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  • Star City (Star City #1)
  • Edwin Peng
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  • 09 March 2015
  • 9781622535927

10 thoughts on “Star City (Star City #1)

  1. Krystal Krystal says:

    With his debut novel Star City Edwin Peng delivered intergalactic intrigue and action along with relevant commentary about historical and current politic dynamics affecting Earth

  2. Curious Reader Curious Reader says:

    This is a sci fi ya fiction A young human girl get to work with the young alien boy First they hate each other Then they fall in love Include some suspense in it And you have Star CityI will not say that I'm impressed but I was surely intrigued Young readers will like this book That being said go for this if you like sci fi book with aliens in it Note I received a free e copy of the book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Special thanks to the author and publisher for giving me a chance to read it

  3. Mary Fan Mary Fan says:

    Edwin Peng’s debut novel STAR CITY is a YA sci fi tale that tells the story of alien first contact from the point of view of two teenagers Emma Smith a college freshman who’s given the coveted position of student ambassador and Sepporinen a young alien who’s assigned to be her counterpart The alien race called the Ba’ren are a technologically advanced and peace loving society that hopes to be Earth’s benevolent allies To prove their goodwill they offer medical technology that can cure a form of childhood cancer and team up with human scientists to develop the cure However not all humans welcome the Ba’ren’s presence and not all Ba’ren want to form an alliance with Earth Between extremists on Earth who believe the Ba’ren to be an invading force to isolationist Ba’ren factions diplomacy gets harder and harder every day Emma and Sepporinen soon find themselves at the heart of the conflict working desperately to salvage the fragile relations between Earth and the Ba’ren Emma and Sepporinen start the book in polar opposite positions Emma is thrilled at having beat out thousands of applicants for her role as student ambassadors and sees this as a wonderful opportunity Sepporinen on the other hand never wanted anything to do with this mission He cares about prospecting for riches but was thrust into the junior ambassador position by his government for reasons that are unclear to him Both are intriguing characters especially Sepporinen whose alien culture is thoroughly explored through fantastic world building It’s practically hate at first sight when the two finally meet Over the course of the book their relationship develops and shifts until they find themselves unlikely partners But though the narrative centers on the two young protagonists the story of STAR CITY is much much broader It’s essentially the story of two clashing worlds filtered through Emma and Sepporinen Through secondary characters and news reports we see the impact of the aliens’ arrival on Earth on not only the Emma’s country the United States but the world as a whole In addition Sepporinen’s dialogue with his people shows how various Ba’ren are reacting to the attempted diplomacy It’s an expansive and richly wrought feat of both world building and storytelling And much of it rings true The Ba’ren society is developed in detail and is uite different from Earth’s and Earth’s reactions—from religious fundamentalists claiming the Ba’ren are demons to internet conspiracy fueled extremists—seem all too believable It’s hard to believe Peng was able to pack such a big story into such a little book maybe not little but certainly not the 1000 page tome it could have been Personally I enjoyed the efficiency of his writing and how fast paced the story was It was a uick addictive read that kept me glued to the pages well screen since I had a Kindle version STAR CITY is the first book of a trilogy though it has a conclusion of sorts while leaving the door open for its two seuels I for one can’t wait to get my hands on them

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    I was given a cope of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review3 ⭐️While an interesting concept this novel fell a little flat for meThe characters were interesting in the beginning but I felt no real development from neither Emma nor Sepporinen It was also uite heavy on the politics side too heavy at times I didn't feel the attraction between the main characters and the romance didn't feel real view spoilereven though it wasn't real after all I should have at lest felt like they were somewhat attracted to each other hide spoiler

  5. Lauren Lauren says:

    It's always a special occasion when an author releases their debut novel and it's just as special when said debut novel is a gem of a read I can most certainly attest to this when it comes to Edwin Peng's Star CityI was given an ARC of the novel and I went into it with no expectations apart from what was revealed in the synopsis I completed it this morning already anticipating the next installment of the trilogy While aliens arriving to Earth is not a new concept how it unfolds in this story is rich with detail and struggles that are prevalent in these uncertain times The different scenarios presented throughout the novel regarding the relationship between the humans and the Ba'ren have just enough realism to where if aliens were to come to our planet today many of these situations would be highly possibleI also like how Peng doesn't shy away from touching on a wide variety of subjects such as privilege and politics With the different sides of such topics presented several times throughout the story it shows just how multi dimensional these characters are and the difficult positions and decisions they are often faced withI'll admit to Star City being a little slow in the beginning as the characters and the story itself at first struggle to find their footing But once the pace picks up the novel becomes all the engaging and a true page turner and that's saying something for someone who usually tends to stay away from YA fiction Star City without a doubt has got to be one of the introspective YA novels I've read in recent timeKudos to Edwin Peng for writing a novel that's both entertaining and thoughtful I await to read the rest of the trilogy

