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Forsaken Wrath (The Scorpio Files Book 1) In A World, Where Men Are Judged By Their Profession, There Are Few Like The Fortune Hunter These Steely Men Of Fantasy Search The Globe In Pursuit Of Lost Treasures, Which Have Been Forgotten By Time Among Fortune Hunters, There Is None Quite Like Nick Reed, A Man Called Scorpio My Name Is Bartimaeus I Am The Partner, And Friend, Of Nick Reed I Have Compiled For You This Account Of How I First Came To Meet The Man Called Scorpio, And Of Our First Perilous Adventure Together.

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    Adventurous Read A short, interesting fast pace ride of treasure hunting with Bartimaeus and Nick Reed aka Scorpio The story is quick and filled with adventure and thrill as Bartimaeus and Nick search for the Gates of Hell or door to treasur...

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    Forsaken Wrath The Scorpio Files Book1 has Bartimaeus teaming up with Nick Reed, better known as Scorpio Along with Gabriella, they search for the key elements that unlock the gates of Hell Clues suggest that great riches lie at each of the doorposts As they institute their plans M Kembe Oros steps in and steal their dreams, just as he did previously with Nick Now the race is on to find the treasure before the other Alexander Ferrick wraps suspense and treasure hunt together into one novel, Forsaken Wrath He amplifies the ...

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    In Forsaken Wrath by Alexander Farrick, Bartimaeus No Last Name tells the story of how he and Nicholas Nick Reed, AKA Scorpio, meet and become partners and eventually good friends We get to know them and read some of the adventures they experience during those first months together.This is titled Book 1 of the Scorpio Files, implying is to come It is a very short, ninety eight pages in my kindle edition so it easily could have been a longer, involved stand alone novel Based on the length alone, I would label this a novella than a novel There are some...

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