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Greetings From Below [Reading] ➬ Greetings From Below ➳ David Philip Mullins – Greetings from Below a collection of linked short stories chronicles the life of Nick Danze a young copy editor who suffers from several 'fixations' he believes are associated with some kind of sexual Greetings From Below a collection of linked short stories chronicles the life of Nick Danze a young copy editor who suffers from several 'fixations' he believes are associated with some kind of sexual addiction By day Nick works for a weekly trade magazine called Footwear Today while at night he freuents the various striptease bars massage parlors and swing clubs of Las Vegas and San Greetings From Epub / Francisco the two cities in which he lives throughout the book Most of the stories are set in Las Vegas where Nick was raised and where his widowed mother still resides her emotional constitution slowly unraveling as she mourns Nick's recently deceased father and struggles with addictions of her own to shopping gambling and pure cane sugar The stories set in San Francisco deal mainly with Nick's longtime relationship with his girlfriend Annie whom he loves but with whom he isn't in love Ultimately through a series of episodes that spans than twenty five years Nick's life is changed forever when he is forced to confront not just his own predicaments but his mother's as well.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 224 pages
  • Greetings From Below
  • David Philip Mullins
  • 14 August 2016

9 thoughts on “Greetings From Below

  1. Jim Jim says:

    Short stories in the realist mold loosely centered around Las Vegas The first story Arboretum is harrowing sexually charged coming of age story with disturbing imageryscenesconseuences The second is a boy meets girls story where the bartender and the prostitute both have hearts of gold puh lease but the story took a turn at the end that made me suirm So far so good Reminds me a little bit of Tod Goldberg but maybe that's a desert thing?Now that I've finished the book it's very clear the stories are linked and meant to be read in the order presented It's an awfully compelling project a nature vs nurture look at an unsympathetic protagonist named Nick Danze Do events in Nick's youth corrupt his good intentions or does Nick's deviant personality shape the course of his life? It's an interesting uestion because the x factor is the death of Nick's father not a spoiler; it's imminent in the first story which casts a weird pall over the events in his life namely his grotesue attraction to a one legged bully This unpleasant period of infatuation sets the stage for Nick's low watt kink that leads him to obsess over Asian hookers obese women and middle aged swingers in a series of settings that just gets and depressing There's a grim resolve to Nick's actions that reminds me the downside of addiction choices are made not on the merit of whether they are good or bad but so that they can be done with so that the choice won't have to be made again until the next time the need resurfacesMost of the stories employ the third person some use the first and one the second Mullins develops his stories in painstaking fashion yet I seldom saw the twists coming Even in stories I didn't feel emotionally connected to the surprises would pull me into the story instead of push me out The nature vs nurture debate carries over to the linked collection vs short novel debate Although I didn't like Nick I felt invested in his story and wanted to see how things would turn out for him If this were a novel I'd want to know about some of the secondary characters but if there had been additional stories about these characters that took the focus off of Nick it would have weakened the collection not strengthened it Ultimately the biggest takeaway for me is an appreciation of Mullins's craft Disclaimer I don't know the author but I will be appearing on a panel with him at AWP and he will be reading at my series Vermin on the Mount in San Diego February 19

  2. Peter Peter says:

    Honesty Alert I know this author and read many of these stories in earlier forms Yet the real pleasure of reading this book was getting to see them work as a cohesive whole I really liked the way these stories circled the wreck of a few major incidents in the life of Nick Danze coming at them in a pleasurably staggered way Touchstones include His father who died in a sad and untimely manner His mother's odd compulsive behaviors one word sugar The endless cycle of deviant sex and guilt that makes up his romantic life And the city of Las Vegas presented in a new literary light But surprisingly enough in this series of stories that was often peculiar owl and snake attacks and sexually driven swinger's clubs I liked Nick's emotional honesty most of all In the comforting secrecy of a first person confession or the direct consciousness of third person close Nick keeps turning the events in his life toward the light trying to make sense of them He is painfully honest about what he feels and what he doesn't attraction for his beautiful girlfriend nah Attraction to an overweight academic yes who he has hurt and why he can't help it He rarely comes off as a role model but he is never dishonest with himself The content of these stories was alternately hilarious sad and raunchy but the real enjoyment came through this character's eual capacity for sorrow and wonder

  3. J. D. J. D. says:

    This is a powerful book Like many powerful things you may not like it My own reactions while reading looked like the display on an oscilloscope up and down rollercoastering aroundGreetings is a collection of stories that are united by a common protagonist Nick Danze told in a mostly linear fashion from Nick's youth to his middle age Nick is richly drawn and not always easy to identify with At times I was repulsed by him angered by him disappointed in his choices and failures in judgment It is almost impossible not to see the human being in Nick to see our own unmanaged selves I can understand someone not finishing this book because there are moments you want to walk away from Nick and his bad choices but it is a testament to Mullins' always skillful sometimes lyrical writing that if you stick with this tale to the book's profoundly sad final chapter you will be nodding with a kind of grim resolve This is a very sad story masterfully told The writing is unflinching it will be very hard for the reader to not flinch wince grind his teeth and be deeply moved by Nick's story

  4. Hollowspine Hollowspine says:

    The first story is interesting has some complexities to it then the next story takes the same character further into his development and you can somewhat see how the boy from the first story became this neurotic personbut then it gets a bit weird I did like the first couple stories but then and I came to despise Nick and his bizarre and destructive ways Each story seemed to convey the same message which got old after awhileThe writing was good it was just the repetitive nature of the stories that didn't seem to captivate me I truthfully was just pulling myself through by the end not really enjoying the stories any The last one in the book was very sad and gave the most insight into Nick who it turns out was a horrible person from the beginning

  5. Casey Casey says:

    Great debut collection of linked stories Mullins is able to write a collection of stories with a protagonist Nick that most will probably find at least mildly reprehensible yet the insight Mullins gives us into Nick's psyche allows us to empathize with him That's not easy to pull off and Mullins should be commended for it Looking forward to whatever Mullins does next

  6. Jen McConnell Jen McConnell says:

    Just wonderful David creates an exceptional voice in these stories and leaves you wanting Loved how the descriptions of Las Vegas are so vivid and make the citylandscape another character in the book

  7. Dani Dani says:

    Okay I wrote a bad review of this book but I had it mixed up with GET ME OUT OF HERE which I didn't like at all This is okay another messed up young man trips through life Jonathan Tropper goes to Vegas

  8. Laura Laura says:

    Best book I read all year Superb

  9. Josh Rolnick Josh Rolnick says:

    Fantastic debut short story collection

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