  6. Kim Kim says:

    This was a YA book complete with aliens It was just okay for me Emma and Sepporinen together felt very forced I did not get any real chemistry from themThe world itself was well done and I enjoyed it but did not connect with the main characters I also found there was too many secondary characters to keep everyone straight

  7. Dawn Cicchini Dawn Cicchini says:

    Simple and entertaining MostlyAs an adult reader I found this book to be a little below my usual reading level The pacing was good and the chapters flew by but I found myself rolling my eyes at some of the characters Other than the two protagonists there wasn't much to distinguish the cast from typical YA stand insThere was a little surprise near the end that I hoped would take the conclusion another direction but this book stayed true to a proven formulaFor a younger sci fi fan or someone just getting into the genre this is a good soft introduction Sadly it left me unsatisfied

  8. Julie Julie says:

    I received an ARC copy of this from the author but I’ve been a very slow reader Star City is set in Nebraska after an alien race makes contact with Earth The mission is supposed to be a cooperative endeavor in which alien technology helps cure childhood cancers The two main characters are Emma Smith a blonde haired blue eyed University of Nebraska freshman and Sepporinen a Ba’ren youth who would rather be mining than have anything to do with Earth As the cultures clash both young people do the best they can to try to get the best results for all but it doesn’t come without sacrificeThis story is supposed to be YA but as Emma is already in college it’s on that fuzzy border with NA There isn’t much actual romance in the story because the leads spend half of it disliking each other and not in a way that feels like disguised attraction Later when they kiss video of it causes a scandal all over the world I was confused about the story logic as to why that wasThere were things I loved and things I didn’t I found the writing oddly stilted If it would have been in the alien point of view only maybe that would have been easier to accept but it was stilted even when it was Emma’s point of view For example Emma’s parents are referred to as Mom and Dad They never have names so I would have expected it to say “her mom” or “her dad” but it doesn’tThe alien race had several subcultures with their own names appearances and customs Often the names were so odd to me that I didn’t even try to read them I’m good with foreign earth languages so I have some patience for it generally Not with these charactersThe entire story is told from 3rd person POV but when scenes changed and a different character had the lead POV it was labelled This is a pet peeve of mine because it’s completely unnecessary If you’re reader can’t figure that out without a needless label either your writing is too complicated or your reader doesn’t have any reading comprehensionOther stuff was really fun I’ve only ever driven through Nebraska but it was fantastic to see a story like this set there It’s not all Los Angeles and New York The author makes use of his inside knowledge to the betterment of the story because the setting comes alive in small detailsSepporinen’s subculture the Saamaa reminded me of Finland and the Saami The author did take several earth cultures and twist them into something new for the Ba’ren aliens This was one that I rather enjoyed since I know Finnish and have lived in several parts of the country There is even one character who’s name is a twist on the demi god VäinämöinenAnother thing that I enjoyed was that the Ba’ren race communicate with smell They have several idioms that go along with it such as smelling the news I got great joy when I read those parts because it felt like a fleshed out cultureThere are also lots of jokes and Easter eggs pertaining to various scifi entertainment from the last 50 years The people who are already fans will love picking them out and they will likely go over the heads of those who don’t care But then again the people who are likely to read this book ARE scifi fansThe bottom line is this debut novel tries to tell a realistic story about what might happen in a first diplomatic mission It shows humanity at its best and worst because we are nothing if not a dichotomy The technical terms used in this book are earth bound since it deals with real situations like curing cancer There isn’t talk about warp drives and reactor coils and whatnot It is the first of a trilogy so it might hook you into reading since the stars of Star City are clearly not done

