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Stranger World (Stranger World #1) Stranger World Stranger World 1 PDF Epub Author Jack Castle Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk WELCOME TO THE Not So HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH What Would You Do If You Awoke In A Futuristic, Self Sustaining Theme Park Gone Horribly Wrong Home To Homicidal Monarchs, Ravenous Dinosaurs, Flying Steamships And Victorian Tea Parties That Would Drive A Hatter Mad Amidst The Chaos A Helicopter Pilot Searches For His Kidnapped Daughter, A Snarky Leftenant Fights To Reclaim Her Lost Airship And A French Microbiologist From A Distant Future Struggles To Learn The Truth Thank You For Coming

10 thoughts on “Stranger World (Stranger World #1)

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    This book is unlike anything I ve ever read It s bizarre and fun, with a unique group of characters If you like fairy tales, steampunk, and fantasy, then you should give it a read I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series

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    It was compelling enough to finish but nothing was resolved in the end It was a mish mash of every cliche theme park character ever created so it bred familiarity and inspired some horror that beloved characters could act so awful However, by the end of the book we still don t know why other than it being some futuristic theme park...

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