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Darkness There But Something More Ghost Stories Anthology Who Has Not Been Intrigued And Enthralled By The Spirit World, Ghosts, Other Worldly Beings, Or In Other Words, The Paranormal Ambiguous Presences Around Us, Whether In The Form Of Orally Narrated Stories By Our Grandparents, Or In The Form Of Haunting, Riveting Supernatural Stories In Books And Movies Have Held Us In Their Spell, Engaging, Alluring Us Even To This Date.In Fact, The Prominence Of Paranormal Investigators, Ghostbusters And Others Documenting The Other Worldly In Today S Age Overpowered By Science And Technology Only Points To The Fact That We Crave To Push Our Boundaries As Rational Beings And Delve Into The Phenomena Which We Cannot Define Or Explain Tangibly.This Anthology Of 30 Selected Ghost Stories By Authors Dispersed All Over The Globe Celebrates The Spine Chilling Thrills And Sense Of Awe And Bewilderment Of This Very Inexplicable World Inhabited By The Other Worldly Beings Come, Experience The Cataclysmic, Weird, And At Times, Benevolent Spirit World And You Will Never Have A Dull Moment In This Roller Coaster Ride The Authors In This Ghost Stories Collection Are Dr Santosh BakayaSunil SharmaMichele BaronDr Ampat KoshyReena PrasadLopa BanerjeeShabir Ahmed MirSubhajit SanyalCathy Sydlo WilkesRamendra KumarSunila KamalMallika BhaumikRichi SimonSudeshna MukherjeeWani NazirSarmita DeyEvelyn Eli GaikwadPartha Sarathi MukherjeePeeyush SharmaBhuvaneshwari Shivkumar ShankarNandita SamantaSatbir ChadhaPratima ApteDeepti Singh