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Arkship Obsidian The Arkship Saga #1 [Ebook] ➠ Arkship Obsidian The Arkship Saga #1 By Niel Bushnell – The Earth is gone destroyed along with the rest of the solar system Now almost two hundred years after the Fracture all that remains of the sun is the enigmatic Infinite a string of stellar material t The Earth is gone destroyed along with the The Arkship PDF ´ rest of the solar system Now almost two hundred years after the Fracture all that remains of the sun is the enigmatic Infinite a string of stellar material Arkship Obsidian PDF or that shines at the heart of the Cluster The last survivors of humanity live on vast arkships doing what they can to survive in this hostile ever changing environment When the arkship Obsidian is attacked Wynn awakes Obsidian The Arkship PDF ↠ in a lifeboat in the middle of a huge space battle unable to remember who he is Hunted by a killer robot the forces of a rival arkship and the Church of the Infinite Wynn must find new allies if he is to survive long enough to discover who is behind the attack and take his revenge.

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  1. odedo1 odedo1 says:

    This book is amazing it did something that no other book have done to me before by this I mean that from page one I was hooked I couldn't stop listening and I want it's such an excellent story I can't wait for the next one to get released I really praise the author even my favorites books took a few chapters to pull me in this is a first for me a real masterpieceI fully recommend this book trust me you won't regret it what so everGot this audiobook for free for reviewing

  2. Trevor Trevor says:

    Following the destruction of planets the remaining population live on arkships ruled by families but ultimately controlled by the Church of the Infinite This story follows Wynn the last survivor of the Kenric House after his arkship is destroyed This is a good start to a new series with some good characters which will hopefully evolve in book two

  3. Ami Ami says:

    I absolutely love this spectacular edge of your seat breath taking space opera I could go on and on but instead let me just say go get your copy Yes it's that great I read this book through Kindle Unlimited

  4. Bruce Bruce says:

    Niel brings an unusual scenario to Sci Fi whole colonies of populated huge ships Arkships living in the open spaces of what was once the solar system of mankind His stories are not so much about the cataclysm that set the scene but rather the physical religious and social aspects of life in these independent colonies Threats abound as social and political differences between Arkships have raged over the years various factions shouldering their way to positions of power These power struggles have now spilled over and now threaten to engulf formerly neutral Arkships into the conflagration Caught in the middle are the trading ships making their meager living hauling supplies between the great distances facing the cold and loneliness of space marauders and often times old or poorly operating ships

  5. David Humphrey David Humphrey says:

    Another really great book from Niel Bushnell I normally need my arm twisted to read SF preferring watching it but this just washed over me so easily I was brought up on science fiction like Star Wars Babylon 5 Blakes 7 and this is refreshingly very much in that mould Having read the free preuel Arkship Countdown first you don't need to I look forward to the next one The author clearly knows his Science Fiction and it shows Its not swamped with technobabble but just a sprinkling of Cube drives here and a Golgore grid there it lets the plot speed along Characters are well rounded with Reader Durante and Gorfal the hunterbot standing out for me I like the fact that the action takes place either in space or on ships and isn't beaming down onto 'this weeks crazy planet' I've already preordered the next book but have to wait 2 months Sol

  6. Andrea Stoeckel Andrea Stoeckel says:

    I am a true SciFi nerd and I can’t say enough about this book I love this kind of dystopian “what if” and read it in almost one sitting The plot and the characters are fantastic I kept thinking as I read it that my aunt who introduced me to SciFi like Asimov Herbert and Sagan would have loved this bookSaving pennies for the nest one Highly recommended 55

  7. Guy Wheatley Guy Wheatley says:

    The story is somewhat reminiscent of the Foundation series or Dune with power struggles between interstellar royal families The story opens hot with the protagonists in a life boat drifting in the debris field of a destroyed Ark Ship He has no memory and doesn’t know his identity Scooped into the collection bay of a scavenger ship he finds another survivor and with her help they escape the killer bots chasing them Then we go to page two The tale is fast paced with a lot of actionThe Arkships are massive constructions often built from an asteroid Orcades Draig of House Draig has destroyed the Royal Arkship Kenric killing the princely leader He claims the right to the Kenric throne as the illegitimate son of the prince he just killed This first book in the series follows the intrigue strategy and political maneuvering Between the royal families the powerful church and independent factions Uneasy alliances are formed and broken as war comes and thousands are killedA good read that I recommend I’ll check the rest of the books in the series

  8. Marianne Marianne says:

    We meet the charactersWynn was gotten off the Arkship Obsidian doesn't know by who and remembers nothing but seeing the Obsidian blowing up in front of his escape podRead and enjoy

  9. Denis Saint-Maurice Denis Saint-Maurice says:

    ASINB0754728PD Arkship Obsidian The Arkship Saga Book 1You are onboard a mega airship You get attacked your ship is destroyed but you somehow save yourself Inside your lifeboat you realize that you basically lost all of your memory except your fist name Where are you what happened whyThe young man saves a young pilot approximately his age and she helps him recompose his personnality But who is he and why was he in that life boatHe learns of family disputes between ships But this is the first time a family ship of great category is destroyed Bara the young pilot brings him to some of her friends at home on an asteroid made vessel where they get tangled into adventuresNice story about friendship and faithfulness A strange world where all the planets of the solar system have exploded and life is lived in vesselsFor young adults and teenagers for thos who like people with virtuesFirst of a series Promising

  10. Bob Stuhlsatz Bob Stuhlsatz says:

    Great beginning to the seriesArkship Obsidian is an excellent introduction to the Arkship Saga The main characters are well developed and the story line teases us with an exciting taste of what's coming

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