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Aliens have come to Earth The Ba'ren have come to Earth looking for peaceful diplomacy trade and to help with medical research Part of the diplomacy efforts include two human student ambassadors paired with two Ba'ren ambassadors at the University of Nebraska where ongoing osteosarcoma treatment is taking place that the Ba'ren believe they have a cure for Emma Smith has been chosen to be one of the student ambassadors to the Ba'ren; as a freshman Emma hopes to advance her career in biomedical engineering and get to know the Ba'ren Sepporinen is one of the Ba'ren ambassadors chosen Unlike Emma he has no desire to meet another species Sepporinen would much rather explore the mining opportunities of the asteroids that orbit our Solar System Emma and Sepporinen are paired together for classes and diplomacy for better or worse and things uickly get worse as some humans push back against the Ba'ren's involvement on Earth Things take another strange turn as Emma and Sepporinen find themselves inexplicably drawn towards one another Star City is an interesting Young Adult Science Fiction story that follows a story line that we know well boy meets girl boy hates girl and then boy and girl and girl fall in love One aspect that makes this story uniue are the reasons why they fall in love Emma and Sepporinen are both unlikely candidates for the student diplomat positions the reasoning is not clear until the end but creates another layer of suspense throughout the story Another aspect of the story that created tension throughout was the very realistic way that the human population responded to the Ba'ren There were many parallels between the perception of the Ba'ren coming to Earth and any change that we try to implement on Earth When the Ba'ren attempted to help humans there were factions of people that became violent and racist people that protested people who responded with fear as well as governments from other countries that attempted to interfere with the way the USA interacted with the Ba'ren I was very interested in the Ba'ren their planet and the many cultures and technology that they have I hope that this is explored in the second book I did like the diversity in the book as well although I felt that Emma's character could have been fleshed out a little The uncertainty between the two species reaches it's apex near the end and the truth of the relationship that each species wanted with the other comes out Overall Star City complements inter species romance with plenty of action and adventure and I can't wait to read the next installmentThis book was received for free in return for an honest review

  10. James Hughes James Hughes says:

    How I got this bookI purchased the Kindle edition of Star City for £299 from coukSummaryAn alien race the Ba’ren have arrived on earth offering trade peace and the answer to many of our current woes Star City revolves around Emma Smith who is given the prestigious position of student ambassador and her alien counterpart Sepporinen Things appear to be going well as typical diplomacy under rather unusual circumstances takes place; although things take a turn for the worse as the human race sours to the presence of their new guests Emma and Sepporinen find themselves caught in the heart of the conflict and must work against the clock to save both races from catastropheThe goodWhile the concept of ‘first contact’ with an alien race has been explored by many sci fi writers Peng has approached the concept in a fresh manner Instead of making the aliens well ‘alien’ he has managed to create a relatable and often rich tapestry of a whole new culture Instead of ‘ET’ or ‘Predator’ the Ba’ren are actually ‘People’ 1010 for world buildingAlongside this Peng includes a wide range of themes from an inter species romance to complex diplomatic politickingThe same goes for the obvious yet relevant visualisation of a human reaction to ‘first contact’ The response of many humans to the Ba’ren paints a faux yet stark and relevant picture of a post BrexitTrump worldTo improveStar city was a little slow to start although picked up at around a uarter of the way in Although the ending was good I feel like there could have been of a push into book 2 – although controversially I am a fan of cliffhangersNBI would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 13 with an interest in Sci Fi

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Star City (Star City #1)[Download] ➻ Star City (Star City #1) ✤ Edwin Peng – An alien race the Ba’ren makes contact with Earth To jumpstart diplomacy with humans the Ba’ren offer their advanced medical technology prompting the United States government to create a joint res An alien race the Ba’ren makes contact with Earth To jumpstart diplomacy with humans the Ba’ren offer their advanced medical technology prompting the United States government to create a joint research project and to call for the best of the bestEighteen year old Emma Smith ready to capitalize on this historic opportunity beats thousands of applicants for the position of student ambassador She knows helping the Ba’ren cure osteosarcoma will kick start her biomedical engineering career not to mention give her a front row seat to learn about the mysterious aliensSepporinen a young Ba’ren asteroid miner cares little about meeting humans He seeks only riches and glory in prospecting the solar system’s asteroids but the Ba’ren government inexplicably sends him to Earth to assist with the research project and to work with a young Earth girlEmma and Sepporinen draw closer as they work together and discover far is at stake than what their respective governments have let on As political struggles intensify between feuding human and Ba’ren factions anti alien sentiment on Earth reaches a lethal pitch The unlikely pair determined not to be pawns in this complicated game of life and death must risk everything to help maintain the fragile peace between their two species.

About the Author: Edwin Peng

Edwin Peng lives in beautiful Lincoln Nebraska with his beloved Pokémon buddy Eevee During the day he indulges in super villainy by performing high power laser research at the University of Nebraska Lincoln At night his secret identity is that of a literary superhero fighting to make the Young Adult Science Fiction genre less clichéd and inclusiveEdwin is the author of the Star City se.