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The Brandywine Prophet ✹ [BOOKS] ✭ The Brandywine Prophet By Jake Vander-Ark ❃ – Suburban life has turned William Carmelfrom a drug fueled prodigy into a gentle husband and father When the voice of God commands him to construct a million dollar theater on the hill behind his home Suburban life has turned William Carmelfrom a drug fueled prodigy into a gentle husband and father When the voice of God commands him to construct a million dollar theater on the hill behind his home the budding prophet obeys and unleashes his dormant madness and savage creations on his family and townFrom the tragic prologue to the breathtaking climax The Brandywine Prophet weaves a gut wrenching tapestry of family faith obsession and the devastating power of a little white lie.

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  1. Ken Ken says:

    I stumbled upon Mr Vander Ark in the deep bowels of Reddit in a reuest to help as an advanced reader for a yet unreleased novel of his Suffice it to say after reading this early copy I needed I Googled the man's name found his Goodreads profile and snatched up whatever novels of his that were available for Kindle The Brandywine Prophet was the first recommended to me by both the author himself and the overwhelming positive response it has received from its readerbase I was warned that it was a long read but definitely worth it So hiking up my big boy reading pants I began my journey into the Brandywine neighborhood Now I will admit I normally don't read Fiction That is to say I'm kind of a sci fifantasy nerd So in reading this and realizing halfway through this was probably not going to include either of those elements I hesitated in continuing for about ten seconds If thatJake has a talent my friends This book containing divine inspiration familial bonding trust and betrayal is perhaps one of the most intricately woven tales I've had the extreme privilege to read And I do not claim this lightly Each character is fleshed out with enough nuance and development that there's no need to suspend any disbelief in their behavior They act HUMAN The emotions experienced and decisions made are carefully crafted and woven throughout the narrative by the hands of the author I can feel Janie's uiet desperation to remain loyal to a father slowly going mad I can empathize with Sarah in her pleas to both her husband and herself attempting to maintain a fragile balance of trust and love I can watch in dismay a crumbling relationship between Hyde and Kayla the narrative carefully time jumping scenes to flesh out why their love eventually fails Finally I can see where William found his muse his arrogance and his desperation to create his opus to the world in his theater riding on the firm belief that he is supported by Divine Purpose Maybe it's simply due to the lack of exposure I've had to this genre Maybe it's because of the tropes and pitfalls characters in science fiction and fantasy easily succumb to But I don't freuently see an author expose to his readers the kind of talent that I found in The Brandywine Prophet Very very few in fact and those authors are placed on the very first and foremost of my bookshelf Don't take my word for it Please Read this for yourself Read the opus of Mr Vander Ark and make that call on your own I would imagine you find yourself feeling the same wayKen

  2. Dayla Dayla says:

    Review first appeared on my blog Book Addict 24 7 I received a copy for reviewJake Vander Ark's latest novel in his Blank Canvas Series The Brandywine Prophet is the first adult novel I've read by him Eye opening occasionally unnerving and with a disturbingly intriguing protagonist Vander Ark's latest is an exploration of the dangers of creativity and the human existence Written in a near omniscient style yet maintaining William the protagonist as the main focus of the novel The Brandywine Prophet is an interesting little bookThe novel is laced with the occasional red herring Whereas other novels may adopt the use of red herrings they are very rarely as effective as Vander Ark's false leads and spoilers The reader will think that she knows everything there is to know about the story Heck she might even think that the story is predictable WrongThe beauty of red herrings is that they are rarely used which I find tends to lull the reader into a false sense of security I love that Vander Ark uses the possibility of having a slightly predictable novel and turns it into something completely unpredictableThis unpredictability helps the characters grow or wither depending on their situations effectively The reader often learns truths and falses as the characters do Most importantly though the reader sees how characters bond or fall apart thanks to Vander Ark's somewhat sadistic twists and turns And I mean that as a compliment since he obviously has a great grasp of what makes his characters tick The two negatives that I could not ignore in The Brandywine Prophet however was the occasional lack of editing and the sometimes slow pace of the story Though definitely a book to read if you've read Vander Ark's previous works in this series I found the editing to be weaker than in his other novels and the story was a bit harder to get intoBut keep in mind once the story picks up it doesn't relent in fact the slow pacing mostly occurs in the first half of the novel If you stick with the story until the pivotal point where William's world begins to fall apart you will be pleasantly surprised As always Vander Ark's prose is beautiful His descriptions metaphors dialogue and poignant observation of a disturbed and artistic mind is what the reader should keep an eye onThe story itself though very complicated at times tells the reader that not everything is as it seems Religion is shown as a savior for some but as the destruction of others The topic of God is introduced it is pursued uestioned abandoned but it is never forced Vander Ark's latest is as much a contemporary fiction piece as it is an existential examination if we put aside the obvious dark themes of the novel If you've enjoyed The Accidental Siren and Lighthouse Nights then you should consider giving The Brandywine Prophet a shot

