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The Cool Kids EPUB The Cool Kids Jason Pellegrini Growing Up, Kevin Ford Was Never Considered One Of The Cool Kids He Was The Unathletic Son Of A Father Who Had Been The Star Of His College Football Team And The Scrawny Younger Sibling Of Two Brothers Who Loved To Torment Him To His Peers, He Was Far From Being Considered Popular Kevin Had Two Best Friends, Though One Afternoon In The Summer Of 1994, They Showed Up Unannounced At His Front Door With A Secret Mission What Kevin Figured Was Going To Be An Average Summer Day With His Friends Turned Into An Adventure Like No Other The Three Of Them Entered The Woods And Sought Out A Forgotten Ancient Myth Now, Nearly A Quarter Century Later, Kevin Finds Himself Reminiscing About That August Day As He S About To Enter A New Stage Of His Life, He Looks To His Past To Help Give Him The Strength To Face What Lies Ahead.

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    Thank you to the author, Jason Pellegrini, for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This is a story for all ages I think readers will find themselves able to relate to this book in any season of life Reading it as a 41 year old mother of three children, I was able to draw from it, my own childhood memories as well as the experiences my two boys have had.It brought to the surface all the adventures I had as a young girl living on a dead end street with an abandoned mine at the end of ...

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    One day in 1994, three friends set off for an adventure in the woods they are going to kill a mythical monster, and save the world Of course this story is largely about the relationship between these three boys and their coming of age I liked this novella I easily identified with the main character as I was never very sporty growing up We share something else in common, too Misery was my first Stephen King novel Growing up with two sporty older brothers and a football loving dad, our main character feels he doesn t quite belong until he discovers a love of reading Very relatable, for me This is a quick, breezy read that will take you back to your own childhood It is fun and honest and bittersweet it s quick, too I do wish it were a bit longer, but I suppose that is a positive Jason Pellegrini left me wanting This was my first taste of this author, and I will seek out hi...

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    Ah the wonderful days as a child when your imagination takes you on an adventure and your best friends come along to lead the way I think we can all relate to this novella You bond with your closest friends at a young age and then as you get older, other priorities come into play and you tend to grow apart The best thing about that bond though, is that it doesn t break No matter how many years have passed or how many miles are between you The author does a fantastic job in telling the story of Kevin and his buddies in such a relatable way that you ll be taken back to your own adventures.I certainly remember all the adventures I had as a kid, made up or otherwise And...

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    Very enjoyable novella Excellent way to spend part of the afternoon If you haven t read Booth, also written by this author the I highly suggest that for your next read.

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    The Cool Kids is a remarkable coming of age story that follows three young boys in the early 90s as they embark on a journey of friendship and growth akin to The Goonies or Stand By Me I was instantly hooked while learning about who our narrator is because of the similarities we share I am the youngest boy in the family and while I enjoyed watching sports, I never enjoyed playing them no matter how much my dad tried to get me involved I was never as good as others and I would much rather just pop open a Goosebumps book or something from my parents shelves John Grisham, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, or Dean Koontz I also got called sister a bit from my brothers and even some of their friends So already I was interested to know about our protagonist and his story.This book examines all those wonderful adventures we would go on as a child Sometimes all it took was to walk inside the growth of some overgrown trees and pretend to be on another planet when in reality I was in my neighbor s back yard But I think we all went on t...

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    Many thanks to the author, Jason Pellegrini, for giving me the opportunity to read his work in exchange for an honest review.Jason Pellegrini has proven himself a master storyteller in his previous novels, so I was not surprised that reading his latest work, The Cool Kids , would turn out to be effortless and, without a doubt, entertaining.Written from the point of view of one man recalling his childhood adventures, this novella encompasses the magic and beauty of growing up Set in the early 1990 s, the reader gets an uncanny view into the lives of three friends who forge their most formidable years on bikes, swimming pools, at the mercy of Super Nintendo controls and, the best teacher a child could have, the great outdoors Anyone born in the eighties will recognize themselves in these three boys and feel their heart squeeze just a bit as they walk their journey from childhood into the convoluted world of adulthood Once again, I give Pellegrini a solid 5 STARS For me, there were all the elements of nostalgia in the narrative and a powerful sense of knowing the hurdles of coming of age that I enti...

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    First book of the new yearReminiscent of Stephen King s, The Body, or the movie adaptation, Stand By Me, The beginning of this story follows 3 friends on their quest to save the world Later parts follow up on where these boys are now and how the bond of friendship that was cemented that day, though somewhat damaged and eroded, has stood the test of time.A departure from his other works, The Replacement and Booth, The Cool Kids is of an emotional walk down memory lane Well written and intriguing however, I would have liked substance and detail to the quest part of ...

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    In this busy world we are living is refreshing to read something that remind us how it was when we were kids The simple life, the friends, the adventures I really liked it.

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    So what I ended up getting when I finished reading The Cool Kids was not what I expected going in I had read Jason Pellegrini s first two novel, which I had loved Both were very dark in theme and even difficult to read at times The Cool Kids was just the opposite It is a coming of age story that is about the importance of friendships and the hardships that sometimes come with growing up With an adventure, some magic, and an ancient monster mixed in for fun This is a relatively short story Add in the fun characters and story, and this is why it only took me only one sitting to finish it This one was especially fun for me because it takes place in the 1990s A time where I would have been not much older than the characters themselves I was able to connect with the story and had that feeling of nostalgia following me throughout i...

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