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The Warrior's Salvation ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ The Warrior's Salvation By Mia Pride ❅ – Jeoffrey has had enough of women When his intended wife Clarice ran off with his cousin he was left to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart Now years later after fighting a long war and finally e Jeoffrey has had enough of women When his intended wife Clarice ran off with his cousin he was left to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart Now years later after fighting a long war and finally earning a new start to life all he wants is a little farm and his solitude But when the one woman he never expected or wanted to ever see again suddenly shows up battered and carrying a small child in her arms Jeoffrey has no choice but to take her into his home But as soon as Clarice is The Warrior's Kindle - healed Jeoffrey is determined to be rid of them both Forever Faced with a forced marriage to an abusive man Clarice flees to save her and her son’s lives When she finally arrives at a new village desperate for help Jeoffrey is the last man she ever thought to find there Injuries have left her helpless and reliant upon Jeoffrey’s goodwill If only he did not despise her Clarice never expected to see Jeoffrey again and though her heart never forgot him he wishes to forget her All Jeoffrey wants is his freedom All Clarice wants is a second chance Will Clarice’s sudden arrival unravel all of Jeoffrey’s carefully laid plans for a life of solitude Or will she turn out to be his only salvation Celtic Romance rated due to some adult content.

10 thoughts on “The Warrior's Salvation

  1. Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple says:

    Good story I really like the ancient Celts and Romans so this book for the bill I thought some parts were drawn out but overall I enjoyed it

  2. A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) says:

    Book source Kindle Lending LibraryDNF 43%Jeoffrey and Clarice had a thing when they were younger but when his father the King threatens her she takes off Jeoffrey’s cousin goes with her to protect her and for years Jeoffrey believes she left him for his cousin When they meet up a few years later things come to a head and the air eventually is cleared But Clarice’s past comes back to haunt her threatening their HEAWhen the HEA after happens early in the book I have to admit to feeling cheated And jaded Because I knew as soon as they said they were getting married that something bad was going to happen to them either right before or after the wedding And I gave up reading as soon as it happenedIn addition I just hated Jeoffrey What an asshole I wasn’t crazy about Clarice but at least she’s plucky though really stupid at times and she so doesn’t deserve a guy like Jeoffrey Maybe it’s just me but this story did nothing for me It didn’t get me excited it didn’t engage me and I wasn’t invested in it When Clarice ignored her gut even voicing her doubts in her own damn head and became TSTL I was done

  3. Suzannah Suzannah says:

    The Warrior’s Salvation is book one in the Warriors of Eriu Series Eriu is the ancient name for Ireland This book is a continuation of the story of the Danu Sisters I suggest reading the series from the beginning starting with the Daun Sisters books Jeoffrey is actually the villain in the book Forgotten Fate I enjoyed watching his character grow and change I also liked the heroine in this book Clarice These are truly entertaining books I highly recommend them

  4. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  5. Lucia✍ Lucia✍ says:

    First thing I noticed about this book was that Jeoffery was a self acclaimed good guy Because I don’t know why he had to keep thinking about how he was good while he acted harshly to Clarice and don’t get me wrong I understand his bitterness over knowing the woman he loved was going to marry left him for his cousin But if he was going to treat her rudely for it he didn’t have to keep reminding us that he was a good guy and it was out of his characterClarice’s story captivated me from the moment I read it her first chapter I think 4 years was a long time though enough time for Jeoffery’s anger at her to have faded I also think he should have been able to at least guess little Jeoff was his son This is my first book from this author and being honest her writing doesn’t give the characters much credit The writing is really cliche poorOh my gosh I couldn’t finish the It was the most predictable thing I’ve ever read And annoyingly so because these were things even the characters should’ve expected But they were to busy repeating their thoughts a million timesAnd why the heck were Clarice and Jeoffery wanting another child? They’d just reconnected and he hadn’t even spent all that much time with his son yet he was wanting another child immediately I don’t know how this book got high reviews because in truth it reads like it was written no offense for kids by a kid

  6. Maggie Whitworth Maggie Whitworth says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋Book one of Warriors of Eriu although it’s a new series a lot of the old favourites are back characters from Sisters of DanuIts a wonderfully written fictional story of the kings ueens warriors serfs and their families that live and love around Eriu and AlbaMia paints a world of war and peace and does it exceptionally well drawing you into her world and keeping you flicking those pages with her constantly moving and sometimes heartbreaking story In this the first we again meet jeoffrey the son of a past high king of Eriu who killed his father to protect another warrior Eoin and his wife Treasa We find him now in Alba with his friend Alastar he’s a farmer now and living his new life uietly His world is shaken when in walks his old flame Clarissa she brings with her a child wee Jeoff and a lot of trouble Can they sort through their problems and return to a peaceful life or will the past haunt them to muchThis is a great start to this series and looks intriguing when you look at the characters to come maybe we’ll get to learn their stories Alistar would be awesome I’m already hooked by him

  7. Mom Mom says:

    Much than expectedThis was a great read from the beginning It started right off with entanglements and uickly it seams that resolutions is in sight Not giving away the storyline it was so disappointing thinking that this was all there was too it How could this be? The story and happy ending coming in such a short time Oh no there was much and many twists and turns I will admit that some were not surprising but in the end all was unexpected What a great story This is my first read of this author and now I have just added of her books to my library Can’t wait to get started

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    An action packed story that was very engrossing There were vivid descriptions that really set the scene of what it would have been like to live in that age It was good to read Jeoffrey and Clarice’s story Considering who Jeoffrey’s father was it is a wonder he turned out to be as honourable as he did I loved the banter with his friend Alastar and I look forward to reading his story in the next book I was given a copy which I voluntarily and honestly reviewed

  9. Danielle Carpenter Danielle Carpenter says:

    The description did not sound all that exciting but the story is far from boring Mia Pride as always has well developed characters and does not disappoint with her story The story is exciting and the series promises to continue in an epic proportion I love Jeffrey and Clarice and the emotions between them are raw and sometimes downright nasty Jeffrey is a man of honor and when he finds the Wee Jeffrey is his son; there is nothing he won't do to keep Clarice and his son

  10. Shirley Ngapo-Simpson Shirley Ngapo-Simpson says:

    Proving her innocence A well written book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and would recommend it to those who love historical romance books with a passionate twist Clarice is a woman who had to flee her home not once but twice the first from a madman who felt she wasn't good enough for his son and the second from a man who wants her for himself and will do anything to make it happen even murder Read along as Clarice finds her destiny

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