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Betrayed Read Betrayed By Nick Haskins Blog Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Sixteen Years Ago, William Majors Sr Made His Young Son, Billy, A Promise That He Would Always Take Care Of Him After His Mother Died He Vowed To Raise His Son Into A Man He Would Someday Be Proud Of William Also Vowed Not To Take Another Wife Until Billy Was All Grown Up, So He Opted To Live As A Single Man That All Changed The Day Jennifer Payne Walked Into His Life Her Seductive Body And Stunning Beauty Instantaneously Captures William And Billy When Billy Secretly Deceives William Seemingly Overnight Jennifer Finds Herself Trapped In A Dangerous Love Trio With Both Father And Son When She Chooses One Over The Other, A Deadly Line Of Betrayal Will Be Crossed That Will Shake The Majors Forever.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Betrayed
  • Nick Haskins Blog
  • 13 August 2018

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    Betrayed is the second book I ve had the pleasure of reading by Nick Haskins, who writes drama and suspenseful novels In Betrayed, the story centers on a father, his son and a woman who changes everything William is loyal, believes in family and believes in honoring promises he s made to keep his son safe and to provide everything he needs As time passes it is natural for him to want companionship but only if his son, Billy approves Billy feels it is healthy for his dad to move on but doesn t know what to expect until he met Jennifer Betrayed is an awkward love triangle that doesn t disappoint because the characters are believable as well as the story line This book held my attention with just enough drama, twists and turns The only reason I gave it a three star is because there are areas in the book that have telling instead of showing, which ruined some of the suspense and anticipation of what the characters would d...

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    A Tangled WebWhat would you do if you found out the two people that you loved the most betrayed you This is the question William had to ask himself over and over again It was no secret what would happen in this story but Jennifer and Billy were super messy and disrespectful I was upset with the father William at times because he seemed so weak and delusional in the story He was continuously in denial and really wanted his marriage to Jennifer to work despite the circumstance I really enjoyed this book and I liked that th...

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    Betrayed by Nick Haskins is an interesting drama One small family lost their loved one Now many years later, a father is ready to love again Yet this new character may just rip them apart The plot was intense, dark, and sad I felt sympathy for the father and son Some things are easy to steer away from while other temptations are not Jennifer Payne was exactly that She ended up destroying what mattered most Watching the destruction of a father and son relationship was hard It was an huge emotional mess.Nick Haskins is a creative writer His novel was entertaining and deeply engaging Themes of love, lies, and betrayal are found here Family, loss, and grief are the other remaining themes readers will find The father was my favorite character He had the best intentions and was trying to do well by his son For that reason, it was easy to connect with William Overall, the plot was promising but a bit slow due to the telling instead of sho...

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    Very good readThis was my first time reading a book by this author and won t be my last This book was very good I felt so sorry for William Sr Jennifer was a Hot Mess Love the alternate ending.

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