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    This book took me on the most twisted and insane journey I've ever been on while reading a bookand I loved every second of it This story was constantly making me uestion things not only in the book but in my own world as well When I finished this book I was literally speechless something that doesn't happen to me often My brain was still struggling to comprehend what had happened Vander Ark never fails to have an unexpected but perfectly executed ending and that is one of the things that I love about all of his books Follow Will Carmel's journey in this epic book and you won't be disappointed

  4. Abbey Abbey says:

    Incredibly well written book that seems to be at its core about people trying to get what they believe they deserve and being careless about the feelings of those around them in their attempts to get it The highlight of this book is the relationships between characters because they're complex and gritty

  5. Lisa Kostiuk Lisa Kostiuk says:

    This book was harder for me to get into Once I did I had a hard time putting it down The characters were all dark to me except Chase It made the story sad and almost like the characters were helpless Great book though Now I need to read a lighter story Lol

  6. Evie B Evie B says:

    This novel is truly amazing It has a well thought out storyline that has left me wanting to read even Definitely something that I would read again and again

  7. Leah Leah says:

    Woah I'm still trying to comprehend what I just read That was insane and awesome

  8. Patricia Patricia says:

    Where should I begin?I finished reading this several days ago but I’m still thinking about it I don’t know if a book review on or Goodreads can really do it justice I feel like it’s one of those stories that should be reviewed in a literary magazine or a well respected blog While I was reading it and after I felt like starting a book club just so I’d have someone to talk to about it The characters are enigmatic And they keep surprising you Just when you think you have one figured out a deeper exploration of their psyche tells you otherwise The I read the I concluded that Chase was the only one in the story with a functioning moral compass It’s not that the others are unlikable or unsympathetic just fallible in ways that sometimes leave you disappointed in them There are a lot of lessons here—the dangerous of self righteousness the vulnerability that comes with loving and trusting someone the price of blind loyalty the naivete of thinking you can change someone just by loving them to name a few You think you know how it will all come together that the ending won’t be a surprise but it is Maybe it’s just me but Vander Ark’s characters and his exploration of them reminds me of Maragaret Atwood’s When you read what’s going on in their minds it feels like you’re reading someone’s diary where they reveal all of their darkest secrets greatest fears and wildest hopes and dreams It feels almost like you’re invading their privacy You can’t help but develop and almost intimate attachment to them Coming from me this is high praise as I love getting inside the complex minds of human beings which is usually why I prefer books written from the first person perspective But Vander Ark doesn’t need to write something in first person voice to utterly and completely lay bare the souls of his characters The book is not suspenseful in a traditional way with lots of fast paced action but still found I couldn’t put it down I just had to find out what Will was going to do next or what would happen with Hyde and Kay’s relationship or how deep Sarah’s devotion really ran I can’t wait to read his next book which is why it really pains me to say that this book has editing issues There were a few times when I cringed paid spelled “payed” and piued spelled “peaked” for example I know this is one of the dangers of self publishing but it still bothers meI highly recommend this novel to pretty much anyone and everyone

  9. Courtney Courtney says:

    I received this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway 5 6 7 8 Disintegrating lies disintegrating lives Madness simmers beneath the manicured lawns of white picket Brandywine William Carmel a middle aged father and husband whose creativity was fueled and later subdued by a drug filled youth hears the voice of God and is divinely inspired to build an amphitheater in suburban Michigan Is he truly hearing the voice of God has his ambitious madness overtaken him or is his auditory vision something else entirely? Nothing is what it seems either in Brandywine or in the minds of the characters Dark pasts and presents are revealed as lies unravel and families are torn apartIt took me a little while to fully engage with this book The slow first third coupled with the lengthy scenes comprised entirely of dialogue without speaker tags or context regretfully make me rate The Brandywine Prophet a four star instead of a five The slow build at the beginning was remedied by the fast paced and unexpected second half so if you're having trouble with the beginning stick with it It is certainly a worthwhile read The unpredictability of the plot was wonderful I detected faint notes of Field of Dreams and Donnie Darko within the twisting and complex storylines but it is still very much an original piece of art I look forward to reading Mr Vander Ark's other novels soon and I wish him luck in the further pursuit of his own creative madness

  10. Catarina Jacinto Catarina Jacinto says:

    I don't usually read books that aren't fantasy sci fi or anything along those lines I read to escape not to live the life of someone else just like me you know what I meanBut The Brandywine Prophet isn't fantasy It isn't sci fi It's the story of a real man in our real world with a real uest to find meaning in life And I still couldn't put it down until I was done reading itJake Vander Ark is a very talented writer especially with his characters William the main character just sucks you in and you can't help but be right there at his side living his pain his joy his frustration his obsession You can't look away as his life crumbles before his eyes and he's unable to stop it You know it can't end well for him but you just want to see how far he'll go before he breaksIt's an amazing read this one and I highly recommend it

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