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  • 10 June 2016

6 thoughts on “Taken From The Night

  1. Adele Adele says:

    What a captivating novel Ally has really opened my eyes in what happens to the supernatural world in this novel I recommend this book highly and I believe that it could make an awesome movie

  2. Robert Robert says:

    One of the most powerful true stories I have ever read This true supernatural story reveals the candid and insightful spiritual journey of SA Tower into Witchcraft and Christianity for truth purpose and enlightenment This book reads like a Frank Peretti Novel bringing to light her experiences in the spiritual realm through the eyes of one who has truly been thereThis non judgmental and deeply personal account shares her life filled with twists and turns at times scaling the mountain of hope and joy then plummeting to the depths of anger and despair Unpredictable and prophetic you will be caught off guard with what's coming next I would suggest it to anyone who is interested in the supernatural and propheticThis book also has vast collection of endorsements from gifted and respected writers and teachers such as Award winning author Kathi Macias Dr Carol Robeson Dr Harry Thomas and Renowned worship leaders and pastors David Ruis and Rev Robert Stearns Being I'm sure their may be skeptics who may have uestions regarding such an incredible supernatural story it is great to know that there were many who knew her personally before during and after the battle Here are some who shared their heartsTaken From The Night is a book where those of us that have been on both sides of this particular fence can attest to honestly and openly say “Been there done that” SA Tower’s experience has birthed a trumpet call to awareness and sensitivity to both Wiccans and Christians a call to forgiveness love patience empathy and the compassion of The Ancient of Days” L King The Way Out Ministries“Not your usual we prayed and it was over testimony Taken From The Night is a very well written non simplistic non judgmental record of S A Tower's battle with Wicca Better yet her experience depicts a battlefield between the forces of darkness and light with lots of imperfect people contributing to her ultimate freedom I would give this book to anyone who needs to understand the appeal of Wicca or has been snagged by it” Mark Pettersen Founding Pastor Vineyard Christian Fellowship of the Peninsula“My dear sister in the Lord and I have gone through a wonderful journey together to hell and back This record of that journey is a brutally honest portrayal of what we walked through including times when I said to her “I think I care about you than you do” Our extensive telephone debates over her involvement with Wicca covered 10 years and many tears I pray that you will carry away from this book the certainty that our loving God wants you to have a second chance at life because He makes all things and people new again” L ArendasIt's a page turner that will have you longing for

  3. Geoff Smith Geoff Smith says:

    This book is a MUST read for all believers of Jesus Christ His love can reach the unreachable Outstanding read

  4. Bridget Holbert Bridget Holbert says:

    Page turnerVery interesting account Definitely a page turner A lot of unexpected turns in this true story This book was a real eye opener for me I didn’t know how hard it could be for someone to get away from Wicca

  5. Wanda Moneymaker Wanda Moneymaker says:

    Wanda MoneymakerIt's been a longtime since I read a book I could not put down I was completely drawn in I couldn't wait for her to be reunited or reconciled to the Lord My heart ached for Ally It is so good to know that the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us

  6. Chadwell Christiano Chadwell Christiano says:

    I'm trying to read a book but don't seem to happen when I press read

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Taken From The Night[BOOKS] ⚣ Taken From The Night By S.A. Tower – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Is it possible for a believer to be lured by deceiving spirits and become entangled in the web of witchcraftAlly Tower became caught up in the enchantment of witchcraft after becoming disillusioned wi Is it possible for a believer to be lured by deceiving spirits and become entangled in the web of witchcraftAlly Tower became caught up in the enchantment of witchcraft after becoming disillusioned with the Christian life and falling prey to man's broken promises which left her in a state of desperation Choosing to reclaim control over her life she opened her mind to forbidden occult knowledge and eventually became part of a coven of witches who trained her up in the Taken From PDF/EPUB ² CraftOver time she was initiated in a symbolic Egyptian tomb in the Appalachian Mountains She practiced magic and cast spells for seemingly good yet reached a point of accepting total separation from God as her eternal destiny Tower's plunge into the dark side reached a pinnacle moment the night she conjured up a banishing spell to rid her life of all Christian influence including her spiritual father but then she encountered GodThis Taken From The Night Expanded Edition is a updated version that will not only share Ms Tower's true life story as in her original book but includes the Prologue which was edited out of the first edition and has an Epilogue and three additional chapters detailing what happened in her life since her supernatural deliverance.