Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical

10 thoughts on “Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana

  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    A really helpful and informative guide for using cannabis to help treat a variety of medical conditions including specific strain information as it relates to particular medical and mental health disorders This reads very much like a reference textbook but is packed with scientific information ranging from what cannabis can and cannot do to our body's own Endocannabinoid system If you use cannabis this is a must read

  2. Barbara Lynn Barbara Lynn says:

    I received Cannabis Pharmacy by Michael Backes in a Goodreads giveawayIf you are looking for a book with answers to your uestions about marijuana this is the book A uick look at the index on Part 4 shows the many medical uses If you are a skeptic then your will probably think that it is ridiculous that it could cure all these diseases but you should take the time to read this section The first section I turned to was diabetes since I have diabetes I was happy to read that they think it will help with the insulin problem and metabolic syndrome which is good Studies show that ‘users had significantly healthier levels of insulin as well as less insulin resistance than nonusers of cannabis’I like how the author gave information on the different ways it could be used vapor was interesting My sister has asthma so I found it interesting that the author noted that some people would have problems with the smoke which would make matters worse so a sublingual dose would be most effective to give uicker resultsOh my imagine my surprise when I found ‘migraine headaches’ listed because I have migraines Nothing on sleep apnea bummer dude I do have a bad knee and page 103 talks about a topical application that you can rub on the painful area and on page 106 gives the instructions on how to make the infused oil After a uick look at everything that interested me I finally started from the beginning with the foreword by Dr Andrew Weil MD I found that the very last paragraph says a lot that use of cannabis should not be anyone’s “political agenda that has made it difficult for patients to access the benefits of this useful plant and guide the medical community to use it intelligently” Well saidI found that his research very well written and the ordinary person could understand what is written in this book From the brief history to the many ways to consume or use for the different disorders his explanation of the many different varieties and the disorders that cannabis helps this book covered it all He even did a great job explaining how the body utilized cannabis and how cannabis affects the bodyI am sorry to say that before I read this book my position on medical marijuana was neither pro nor con My thinking has completely changed since reading this book My opinion now is that we all should have decent reliable health care available to us and if the needed medicine is not available then we have a responsibility to ourselves to find the relief we need relief from pain from the side effects of cancer treatments and the many other diseases that plagues us all We have a right to effective health care and this should not be a political agenda of anyone and it should not be against the law to seek relief from unrelenting pain It is sad that this plant has been demonized and outlawed when there is plenty of evidence that it is actually a very good alternative to ‘traditional’ medicine This book was not one sided completely all pro cannabis but an honest examination of its uses on many different conditions smoking marijuana is not good for asthma If our elected leaders would open their eyes and have the courage to acknowledge that none of us are immune to illnesses that we have something available to us that actually helps and treats conditions like glaucoma diabetes cancer multiple sclerosis and Someday our elected leaders might need medical access to marijuana I hope and pray that access to it will be as simple as a doctor's prescription

  3. Taylor Taylor says:

    I received a free ARC from Net Galley in exchange for a honest review As an individual with a chronic illness autoimmune disease who lives with everyday pain I found this book extremely informative You can look up your specific condition and learn about what type is best for you and the most effective way of ingesting it There are also sections on each of the specific types of marijuana so you can see why it might benefit you specifically Overall a very informative read

  4. Justin Justin says:

    One of the better guides for lay people It covers the ECS in depth than others but it still doesn't go too deep

  5. Carissa Carissa says:

    Excellent sound book with solid information explaining marijuana and the medicinal benefits This book details the way various strains work the types of strains CBD vs THC the differences between Indicas vs hybrids vs Sativas the conditions they can treat and details the benefits and downsides of certain strands and how they can be used some smoked some vaped some topicals some edible flower vs oil etc It clearly explains the way marijuana can heal and be used for medicinal purposes in many forms It is an excellent resource for people new to MMJ those considering MMJ or anyone just interested in learning about this great plant and the many uses it has to heal or treat all kinds of conditions

  6. Debby Debby says:

    I like how this reference is separated by ailmentdiagnosis so you know right where to go for the treatment suggestions for what ails you Very knowledgable reading with some good insight into what makes it work and even negative side effects to watch for Great reference for those looking to use natural ways to be healthy without pharmaceuticals

  7. Glenn Glenn says:

    I've read many books and this is by far the most comprehensive and most readable I have read on medical cannabis It contains a list of conditions 50 if treatable w cannabis possible deliveries and dosing He discusses the history of its use in the past what we understand about how it works with the body's own endocannabinoid system and the best delivery method Also the varieties and classification of different types and cautions about who can use and what we don't yet knowBackes specializes in cannabis science and policy issues at a southern California consultancy which maintains clients throughout the United States He previously founded the first evidence based medical cannabis dispensary Backes is active with Project CBD a non profit educational service dedicated to promoting research into the medical utility of cannabidiol a non psychoactive cannabis molecule the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines and is a member of the American Herbal Products Association's Cannabis Committee

  8. Spencer Caster-Hawk Spencer Caster-Hawk says:

    This was the most research driven but also interesting book teaching readers of ways to use marijuana as well as how each strain affects the body The book also went into detailed information on how cannabis can help diseases

  9. Amber Schroer Amber Schroer says:

    One of the best resources on explanations of all the how and whys as far as using cannabis to treat illnessdiseaseWritten 2014 some facts may be outdated but his explanation of the varying cultivars is helpful for future use

  10. Gato Negro Gato Negro says:

    A great simple to read and understand guide for those who have a medical condition which warrants exploration of MM as a treatment option

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