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  • 160 pages
  • Salt Story
  • Sarah Drummond
  • 24 October 2016

10 thoughts on “Salt Story

  1. Brock Brock says:

    Albany Fishing Nostalgia Three of my favourite things A book that I'll keep forever

  2. Tara Tara says:

    Captured the essence of life within a fishing community perfectly I'm a fisherman's daughter one of the fisherman in this book actually And it filled my whole body my soul with nostalgic pride and love with each chapter not just the parts about my Dad Sarah really does describe what fisher men and fisher women are like The language the attitudes and the uirky method of superstitious and secretive communicating For someone to read who isn't part of a fishing family from the Great Southern of WA I reckon they'd enjoy it too It's a different perspective and it's authentic relate able and funny Her writing style is easy to read flows beautifully with visual artistry

  3. Margot Margot says:

    I can taste the salt coming off the page Sarah Drummond shares her apprenticeship as a fisherwoman with poetic cursing and forthright confessions The culture of Australian shore fisherpeople is being sueezed from all sides with the commercial fishery operations the fish and game and the residential folks who don't want their beach fishing hinderedThe character nicknames are pricelessA tasteDodgy wet weather gear in sideways rain when the nearest hot shower or clothes dryer is fifty kilometers away is a real bastardThen Salt backed into the net and bound up the prop in monofilament You know the Conchords song 'Business Time' Yeah well It's Whingeing Time Six in the morning the sun not yet wakened and my expletives were already spraying the deck Salt always thinks my tantrums are very funny so to up the entertainment he backed into the net a second time after I'd untangled the first one from the propeller 23Beneath the boat I could only imagine all the things going on connected to these happenings by the net and what it would reveal There was the skin of the water and Salt's boat floating above this universe Down there flathead swam in toothy carnivorous swathes and the eccentric little spider crab preened her new crown a single length of seagrass Turuoise grass whiting fled from the greedy spotted sharks and vampire bat rays Strange currents ran beneath the calm surface rolling the net into tight bundles of monofilament and weed Seagrass undulated in rippling meadows and above all the drama the dinghy fidgeted against her anchor like a naughty pony 24

  4. Felicity Felicity says:

    I'm not a fishing person so why did I read a book about fishing Having read Sarah Drummond's second book The Sound I wanted to read Salt Story is beautifully written in an easy conversational style Each chapter is a short vignette into the daily life of the estuarine and inshore fishing community around the southern tip of Western Australia Sarah Drummond worked as a deckie for Salt one of the fishermen and came to love the fisher lifestyle early mornings rough weather and baggy wet clothing The plain spoken eccentric mix of men and women who make up this band of solitary fishers have for the most part been part of this seasonal way of life since they were kids With names as original as their personalities Salt Unruly Ms Mer Gawain Grievous Nails and Turk are all part of a dying breed but they won't go down without a fight Sarah Drummond has given us a wonderful look at a way of life and an industry that few of us know anything about I loved reading her beautiful descriptions laughed at her sense of humour and the affection she has for these men and women of southern WA is tangible I eagerly await her next book

  5. Helen Helen says:

    What a beautifully written book The small chapters with their snippets of life as a fisherwomandeckie down the SW corner of WA tell of a way of life that has existed for generations and is probably in danger of disappearing Salt has been there and done that in relation to fishing these waterways and the knowledge he has is amazing the codes he lives by are often hilarious especially viewed by someone who is part of the scene but not really one of themTotally real and convincing; just loved it

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    I don’t eat much meat but I’m rather partial to fish so I was very interested in this book which humanises the small scale commercial fishing industry that brings the bounty of the sea to those of us who can’t go fishing ourselvesSarah Drummond is a ‘deckie’ for ‘Salt’ – not his real name but he is a real person and this collection of brief vignettes about their adventures together is all the interesting because Sarah is a woman in a mostly male industry complete with uaint superstitions about women aboard and so on Salt Story doesn’t romanticise the lifestyle it’s a hard and often dangerous life and rising at the crack of dawn doesn’t sound like much fun at all There are also other unpleasantries that I had never heard ofI sat on a warmed rock at sunset I sat there as a prospective mutineer a female Fletcher Christian of the Deep South I can handle all sorts of things I can handle live sharks cobbler getting scared getting wet and stingrays I can’t handle that damned onshore whore – that incessant summer easterly – or sea lice I get hysterical when sea lice drop off the fish and bite the webbing between my toes There is nothing uite so gross Salt has laughed at my screaming lice dance before but he grew uiet when I said they would crawl up his legs and into his bum and eat him from the inside out p 29But Drummond has a dry sense of humour to counter the wet and the coldI have to remind Salt often that I am a fairweather fisherwoman but these reminders rarely carry much authority About as much authority as a fisherwoman has in the Microsoft spellcheck universe it seems Word has it that I am not a fisherwoman but a washerwoman p31While Drummond likes the ‘Hemingwayesue element’ of her work ‘that beautiful interplay of art and labour the cerebral marrying the physical’ she also appreciates the beauty of the environment in which she worksTo see the rest of my review please visit

