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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Visions of the Damned Jacueline Marten 1979 Playboy Press 319 pages ISBN 0872165299Visions of the Damned is Jacueline Marten's debut novel released in 1979 and combines elements of reincarnation and undying love Sound familiar? Revisit my review on Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine here Dreamworld Book Reviews Lady of HayLike Jo in Lady of Hay Michael our female protagonist ladies and gentlemen undergoes hypnosis and discovers she existed in a past life alongside a few of her lovers Of course everyone in the present has a doppelganger in the past so we can pretty much guess who is who along the wayAlthough Visions of the Damned is a swell enough novel to stand on its own I can't help comparing it to Lady of Hay because of the similarities Both books were written during an era where male chauvinism and masculinity still ran dominant in our culture and the pompousness of the male characters in both novels will make modern women of today absolutely gagThe prose of Visions of the Damned is very beautiful and it is incredibly easy to envision Michael's Ladies a duo of women from Edina's life in the 11th century who provide premonitions to Michael Edina being Michael's alter ego in the past From a character standpoint I love Michael but I hate Reed because he is too creepy and domineering Don't get me wrong I love aggressive sexy men but Reed is completely over the top I blame this on the year 1979 though; not Jacueline MartenThe main con to Visions of the Damned is the fact there are zero breaks within Edina's 11th century life story to revisit Michael during the present time The past life regression into Edina's life feels too long drawn out and tiring I believe the novel would have been stellar had Marten intertwined the stories of Edina and Michael and switched back and forth to stretch the suspense The most magical part of Visions of the Damned comes at the very end of the novel when Michael realizes who her true love isAfter all is said and done I have come to the conclusion that Jacueline Marten is a hidden gem I never knew existed and would be happy to pick up her novels if I come across any in the future It has been difficult for me to find synopses of Marten's seventeen other novels but I'm willing to take the gambleJacueline Marten's latest novels are Moonshine and Glory 1994 Just a Kiss Away 1995 and Darcy's Kiss 1996Read book reviews at

  2. C.G. C.G. says:

    This is one of my five favourite books although the title almost put me off it I have reread it so many times it's almost falling apartThis was probably the first book I read that could be classified as a 'paranormal romance' long before they became popular Today's readers may find it a bit dated but I still love it and both the romances within in it

  3. Raya Raya says:

    Dumb title; fun book I never went in for romance novels or anything smacking of ‘chick lit’ even before the genre was called that but it was the paranormal stuff that drew me in Like The Search for Omm Sety whether or not you believe it to be a true case of past life revelation to current life it’s romantic in a “destiny” sort of way to imagine souls that are with you through time I read it in high school fun counterpoint to the “serious literature” of Shakespeare and Faulkner and the story has stuck with me for 40 years

