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I Hear Christmas (A Swiss Amish Christmas Book 1) EPUB I Hear Christmas A Swiss Amish Christmas Book 1 By Tattie Maggard Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk What S Important What Everyone Else Thinks, Or What You Hear From Your Heart Joy Schwartz Has Always Loved To Sing, Ever Since She Was Little And Her Teacher Taught Her To Yodel She S Thrilled When She S Asked To Help With The Christmas Program The Amish School Is Putting On Even So When She Finds Lucas Wickey Has Also Volunteered To Help Despite Being Slow, Lucas Can Sing Better Than Anyone In Swan Creek Settlement As Her Feelings For Him Grow, She Must Decide What S Important What Everyone Else Thinks, Or What She S Hearing From Her Heart Approximately 22,000 Words

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    Once again this is another wonderful book from this author This was a very sweet story, Joy gave Lucas a chance She did not judge him like others in the community did The time they had spent together she discovered the real Lucas I loved this book, I can t wait to read th...

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    At twenty two, Joy was almost considered an old maid, at least amongst the Amish Lucas was sent to the English school for his education because the Amish school found him too different, too full of questions The Amish described Lucas as different, strange When the Amish teacher, Miss Graber, asks for volunteers to help with the children s Christmas program, Joy and Lucas are the only two who appear Their mutual love of music attracts them to each other and brings pleasure in their work with the children But there are some restrictions in the Amish community that forbid certain ways of making music And Lucas is walking a tight line between the rights and wrongs as dictated in his acceptance of his Baptismal vows Tattie Maggard has written a charming Christmas story that will warm the heart In I Hear Christmas A Swish Amish Christmas , the thread of music intertwines too lives as they both learn to listen to each other and to listen to the world around them While Lucas struggles with his desire to make music on a forbidden instrument, Joy seeks a way to help him find another way, one acceptable within their church While Lucas, brutally honest at all times, tends to blurt out his true feelings, regardless of whom he might hurt, Joy finds a way to tether his honesty The two young people connect their joy of music and discover that it doesn t really matter what everyone else thinks What matters most is what they hear in their hearts A gentle, soothing read Reviewed for Read...

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    Joy Schwartz has been asked to participate in the Amish School Christmas Pageant Lucas Wickey has volunteered to help Both have beautiful voices but Lucas is the best of the best Joy has always heard that Lucas was slow and was sent away to public school because the local teacher could not help him What Joy learns about Lucas as they work together to make the Christmas pageant perfect leads her to believe that man...

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    I Hear Christmas by Author Tattie Maggard is an awesome book My first book to read by this author and I m so impressed I will definitely be reading of her books and I ll highly recommend her books to other readers She wrote a sensitive storyline and gave her characters all through the book a remarkable way to tell the story I was hooked rea...

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    Thank you A wonderful, heartfelt Christmas story that brings a smile to your heart You enjoy getting to know the characters while learning about their Amish way of life, especially during the Christmas season The characters of Joy and ...

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    I Hear ChristmasA joyful, beautiful story of true friendship and true love This store had me captivated from beginning to end Someone whom saw the best in someone everyone else thought was slow This story reminded me you never know a book by its coverit is what is inside that really count...

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    Awesome read This book was very well written Everything flowed nicely and didn t jump around This book was hard to put down I read it all in one sitting The relationship in the book wasn t rushed like in other Amish reads.

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    This is a fine book that celebrates differences, showing that not all is as it appears Sometimes we need to look at things with a different mindset The book showed that love can appear in unexpected places with people who we would not have considered at first I loved it

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    An interesting bookThis book held my interest because of Louis Wickey s character He was different and missunderstood But a young lady named Joy helped him overcome his differences and become the man he wanted to be because of her love for him.

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    Very well written, sensitive, realistic, and compassionate I love the author s heart for her characters Good story line, thank you for expressing their mutually shared love of Christ through their song I will continue to follow this author.

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