  7. Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling says:

    My ViewLet me share one of my favourite descriptions in this book for this is a book of poetic language and earthy salty collouialisms and rustic sepia drawings melded into a beautiful narrative p 25 Wheat silos smooth white chrysalids stood among the praying mantis gantry and chugging conveyor belts orange lights steaming mountains of woodchips ships high on the water out in the Sound All night the port worked to clear the backlog Ships in ships out Breathe in breath out This is just one example of the visual writing that is Salt Story I can see so clearly in my mind’s eye this large metal Praying Mantis – the description is just perfectThis is a beautifully written story filled with personal accounts of small scale commercial fishing in the town of Albany Western Australia a life and a community you can feel is on the brink of extinctionor is it Small scale commercial Estuarine fishing in this case are largely family run business and as such have a vested interested in keeping fish stocks at a sustainable level for the next generations Snapshots of life in this community are told in a real and personal way Sarah Drummond spent many years working an unofficial apprenticeship with a larger than life local fisherman “Salt” – this is their story their history and a glimpse of a world so few of us will experience or happen uponAnd did I mention the illustrations in this book I fell in love with these sepia reproductions – a piece of history in themselves A thoroughly enjoyable read told with passion and integrity This is creative memoir at its best

  8. Heather Heather says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book that I won in the goodreads giveawayIt is made up of 1 3 page memories and I found it perfect for taking to my hospital appointments as you want to be able to put it down and not lose the plot between visits I was particularly interested in the female perspective of a very male orientated profession at the time especially as Salt reminded me of my great uncle and his fellow fishermen in my own childhood I would recommend it to others not as a story to be read but as an autobiography of part of Sarah's life

  9. Rachel Beaver Rachel Beaver says:

    Received in a First Reads giveaway this has not influenced my review in any wayA book made up of 2 page mini scenes They are well written but far too brief A flowing story with continuity would have made it enjoyable for me but this is beautiful in its uniueness; once you get used to the idea of hearing no about that particular story You can read one or two in an ad break waiting for the kettle to boil or toast to pop I loved Sarah's laidback voice

  10. Final Draft Final Draft says:

    Final Draft's Sam Groth spoke with Sarah Drummond about Salt Story You can catch it this Saturday the 8th of February or on the podcasthttpwww2sercompoliciesitemlist

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Salt Story❰PDF❯ ✅ Salt Story Author Sarah Drummond – In this warm lively salty account of living on and by the sea Drummond writes of fishing and feuds of life as an apprentice fisherwoman and of all the fish that got awaySalt Story pays homage to sea d In this warm lively salty account of living on and by the sea Drummond writes of fishing and feuds of life as an apprentice fisherwoman and of all the fish that got awaySalt Story pays homage to sea dogs fisherwomen oystermen and storytellers everywhere'Too few writers capture the essence of now the flavour smell feel language But Sarah Drummond has done it This is real but you know this way of life won’t last Her account of a fishing community on the south coast of Western Australia is a gift Salt—a real person but not his real name—delivers his philosophy while teaching Sarah the tricks craft and dodges of making a living from the sea Salt should be sent to lecture in the corridors of Canberra and corporate board rooms Vital reading' Chris Pash author of The Last Whale.

About the Author: Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond lives on the south coast of Western Australia Salt Story a memoir of her time spent commercial fishing is her first book Sarahs second book The Sound is a novel based on the true story of the sealers and Aboriginal women who sailed from Bass Strait to King George Sound in the s Sarah has had essays and short fiction published in Shadow Plays an anthology of speculative.