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The Shadow Tribe Free The Shadow Tribe By Jaffrey Clark Ls17.eu Joby Is Not Your Average Boy Homeless, Destitute, And Without Friends, His Past Is A Mystery Even To Him With A Magical Staff And A Fast Hand, He Roams The Desert City Of Terron With His Only Friend, A Stray Dog Named Scratch Every Day Is One Of Survival Every Day Is The Same Until One Night When Breaking Up A Fight To Help A Lowly Beggar Escape His Assailant, The Mysterious Scar On Joby S Right Hand Begins To Glow Blue Narrowly Escaping The Aggressor In The Fight, Joby Finds He Has Messed With A Man Possessing Dark Powers Determined To Understand The Origin Of His Scar, Joby Sets Out To Discover The Identity Of This Sorcerer Whose Spoken Spells Made It Glow In The Dark.

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    The Boy with the Scar by Jaffrey Clark is the first book in The Shadow Tribe series Joby is homeless, and he does what he has to do to survive.I read the first three books and found The Shadow Tribe to be a quite engaging series With wonderful writing, Clark has a way of bringing his characters to life and making us care for them We see their struggles and feel their torment While the series starts out with us meeting Joby, we are introduced to an array of wonderful, and not so wonderful people The setting is like any other city that has its wealthy and poor, but Clark puts you in that city as if you were actually living there yourself With great descriptions, Clark s imagination and character development takes us into Joby s world Full of mystery and intrigue, and did I forget to mention magic Yes, magic, as with a lot of fantasy, Clark adds an element of magic that I ve not read about bringing something new to the genre I highly recommend this series to middle graders and adul...

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    This cover style is appealing and the blurb adds to the effect I am a curious cat Get it There s a dog on the cover blurb.

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    Excited to have found another indie author who can create worlds that I crave to jump right into Joby is a young homeless boy who doesn t let obstacles stop him from doing what he wants, and needs In fact, he may as well say he enjoys his life Unlike others his age, he is skilled living the streets Not even the adults can accomplish what he is capable of doing, nor fight the way he does He is skilled with his weapon, and is talented enough to get what he wants Though, being homeless in a busy city comes with its obvious struggles Luckily, Joby does not live alone He has his very trustworthy companion named Scratch Scratch is a stray dog who roams the streets, living like other strays, but is very fond of Joby.This book is an introduction to a series of books that will come out later I m unsure as to how many But in my opinion, would have liked to see them mashed into one I had a blast reading about Joby and Scratch, and really enjoy Jaffrey Clark s story telling Adventure, magic, unknown creatures, skilled combat, unique abilities, and pretty much everything else my imagination craves It was 59 pages of great reading, but left me wishing the book wa...

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    The boy with the scar is book one of three in the young adult fantasy series of The shadow tribe This fantasy novel is about a young boy named Joby and his dog Scratch Joby lives alone and is homeless He is strong and can fight his way through the way he lives He isn t an ordinary boy and possesses a scar on his arm This scar lights up when an incident happens, as he saves a beggar The dark magic comes from the person he fights with to save the beggar This intrigues him to find out why and what the scar is for, in the first place.The tale was short and sweet Having said that, it had everything an interesting story would need A young boy, magic, secrets, surprise, suspense and funny moments were all embedded within this small book.The literature was suitable for its audience, and the character was developed splendidly Joby was relatable and easy to l...

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    Excellent author The deep loneliness of the young boy, makes you want to pray somebody will take him in as their child and show him the love he needs.There are some bad characters, and some fairly good, but no one see this boy except his dog , which is so sad.The people of the town seem to worship some kind of idols, which is always a bad sign.This boy has seemingly a compassion heart than most of the adults, who are too busy buying and selling, and some doing nefarious deeds with mystery and magic involved.I recommend this author and this book I read his other series which was also great, tho perhaps in a way uplifting than this one.However, this novel, is alm...

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    A good start on the seriesWell described world with hints of magic on the edges The character Joby is well developed I would have liked to have material in this first book, but it was an enjoyable read.

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    This is a well written short story that does a great job drawing you into the life of a boy with a mysterious scar and many other mysterious secrets.

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