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The Headmasters Shadow (Supervillain High, #2) Read The Headmasters Shadow Supervillain High, 2 Gerhard Gehrke Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk What Are The Mysterious Machines Flying Over Dutchman Springs Academy And Who Is Trying To Steal The Secret To The Headmaster S Otherworld Gate Machine Just When Brendan And The A.V Club Thought They Could Find Some Semblance Of Normal After Fighting Off Not Earth S Headmaster, A New Mystery Foe Threatens The Peace Of The School Brendan Must Look To A New Ally To Win This Fight And Find Out Who Among His Friends Is Betraying Him This Will Take Him On A Journey Beyond School Grounds Where Supervillains Aren T Just Publicity Seekers And Evil Waits For A Door Between Worlds To Open Can He Rise Above His Lineage As The Son Of A Villain And Be The Hero His World Needs

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    Gerhard Gehrke did it again The second book in the series is as engaging as the first While it could be read as a standalone work, Characters and information from the first book are continued here, and some questions are answered It really is a better read as part of the series.Brendan, Tina and Charlotte are back and their adventures are, literally, out of this world Brendan doesn t feel enough is being done to protect their world so he and the AV club are staying focused At least he is Others in the club find it a bit less important and believe he s overreacting.Or is he Charlotte is acting suspicious new, advanced drones are showing up and everyone seems to want the ring Brendan sent to his villain father for safekeeping What s a young man to do The book s pacing is good,...

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    This story pretty much picks up where the first novel left off However, the headmaster isn t the only threat to Brendan s worldAnother fun story with a darker turn than the first Allies are enemies, some people aren t completely what they seem and of course, drones...

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    The second in the series A few shocking areas but done in good taste I am recommending to my mid level grade students