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Lighthouse Nights ❴Download❵ ➼ Lighthouse Nights Author Jake Vander-Ark – Jules and Trevor take advantage of suicidal teens by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths When Jules falls in love with their eighth target she's forced to make a series of life or death de Jules and Trevor take advantage of suicidal teens by encouraging them and profiting off their deaths When Jules falls in love with their eighth target she's forced to make a series of life or death decisions and a single impossible changeLighthouse Nights is a frightening parable about haunting regret maniacal hatred and ultimate redemption This fast paced story is as touching as it is twisted and highlights a disturbing new trend among American teensTHE MIDNIGHT MASTERMIND SERIES is a savage anthology of pulp stories about Trevor a charming sociopath caught between the love in his heart and the storm in his gut Lighthouse Nights is BOOK ONE in the series though Trevor’s adventures can be read in any order.

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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    Internet predators they are not just of a sexual nature Trevor and Jules fed their twisted tastes in entertainment while lining their pockets with stolen goods by entering chat rooms created for those contemplating suicide Instead of being a support system they became the spark that ignited the final blow that would end one’s life They would act as a co conspirator a fellow crushed human who wants to escape the pain of life but cleverly they would encourage the victim to go first then loot what they could to sell offFor Trevor these were cheap thrills feeding his demented mind For Jules it was a game as she blames it on her unfortunate upbringing all went relatively smoothly until their latest puppet of doom came along Gabe wanted to die but he awoke some humanity and fed Jules’ withered heart But will their relationship cause trouble? How will Trevor react when i game is interrupted long before Gabe took his final breath?Jake Vander Ark’s Lighthouse Nights is dark moody intense and twisted into a horror of epic proportions Is this what society must turn to receive a new high or to find entertainment? Do NOT expect any shiny moments or a sweet and fluffy tale The desperation of those who felt suicide was their only way out is gut wrenching To watch them being manipulated into following through on that last gruesome act is the things nightmares are made ofMr Vander Ark is a gifted author he caused me to cringe to never be comfortable in his world and yet I couldn’t leave until I knew the final outcome Not for the faint of heart or stomach but if you dare to peek inside the mind of pure evil Trevor’s is an open bookI received this copy from Jake Vander Ark in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date June 8 2011Publisher Jake Vander ArkGenre Contemporary Dark FictionPrint Length 180 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

  2. Katie Kenig Katie Kenig says:

    This book was really a bright spotI'd gotten to the point where I was reading many books that were slow moving and just not all that compelling and then I picked up this slim little volume and all that changedJules and her boyfriend Trevor help people die Only people that really want to die; they troll a suicide chat room looking for the lost and downtrodden make a pact to die with them then rob the corpses blind once the other party has departed It's a good living and after all they have their own American dream to pursue All of it seems pretty easy to deal with until Jules comes across one guy who doesn't want a suicide pact; instead he wants to convince her to liveThe lack of capitalization in this book is an interesting choice I suspect that the author was inspired by ee cummings since the poet is mentioned in the work If you're a reader of authors like Cormac McCarthy or spend a lot of time on the internet hah you won't notice after a while It gives the novel a very casual feel just like the chatrooms the characters spend so much time inI found this book to be a fascinating little slice of work and look forward to reading by the same author It's very intersting; he went to college down the street from where I went him at the Art Institute of Chicago on whose steps I often ate my lunch while attending Columbia College And his writing which is brash and unashamed sometimes vulgar and sometimes in your face and full of the truth of life is unlike much that I've read since my student days in the creative writing program there There must be something about that city those schools that inspires such work It reminded me very much of student readings but only of the very best of those You know the guy in your class that you're always jealous of because you know he has it and his work shows it That's Jake Vander Ark and his work shows it tooThis book was received at no cost through the GoodReads First Reads program

  3. Lisa Kostiuk Lisa Kostiuk says:

    Only problem with this book is it's too short Great writing and free

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    This book gets a 5 because yet again Jake Vander Ark has managed to leave me speechlessWhen I read the synopsis for this book I thought to myselfThere is no possible way he can swing this story and not have it turn out badly The subject is so taboo that everyone avoids it or slams it People will never be receptive to this type of thing I thought that surely I was going to have a hard time swallowing this book and admittedly it was a rather hard read for me at first For as long as I can remember Suicide has been a dirty word and I'm sure it always will be It happens all the time but we try to rationalize it away because it makes us uncomfortable and we want to forget It has personally touched me in many a different way and I was afraid that my personal views were going to prejudice my opinion of the book Turns out that it didn'tThis book didn't glorify suicide it just made you look at it in a different light A realistic light One that doesn't try to sway you It just is what it isI commend JVA for taking on something so touchy He walked us through uite a few different perspectives in the course of this book and they all were relatively spot on For instance I had to choke down the douchebaggery that was Trevor the psychopath and remind myself that he was fictitious He seriously needed to see the inside of a gas chamber Just sayin'Jules that poor girl was horribly broken and insecure She was the typical battered woman who hung on to a dream that was never going to come true Trevor preyed on her just like all the others he victimized Constantly kept her down and doubting herself and he used her love for him as a bargaining tool It was disgusting and so realistic I didn't really like Jules till the middle of the book She was an enabler and had little to no respect for human life She was self destructive until she met Gabe Gabe was her respite A place for her to be free of all the stress and death in her life a place to blossom I'd venture to say he was the only good thing in her life ever Gabe saved her and she destroyed him She did redeem herself later on however and I just fell in love with herGabe was probably my favorite character in the book Even when he face dove into prickville I still loved him I don't think that he could have been a greater character honestly As for the book as a whole I LOVED every single minute of it So dark and sinister and just twisted it was almost like an adult Alice in Wonderland but instead of chasing the white rabbit they were chasing the lives of others It makes me shiver just thinking about itI strongly encourage EVERYONE to pick up this book and be open to not only the story but to the people within it You just may know an Emma or John or Blake and this book could be the reason you listen when you might otherwise have not Just think about that

