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The Summer of 1848 (The Olivia Series, #4) ✓ The Summer of 1848 (The Olivia Series, #4) pdf ✪ Author Yael Politis – Book 4 of The Olivia Series Don't forget to download the first book of the series Olivia Mourning while it's still FREEThe Olivia series consists ofBook 1 Olivia Mourning Historical 1840s GET IT FREEB Book of The Olivia Series Don't forget to download the first book of the series Olivia Mourning while it's still FREEThe Olivia series consists ofBook Olivia Mourning Historical s GET IT FREEBook The Way the World Is Historical sBook Whatever Happened to Mourning Free Vintage Contemporary and Historical sBook The Summer MOBI :Ê The Summer of Historical sOlivia and Mourning thought they had succeeded in creating a home of sorts The credible lie that concealed their secret enabled them to live with their son all under the same roof They had a means of support They had friendsBut something is wrong This life has begun to feel confining and unsustainableMourning needs to get away for a while and leaves Olivia to struggle with her own choices Can they force the impossible to become possible and remain a family.

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  1. Jo-Ann Murphy Jo-Ann Murphy says:

    I love this book as much as I have the rest of the Olivia SeriesI was a bit concerned at the beginning of the book because Olivia and Mourning are separated again But as the story progresses it makes perfect sense and they each have their own adventures that add to their growthOlivia gets to explore her emotional life and experience dating and love Mourning gets to experience life as a black man in America outside of white society So it is a rich experience for the reader as we go through both emotional and physical dangersAll of our favorite characters are back Olivia continues to develop as an author and continues to be on the cutting edge of the changes that are occurring in societyYael Politis continues to draw the reader in to make us concerned with the everyday lives of these characters in the mid 1800's She teaches us a bit of history as we travel the country with them as they learn and grow themselvesAs always she left me anxious to read the next book of the series and gives us a hint at new things to be discovered

  2. Lucinda Bean Lucinda Bean says:

    I have just LOVED all of the books in the Olivia series and i'm SO looking forward to book 5 The author has a gift for endearing each of the characters to my heart and I already miss them I don't have a flair for words and become uite frustrated when trying to write a review because I can't seem to find the words that match my true feelings about the bookwhat comes to mind is that I have felt a warmth comfort while reading this series that i liken to the comfort of home

  3. Sheila Sheila says:

    It’s the summer of 1848 in a novel that continues Yael Politis’ Olivia saga building on well researched history and well drawn characters taking the reader into the minds of a white woman finding time at last for emotion; a black man finding pride in his world and his future; and a kind man touched by the faint possibility of loveReaders could pick this novel up without having read the others They would find a convincing world together with a storyline that switches between Olivia and Mourning’s points of view The cadences of black and white voices are beautifully rendered revealing needs unmet philosophies not yet explored and a plot that’s intriguing absorbing and gently human No great disasters here though there may be disaster avoided; no earth shattering revelations because these are ordinary people of their time—extraordinary in circumstance and determination of course but bound to time and place Nothing hugely dramatic; just people who care with readers drawn to care for them tooI wasn’t sure where I wanted this story to go when I started It delighted me in each of its twists and turns It concerned me I wantedsomething just as the characters want Reasons for living for being who you are for making something of who you are; these are the driving forces of lives lived with care and concern and hope for a better world Perhaps they’re the driving forces still today If so a reader who ventures into the Summer of 1848 will learn much about the past that informs the present and perhaps discover how to see through others’ eyesDisclosure I’m hooked on the series so I had to get a copy of this

  4. Joyce Joyce says:

    The Summer of 1848 is the 4th book in the Olivia series It continues the story of Olivia and Mourning Although Olivia and Mourning were both living in the boarding house Oliva owns they are doing it under false pretenses letting other people think that their son Charles was mothered by the black woman Mourning had become involved with after she took in Charles when Olivia gave him up to be baptized I love the cast of characters in this series Olivia Mourning Olivia's best friend Michelle Olivia's Jewish friend Abraham her old neighbor and off and on lover to Michelle the 2 regular boarders Mrs Porter and Mrs Streeter At the beginning of the novel Mourning has left without telling anyone he was leaving not even Olivia or his 6 year old son He has gone on a uest to find himself and see what he is made of He feels he has always lived depending on others Much of the book switches back and forth from Olivia's life to Mourning's life Although she misses Mourning terribly Olivia and Michelle have become and involved in her new business of writing books for children and illustrating them Michelle encourages her to think about greeting cards especially valentines which is a new thing She also meets Nick a young man who has a dream of becoming a publisher and wants to publish her booksMourning meets very interesting people in his travels which include a black man who makes a living by being a con artist and steamboat pilot Once again through his story the author weaves in opinions about the unfair treatment of black people in America I won't go any further into the plot to avoid spoiling it for others It was a fascinating story reading about Mourning's adventures and watching Olivia continue to grow as people around her challenge to do than she thinks she can and also to find happiness There is a real surprise about Mourning Free at the end of the book

