Poems From the Outside Looking In PDF ð Poems From

  • Kindle Edition
  • 63 pages
  • Poems From the Outside Looking In
  • William Dixon
  • 12 December 2016

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Poems From the Outside Looking In[Reading] ➸ Poems From the Outside Looking In ➮ William Dixon – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk This collection of poems looks into some of the various problems existing in today’s modern techno world with all its depersonalization People younger than I may perhaps not recall a life before the This collection of poems looks into some the Outside Epub Ý of the various problems existing in today’s modern techno world with all its depersonalization People younger than I may perhaps not recall a life before the small screens But nearly anyone who reads or has intellectual curiosity is aware that although we now enjoy largely painless lives in the physical sense and have ever conveniences to make our live easier we pay a price The price is a society that experiences much freuent occurrence of mental disturbance than before the invasion of technology Poems From MOBI :Ê as well as new forms of mental disturbance directly emerging from our constant exposure to it and the fact that it monopolizes so much of our time In terms of uality of life and communication with nature our very numbers also tell against us Unless one has the luxury ie no need to work for a living and the talent to create an alternate lifestyle of being able to live in areas relatively uninvaded by man there is no relief from tech except to ration the use of machines we own From the Outside Kindle Ö or simply not buy them any Those options are seldom exercised; rather we tend to believe and that we must conform to the tech age as all our eually affected peers do And therein is the curse wherefrom there appears no escape we are all prisoners of technology and our own feeble mind washed psyche that has developed from constant unavoidable traffic with it There is also the extremely disuieting growth of partisanship or perhaps a better word would be hatred in US politics during the last thirty years It is obviously almost entirely due to the republican party which since Reagan’s tenure has grown rabidly pro rich and anti everyone else to the point where they do not even attempt to really hide it any But the most disturbing phenomenon of all by far is that they have persuaded than half the US electorate that they are right when in fact they are against many long held ideals of American citizenry such as the right to higher education at an affordable price tax laws to help the common man fair competition for jobs and the ability for one to own outright his own home Their party has removed these possibilities while creating laws to help the rich become richer And yet they set themselves up as the party of the people when it should be obvious from their actions and even some of their words and clichés that they are against the people and only for the elite whom they champion They nearly destroyed the system under the watch of the great bungler G Bush Jr and yet they managed to convince the American public that the democratic party leadership was responsible Now what can you conclude about a public who lived through it and yet blames the wrong party I leave that uestion the most disturbing of all open Democracy reuires clear minds and common sense thinking to continue Finally I have lived the greatest part of my years abroad so that I have a different perspective on the changes in the USA from that of my fellow citizens living there They have been buried under the constant barrage of self interested propaganda by the best paid propagandists not a savory profession by any standards except their own And it would take a very strongly independent turn on mind to weather it all That sort of mind seems to be fading away I believe that poetry is the best vehicle for conveying the message of what is happening to main street America The rampant materialism and the urge to emulate the very people who perpetrate civil crimes against their own causes me to feel worried about the present and entertain grave doubts about the future.