  5. Courtney Courtney says:

    lighthouse nights is gritty poetry It is both intensely disturbing and exhilarating a suicide themed love story that should not work but does Vander Ark creates a fast paced story with beautiful attention to detail a rare and wonderful achievement few writers can manage Ultimately lighthouse nights is a story of redemption of striving to become a better person after spending too much time wandering through a personal hell It grabbed me from the first page and didn't let go until well after I reached the end

  6. Nicole Nicole says:

    sad story with an interesting ending

  7. Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands) Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands) says:

    I received this novel as a reuest from the author for an honest review And boy am I ever honoured and glad to do so 3 I honestly was wondering where my heart went at the end of this one cLike againWHAT THE FUDGING HELL DID I JUST READ???????????My response as I was reading along was mainly like this Okay no capitals okay that's fine hmmm oh Jules WHY Trev is a CREEPO Oh Gabe Gabe Gabeoh BLOODY HELL NO JOHN Emma Emma Emma don't do that oh Jules wow some people WHOA OUCHBRUTAL BURNSERIOUSLY? until eventually I felt like I had been drifting and floating along with the story at first only for the wind to start pummeling me followed by a rough beating as it becomes a storm eventually becoming a natural disaster as I'm ripped and torn to millions and billions of infinite pieces of emotions and feelings cOnce again I'm just stunned Like that was just a bloody fudging BRILLIANTLY HONEST story Even reading it late last night early this morning I just couldn't stop It consumed me Sure the style was hard to get into at first coughsenglishmajorherecoughs still if I hadn't read The Accidental Siren ALSO by Jake Vander Ark I might have been very cautious before beginning mainly because of the subject matterSuicide is one of the fragile topics that authors anyone in general has to be mainly because you could either be depressing or bomb horribly Instead Vander Ark ROCKED it I've personally seen these kinds of things even been in Gabe's position myself with trying to convince and talk people out of it It's a really hard and touchy subject to deal with properly But for Vander Ark he accepts the challenge and passes it with flying colours and beyond Trev Jules Gabe and every other character in the story were honestly real in personality and actions Although Trev is one hell of a sickening character for me Vander Ark made me feel sympathy for the dirty rotten sunova at the endthat doesn't make me happy like seriously? DDDDD Still I'm too nice and I will be a victim of sympathic play for even the bad guy Regardless every character I believe both Jules and Gabe were my favourites were SO well developed to the point I just got attached to each even tried persuading in my own head DON'T DO IT LIFE IS WORTH LIVING JUST GIVE ME THE CHANCE TO SHOW YOU ASDFGHJKL 3 Jules because she is such a multi dimensional character and Gabe because well he reminds me of myself in ways than one well like the first half and he reminds me of someone else CURSE YOU VANDER ARK FOR THESE FEELS FOR BREAKING MY HEART REPEATEDLY ASDFGHJKL 3The darkness in the novel is startling but it really shows the proper insight into the subject matter at hand We're dealing with something that shouldn't be taken lightly and Vander Ark pulls it off wonderfully and I got wrapped into the story that Lighthouse Nights is and it was just simply delightful despite the deep darkness ingrained in the story And the poetic prose oh my it was like a well deserving eulogy for those affected by suicide as well as the victims and those helpless to prevent it A must read style of writing I'm jealous It just draws you in without realizing it and next thing you know you MUST ABSOLUTELY GET TO THE FUDGING END OR ELSE YOU'LL JUST GO ASDFGHJKL Vander Ark's style just draws you into the story and before you know it you the reader have become a part of the story And the honesty that this story presents is beautifully composed Funny story thoughI was typing my own story while reading this and I just couldn't keep myself away from the story long enough to work on my own personally lol Now don't get me wrong this was the PERFECT distraction to be honest Just makes me want to work harder on my own to create such an amazing character driven plot twister stories that just WOWS readers especially hardcore readers like myself and stuns them ridiculously amazed xDDespite the darkness that this story portrays with the subject matter of suicide but what kind of story dealing with suicide is EVER sunshine and rainbows? NONE THAT'S WHAT Regardless of the core of this disheartening despair lies the simple message of hope It is hope that drives us to never to give up It is hope that tells us we're not alone in this seemingly dark hour It is hope that gives us the will to live It is hope that saves us It is hope that at the heart of this storyMy only complaint is thoughIT'S ONLY 171 PAGES LONG ASDFGHJKL TOO DAMNED SHORT I WANT MORE I DON'T CARE IF THE STORY IS SUPPOSEDLY DONE I WANT MORE MORE MORE MORE MOAR LAWL XDI applaud you Jake Vander Ark you've done it once againIf you haven't become one of my favourite authors after The Accidental Siren then Lighthouse Nights certainly did 3Thank you for giving me the honour to read and review this personally It really made my Christmas Break so far Just thank you And you've wowed me with the honesty woven into this story like The Accidental Siren to the point I could have sworn I knew Trev Jules and Gabe in real life which I have known such people like them its pretty scary to see and read them in words lolI can't wait to read another bookI'm still in awesurprised I could even sleep last night or rather this morning after finishing this bookJust FUDGING BRILLIANT WOW HONESTLYThank you for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing workThank you just thank you truly 3

