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    This is a very good exemplar of history as a series of thumbnail sketches, rather than history as a narrative That s both a strength and a weakness.The strength is that it gives the author a framework for just adding a few pages or paragraphs on a given pitcher without worrying about fitting it into an argument of some kind The weakness is that there s no argument, other than wow, the Dodgers sure have had some amazing pitchers What this means is that the book is ultimately just a series of chronologically organized sketches, some of which are inevitably interesting than others This isn t a terribly compelling presentation and makes the sketches seem kind of rote There could ve been so much Is it clear that there is in fact a pitching tradition of the Dodgers, other than have good pitchers What are the things that distinguish it from other teams After all, every team knows that pitching is the backbone of championship clubs specifically how and why have the Dodgers been different Better scouting Better instruction Just plain better luck For that matter, is it even clear that the Dodgers have actually had better pitching than other marquee franchises I d imagine that some...

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    I will give the book a good rating Being a baseball fan and a Dodger fan the book tells the story of the Dodger franchise and its history of great pitching And they have some great ones like of course Koufax, Drysdale, Fernando, and Kershaw Some very good ones, like Jerry Reuss, Don Newcombe, Bob Welch, Tommy John, and Andy Messersmith Some o...

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    Since the very inception of Dodgers baseball whether in Brooklyn or Los Angeles , much of their success has been built from some great moundsmen From Don Newcombe to Sandy Koufax, or Fernando Valenzuela to Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers have had a long line of top flight starting pitchers In Brothers in Arms , author Jon Weisman takes a look at these many different eras of Dodger pitching.Basically, the book is structured in chronological order First are the hurlers of the Deadball Era, then come the guys from the many NL pennants of the 50s and 60s, with large sections devoted to Koufax Don Drysdale After that, Fernandomania and Don Sutton get some ink, as well as hired hands like Kevin Brown Zack Greinke After a chapter about relievers, the book concludes with a large section on current LA ace Clayton Kershaw Brothers in Arms walks the very fine line between being a narrative and a reference guide To tend to prefer the former over the latter, but was impressed by Weisman s ability to function as a curator of both There are a lot of names, dates, numbers, and informative sentences Some of that inevitably gets glossed over unless one is conducting scholarly research with the data On the other hand, though, Weisman weaves in just enough of a narrative the franch...

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    This book is for fans of the Dodgers and or fans of baseball history I am a fan of both, but I m not as educated in the breadth of historical figures as I d like to be, so this was the book for me I liked how Weisman grouped his subjects and traced the lineage of goods and greats from the earliest Brooklyn days to our modern treasures His writing is direct, occasionally whimsical, and alwa...

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    Fantastic DetailI am a Dodger fan have been for the last 70 years I knew much of the detail in the book, but I also learned a lot.When I pitched to my father he called me Little Newk It broke my heart when I read of Big Newks problems Will Clayton best Sandy Only time will tell.

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    I ve been reading Jon Wesiman s Dodger writing for years, and this book was outstanding I loved the stories and the analysis and it was an awesome lens through which to read about Dodger history.As a big Dodgers fan, this book is indispensable.

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    You should argue that the Dodgers, from Brooklyn to LA, have the best pitching tradition of any franchise in MLB history And this book is a great view of every significant pitcher, from the early days of baseball to 2018 If you re a baseball fan, this is a must read.

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    Fun read about the Dodgers history, focused on its pitchers over the years Lots of interesting tidbits, about both the famous and overlooked players throughout the years.

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    Definitely feel connected to my favorite franchise than ever A must read

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Brothers in Arms BOOKS Brothers In Arms Author Jon Weisman Ls17.eu The Los Angeles Dodgers Are One Of The Most Storied Franchises In All Of Sports, With Enduring Legacies Both On And Off The Diamond Chief Among The Hallmarks Of The Organization Is An Unparalleled Pitching Dominance Dodger Blue And White Brings To Mind Brilliance On The Mound And The Cy Young Awards That Followed In Brothers In Arms Koufax, Kershaw, And The Dodgers Extraordinary Pitching Tradition, Acclaimed Dodgers Writer Jon Weisman Explores The Organization S Rich Pitching History, From Koufax And Drysdale To Valenzuela And Hershiser, To The Sublime Clayton Kershaw Weisman Delves Deep Into This Lineage Of Excellence, Interviewing Both The Legends That Toed The Rubber And The Teammates, Coaches, And Personalities That Witnessed Their Genius.