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  • Josette
  • Danielle Thorne
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  • 15 February 2019

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    Kindle freebie at the time of downloadGoodReads ate my review I ll try to keep this short then Josette Price is devoted to her home at Beddingfield Park She has so many happy memories there of romping with her brother George and cousin Edward and teasing her little sister Amy She secretly hopes George will keep her on as chatelaine when he inherits the Park someday hopefully not too soon However, George has gone away to join the Royal Navy in their blockade of France, leaving his parents and sisters to deal with a crumbling estate and money matters When George s captain, Philip Carter comes to call with bad news, Josette is devastated How could George go off and get himself killed and how could Carter let it happen How dare this cold, unfeeling man show up and dispassionately tell them the bad news and then stick around in the neighborhood When their cousin Edward comes to stay as the heir for the first time, Josette and Amy know one of them must marry him if they don t wish to lose their beloved home When Carter s aunt, Lady Berclair invites the Price girls to London, Josette is unhappy at leaving her beloved home At least she ll have cousin Edward to amuse her While Edward is charming and fun, Josette feels ...

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    This is a well written story It is very much an older regency style book Like a Jane Austen and I am afraid this author loved Jane so much that she decided to put her most loved books together in one book There was a little of Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility all wrapped up in one book This would have been fine if she had built a better love story, but the love story was lost in the mix The main characters spent very little time talking to each other...

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    It was a nice, clean romance with many similarities I am sure intentionally with PP I agree completely with Nellie This was a good story Well written Editing lacked a bit Clean romance I liked it, but didn t LOVE...

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    This was a good story Well written Editing lacked a bit Clean romance I liked it, but didn t LOVE it It was worth reading, but it smacked of Pride and Predjudice envy Josette rejects Captain Carter, and then finds out her initial assumptions were...

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    4.5 5.0 and I m stuck right in the middle as whether to bump it or notThe 5 star argument This is an incredibly well written, engaging, lovely story that is almost impossible to put down Josette s character can be completely infuriating while still managing to be endearing All the characters are fleshed out so well that even when they are behaving badly, the reader can understand and sympathize with them Ms Thorne has also done an exquisite job of creating extreme sexual tension without stooping to graphics It s completely clean but stirs up enough heat in the telling that those who like steam would not be disappointed.The 4 star argument My publisher s voice screams in my head Never give 5 stars to a plot line that isn t original The storyline in Josette is so closely reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice that one can almost guess what will happen next, and most assuredly predict the major conflict and resolution of the H h long before the ending Although not exact, the c...

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    First of all, the new cover is sooo much better than the older one Second, I ve had this on my TBR pile for eons, I mean it is number 28, of a bathousand.so check I really enjoyed this one Carter and Josette were gre...

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    This is basically a horrible mashup of every Jane Austen novel The plot is all over the place, and the characters are chameleons, changing their colors at every turn There is some brain candy enjoyment to be had, but the reader will have to suspend a lot of higher reasoning power to obtain it.

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    Cute read.

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    Josette , the newest novel by author Danielle Thorne, is a refreshing and satisfying read la Jane Austin Prepare to be swept away by the charm of the heroine title character, Josette, who discovers love with a dashing sailor under not the most ideal of circumstances, and who always maintains her individuality within the confines of a very restrained society The author s use of setting is superb She envelops her readers and through her masterful familiarity with the customs, speech, dress and furnishings of the time, and completely transports her readers right back into these days, not once weighing her story down with details I guarantee you will love the author s use of characterization, as well, as she deftly weaves a developing romance in among the changing relationships between Josette and her sister as well as Josette and her mother and others All of the personal dynamics, so important to good Regency, and a good romance, are handled affectionately and sympathetically in this author s skillful hands, so they be...

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    Enter to win a copy at Fire and Ice ends 3 2 11If you are a fan of Jane Austen and Regency Romance you will be smitten by Josette The tension between the characters and fast paced plot made it an outstanding pick A cross between Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, the story captures two sisters in the season of their most important decisions Sprinkled with deception, intrigu...

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Josette Josette Price Sees Her Future When She Gazes Across The Lawn Of Beddingfield Park Her Brother, George, Has Run Off To Sea And Left The Family In Her Care Nothing Would Make Her Happier Than To Be Settled Within The Palings Of Their Home, But Brooding Captain Carter Rides Into Their Lives With News That Ruins Everything George Has Been Lost At Sea.Learning The Park Is Entailed To Their Ambitious Cousin, Josette Must Decide Between Marrying Her Fickle Childhood Sweetheart Or Helping Her Infatuated Sister Trap Him In Her Stead Only Captain Carter And His Delightfully Spinsterish Relatives Can Stop The Price Girls From Making What Could Be Another Tragic Mistake.

About the Author: Danielle Thorne

Danielle Thorne is the author of classic romance and adventure in several genres She loves Jane Austen, pirates, beaches, cookies, antiques, cats, dogs, and long naps She does not like phone calls or sushi A graduate of BYU Idaho, Danielle saw early work published by Every Day Fiction, Arts and Prose Magazine, Mississippi Crow, The Nantahala Review, StorySouth, and you get the idea Besides wr