  8. michelle michelle says:

    Lighthouse Nights is all sorts of messed up Jules and her boyfriend Trevor make a living off of stealing from the dead Jules coaxes the victim into having a suicide pact When said victim dies Jules and Trevor take what they can get their grimy hands on All ends well until Jules falls in love with what should be their last victim Gabe Gabe is not a suicidal victim Gabe whose only purpose is to convince Jules to live The novel is gritty and psychotic but also endearing in few places It's a story told from different perspectives of suicide Some follow the idea of helping those who are helpless Others follow the mind that teen suicide is self absorbing But each thought is very real maybe in a real suicide victim or their helpless friend or an onlooker who doesn't know shit As twisted as the book is as far fetched as the plot may seem it felt very very real The novel focuses around three central characters Jules Trev and Gabe Each has a will and a way of living And each is emotionally wrought out and grown by the end of the novelI didn't think such a good synopsis could occur in less than 200 pages Nor did I think character development could occur But boy did it ever Lighthouse Nights has all the emotions down to a tee I went from being horrified with Jules and Trev to adoring Gabe to adoring Gabe and Jules to wanting to strangle every single main character in the book at least once The climax and ending were uite possibly perfect though it had me urging to read What I absolutely loved about this little piece of work were the characters Each one was so different kind of psychotic in their own way and felt very heart breakingly real I romanticized with Gabe and ached for Jules and wanted to punch Trev in the gut But I also wanted to slap Gabe and shake Jules by the shoulders and hug Trev By saying that I mean even when the characters were so easy to hate they were very well developed and evoked a ton of emotions both good and bad They were each terrible people at times but they also all had wonderful moments that gave a small reminder that they're human despite the crazy shit that happened Things that were kind of off to meOne I found it rather strange that with how much Gabe loved Jules view spoilerhe couldn't recognize her post Sarah hide spoiler

  9. •Keish• (SparkyRebooted) •Keish• (SparkyRebooted) says:

    Hot garbage The only reason it gets 2 stars instead of 1 is because I did get through the first 50% of the book without even noticing It was promising Like there would be some major character development or something But no I hate the characters I dont care what happens to them They are unrealistic whiney and just plain annoying And oh my god dont even get me started on how edgy theyre supposed to be Please author dont cut yourself with all that edge Stupid premise that could have been something interesting but ended up being nothing 100% would NOT recommend

  10. Dayla Dayla says:

    Review first appeared on my blog Book Addict 24 7I received this novel from the author for reviewDark and seductive Lighthouse Nights by Jake Vander Ark is a gripping story of two teenagers who cross paths under one of the worst possible circumstances Vander Ark displays his gift for the written word yet again if not precisely in this novel about suicide love and the decisions we make What caught my eye right away was the writing style Vander Ark disregards capitalization save for moments where a character is emphasizing something being said and manages to add even darkness to his story The lack of capitalization wreaks havoc on the most organized mind causing momentary confusion and effectively draws the reader into the mindset of the characters By not having the story written in the exact format that we as readers are accustomed to Ark is challenging us to think beyond what we know and explore the troubles that teens facing depression may experience all of this by simply alienating us from are previous conceptions of literature Of course the characters Jules Trevor and Gabriel to name the important few are all evidence of the darkness within these pages Lighthouse Nights is a beautiful portrayal of how life can go very wrong and how decisions can affect us long after it is too late The format of the novel makes it a uick read it is only 171 pages And the style that Vander Ark portrays the different characters' narrative is fluid and easy to follow Despite the dark concept there are moments where the reader feels connected to the characters even when they are angry sad or happy That's the beauty of Vander Ark's writing he has a wonderful way of making you a part of the story despite the tone and context Also Vander Ark's poetic prose is hard to resist making him a must readSince this story is on the dark side I would recommend it to those with a stronger stomach simply because of how blatant it is about suicide On the other hand this novel though knee deep in gloominess is a message of hope you are not alone there is someone waiting for you you just have to search sometimes she is right in front of youRead Lighthouse Nights and feel your heart swell and slowly break with the unexpected twist when the conclusion falls upon you

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