like reading something that I know I'll enjoy reading again Stasheff's style is very Fantasy but the touches of skepticism and scientific leanings by the characters make it seem believable than your average Fantasy book

  7. Abraham Ray Abraham Ray says:

    nice book of the wizard in ryme series

  8. Lori Lori says:

    While the series starts out as uite entertaining it starts to fall off in plot uality after the first four titles

  9. Jenniffer Jenniffer says:

    This is a cute book

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