  4. Paranormal Romance Paranormal Romance says:

    At first impression the heroine could be viewed as nothing by a spoiled brat and in a lot of ways she very much is that whinny girl with pride than sense However it soon becomes clear that regardless of her many many faults she is strong at heart This is evident with amount of trauma she's faced in her young life starting with the death of her father Therapy brings to light her bitterness over having him chose to go to war rather than stay with his family But still her mothers friend a man named Reed has uickly become the closest thing to a father figure in her life He is a very kind yet no nonsense type of man who brings out the best in the immature heroine It starts with her language he demands that she speak like a lady and refrain from resorting to cursing It evolves into him demanding she stop and think before she acts and makes her see that their are conseuences to her actions And she may huff and puff but at the end of the day she wants to earn his approval She wants to make him proud of her And together they have a very deep and comfortable relationship with the heroine feeling like she can always rely on him for anything And when her mother dies of cancer following shorty by her twin brother in war Reed is the only thing in her that's keeping her living It's he that recommend therapy in an attempt to soothe all the hurt the heroine feels And all her life she's seen ghosts crying women who predict misfortune Under that spell of hypnosis the heroine finally understand why Edina the name of the heroine in her previous life shares a lot of the heroine's torment and pain Her father and brothers are murdered in battle against the Normans Edina herself witnessing it and she her grieving mother and remaining brother must flee into the woods and struggle to survive Simon is the son of the man responsible for killing her father and brothers so it's no surprise that she hates him Despite his kindness and charity feeding her family through the winter Edina stubbornly maintains her hatred and bitterness That is until Simon is injured The fear of losing him as sparked the hidden love she's always felt for him Simon in turn can finally reveal that he's loved the hellion Saxon wench since their first meeting Their love is passionate but short In an attempt to flee England the pregnant Edina escapes with Simon's cousin but Simon is not so lucky and is killed Time flows by and when the grieving is done Edina weds the cousin and bares him many children Yet never does shoe forget that love for Simon and in her heart she knows they'll meet again Waking up from her hypnosis yet not remembering her experience at first the heroine feels a new surge for life She flies to England to seek out the mystery of her path and soon realizes the truth and who she is She realizes the truth of who Reed is and with wings on her feet she urgently returns to America to the man who's waited far too long for his love resurrection This was a very enchanting book yet one that irked me the wrong way in many ways First off it's not a time travel as I first thought The first half of the book is the heroine is the present dealing with her pain of loss and presenting herself to the reader as a character which was very in depth and enjoyable The second half is the memory of the previous life with a heroine character very much like the present day heroine It wasn't bad but it wasn't what I was expecting Secondly there was very little to no hints of the heroine and Reed even imagining passion between them They were very much mother and daughter for all the book until the last page The heroine thinks he's going to marry her mother even encourages it The heroine also sleeps with a lot of different men and not one of them is the hero True Edina and Simon sleep together but not that strong and magnificent Reed who I adored It was just a weird book and if it was focused on Reed and Michael I would have loved it beyond imagine As it stands I have no real desire to read it again but it was very well written and had lots of depth and character which I can't deny

  5. Monica Monica says:

    I actually just finished this less than an hour ago and currently am emotional and overwhelmed ; ; ' I bought this book perhaps a year ago at a book fair and had never gotten around to reading it The main character Edina and Michael is extremely free willed and stubborn This is honestly part of her flaws when on the other hand she is a caring and passionate person that has to deal with tragedies which make her realistic This is not a romance book where girl meets boy then falls in love immediately with the occasional fight No ; With all of her lovers except one there is a struggle at first I have to say that I wasn't exactly expecting the ending There will be moments where you'll be pleasantly surprised with outcomes she usually caves in after a hard slap That is actually something I didn't really appreciate however understood that it was necessary to bring her down and I honestly enjoyed all the male characters except that one evil guy xD I empathized greatly with her during those tragedies Basically it was a good read ^^ with a fun twist of curses and historyHowever the title on my book was forever Dview spoiler view spoiler8 I was lead to believe it was going to be Billbut bill was Simon so who was Matt?The age difference bothered me at first then I realized it would've been the same as with Robert and Edina I really didn't like the slaps I loved Matt Simon Reed Robert Bill Guy ;I just realized Matt never slapped her 0 or guy or Bill? hide spoiler

  6. carolyn carolyn says:

    This story is about a woman who sees visions two weeping ladiesfrom a nine century curse When she sees these two ladies death takes someone that she loves She realizes that after many years and after being put under hypnosis that many of the visions she has were from the past when wars were going on between countries and the kings trying to seize land It was like one of the women who suffered much during the times of war was reincarnated in her body causing her to discover and see everything that happened in the past She finally realizes that she is in love with one of the king's descendants and discovered that the weeping women turned into smiling women and waved goodbye and never invaded her visions any because then the curse had been broken I think it is a long read for the particular story It lost interest in many places throughout the story It was just an OK book

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Visions of the Damned [PDF / Epub] ☄ Visions of the Damned ✓ Jacqueline Marten – Ever since she was a child Michael Normand had seen visionsThey were always the same and they always brought deathFirst was her twin brother who died in the warNext was her beloved mother by a slow ho Ever since she was a child Michael Normand had seen visionsThey were always the same and they Visions of MOBI :Ê always brought deathFirst was her twin brother who died in the warNext was her beloved mother by a slow horrible diseaseThen came her fiancé in a terrible car crash that killed him but not herFinally when no other explanations were left her bewildered psychiatrist suggested hypnosisThe result was a journey into the past – a past so fantastic so violent so real that there was no escaping the truthMichael Normand’s visions were genuine – a legacy of an amazing curse that had been passed down for nine centuries.