  5. Elma Schemenauer Elma Schemenauer says:

    The author caught my attention almost immediately with the problems between Olivia and Mourning When Mourning leaves the tension increases as we wonder what he will do whether he will return and how Olivia and their son will fare in his absence I like the fact that the story is presented from alternating viewpoints Olivia's and Mourning'sThe author is good at depicting action and adventure which Mourning experiences plenty of as he travels She includes interesting historical information and appeals to the senses Example Here's one of the sights Mourning enjoys on board a riverboat Before the open window stood the magnificent wheel—a deep cherry red with intricate carvings tall as a man The reader enjoys the sight along with him I like the touches of humor Examples Any roof gonna leak less than the sky All they got there in Canada is white folks Blend in with the ice and snowI also like the book's insights into the human condition and relationships Examples Imagine you areconfined to bed and waiting to die How must you live now in order to go in peace looking back on a life well lived The man who courts Olivia in Mourning's absence says Here I am—available easy I'd uickly become like an old pair of slippers That's what happens to couples even the good ones the ones who actually love each other It's not a bad thing It's what we should hope for—the certainty that we can take one another for granted But when there's someone elseWell a ghost is always going to be tantalizing than an old pair of slippers

  6. Yvonne S Yvonne S says:

    I love this series and especially this latest volume continuing the pre Civil War story line starring Olivia and Mourning Free It meets all the reuirements of my favorite novels a compelling story that keeps you reading characters you get to know well and whom you care about and especially important with historical novels so well researched in great detail that it seems uite authentic I've read all the books in this series and recommend them all to lovers of great fiction Can't wait for the next one Surely there will be a next one I hope But don't worry if you haven't read the earlier ones in the series or if it's been a while so you aren't certain you remember details because the author brilliantly weaves in memories and reminder bits to catch you up Disclaimer Yael is a friend of mine from high school decades ago and we got back in touch by way of Facebook I actually got an advance look at this one what a blessing and honor Our friendship does not in the slightest affect my review Wonderful story very engaging and well written Highly commended

  7. Jeanette Longford Jeanette Longford says:

    This is another excellent narration in the most welcome continuationIn the Ollivia Mourning free series With in many ways the natural spring board for growth development that occurs at their age with unwelcome attention and potentially life changing events forcing the pace To a mutual awareness that they can't really stay in this place and time indefinitely A new self awareness creeps in Yael Politis has this masterful way with a straight forward narration to still have you on the edge of your seat throughout It is my personal hope that this series never stop Heightened by the last book taking that tangent displayed that potential Despite the critical reception from some reviewers The history through these families their likeness to our original protagonists and that the struggle continues give me cause to hope encourage this author It would be remiss of me not to highly recommend this series including this part

  8. Lauren Lauren says:

    in this installment Olivia wakes up to find mourning free is gone he has always talked about finding his own place in life and has not wanted to bother her after she gets done morning him she slowly moves on and ends up with a booming business and a new man I love Olivia and Mourning together and was sad that it didn't work out however for the time frame the book takes place that makes a lot of sense the author does an amazing job taking you back in history and including you in the story and journey I did struggle with some of the ebonics used by some of the characters who did not have proper English or grammar

  9. Delena constant Delena constant says:

    1848🌟Many uestions answered life moving on the Good Times and the Bad written in this Book must be a turning pointWill another book be written about our strong Olivia I can Hope these Books have been a Journey for me and I do not want it to end Easy for me to once again give 5🌟I Encourage everyone who reads this Start with Book One

  10. Anna R Saenz Anna R Saenz says:

    What a Great storyI have read all previous 3 books and have enjoyed them very much I enjoyed the continuation of each book although book 3 kind of felt like Olivia had been put on the shelf to be returned to at a later date The way history is enveloped into the story makes one feel the realness of the story I look forward to book 5

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