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  • Kindle Edition
  • 234 pages
  • Operation Turtle Ransom (Poppy McVie #4)
  • Kimberli A. Bindschatel
  • English
  • 04 May 2017

10 thoughts on “Operation Turtle Ransom (Poppy McVie #4)

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    Aaaaand the love triangle is back Safety view spoiler Things were not confirmed between the MCs at the end of the last book, so this isn t technically cheating, but the h already had feelings for the H when her love int...

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    Another exotic locale and serious animal rights protection issue make this a compelling read along with the fast pace and gritty young heroine whose attempts to save endangered animals at all costs gets her into life or death jams with a neverending supply of bad guys.This adventure suffered from a predictable plot If I can figure out who the traitor is, I m sure many other readers found the outcome a bit obvious too Poppy s best friend, Chris, gets in the way than he should have since he d been portrayed as a trustworthy, reasonable, dependable friend in previous books But love does have a way of blinding even the strongest of characters and makes them think and act irrationally during a crisis After his initial emotional outburst after his fiance was kidnapped, I would have preferred him to get a grip and try to contribute to Doug s rescue rather than constantly blame Poppy for not doing enoug...

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    Blindschatel operation turtle ransomCan t wait till the next series comes out in April.enjoyed the characters of poppy mcvie and garret Dalton both agents for wildlife and games but they are special ops ,they both been assigned to work now higher up in the gov t,but in the meantime are on vacation until the next assignment.the vacation turns out anything but a vacation poppy and her best friend Chris finds themselves deep in trouble with cartel down Mexico way with Noah a mystery man who wants to be than a friend to poppy then throw in poppy partner Dalton who finds himself neck deep involved with poppy problems who also has deep feelings for her and you got yourself...

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    Enjoy reading one book after another with the same characters and different story lines This author interweaves previous stories and characters for the reader s benefit Also like the fact that the character, Poppy, i...

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    CliffhangerThis is by far the best novel cliffhanger in Poppy s adventures so far Maybe not that much about animal conservation , but by far the best mystery thriller Very well written, good plot, suspense a surprise ending I really did not see it coming.Cudo s for Kimberly

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    As Poppy is trying to process everything that has happen to her and what her future holds, she thought meeting up with her best friend would be a nice change of paceas usual, nothing is ever easy for Poppy Great story written as a nice continuation of the series Kimberli does a wonderful ...

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    Read the notes at the end, too Ms Bindschatel does her homework before writing each book She pulls entertaining and informative stories from real world crises to educate without lecturing At the end of each book she writes a synopsis of what she s learned and how it turned int a story.

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    Full of actionI enjoy these storiesyes, read them in order Full of action, tense moments, chases, a little romance, but conservation themesall in all, really good story telling.

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    Poppy McVie is at it again She was supposed to be on vacation, but as luck would have it, she s involved in another poaching fiasco I loved the interaction with the turtles Overall it wasn t my favorite of the four books in this series, but I m still rooting for Poppy Dalton.

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    Such a good series Just finished Turtle Ransom, I enjoyed these characters and appreciated the information on such beautiful locations Especially when it s 3 degrees here.

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Operation Turtle Ransom (Poppy McVie #4) Download Operation Turtle Ransom Poppy McVie 4 By Kimberli A Bindschatel Bandcamptomp3.co.uk She Came For Margaritas.Not Murder On The Beach.But Where Poppy Goes, Trouble Follows.Mexican Thieves Known For Stealing Endangered Sea Turtle Eggs Are Trafficking Than Wildlife.When Her Friend Is Taken, Special Agent Poppy McVie Must Act Fast, Before They Kill Him.But She S In Over Her Head.Can She Save Her Friend And Take Down The Traffickers Before She Becomes Their Next Victim If You Like Jaw Dropping Action, Thrilling Adventure, And Strong, Feisty Female Protagonists, Then You Ll Love This Story.

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