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The Maze The Maze Pdf Author Jordon Greene Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Kayden Walker Is A Typical Sixteen Year Old High School Student He Hates School, Thinks He Can T Go A Day Without Talking To His Girlfriend, And His Phone Is Perpetually In His Hand.Stuck On The Family S Yearly October Beach Getaway, Kayden Reluctantly Tags Along For An Excursion Into A Halloween Themed Maze That His Mom Found Online It S A Small, Rundown Facility About Thirty Minutes Off The Beaten Path With Rusted Doors And A Rotted Wooden Edifice.There S Only One Problem When Kayden S Family And A Newlywed Couple Enter The Maze Once You Enter, You Re Not Allowed To Leave.Warning This Is An Extreme Horror Story Some Content May Be Disturbing To Sensitive Readers.

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    This was a super quick, bloody little read It s nothing too special, as the characters are pretty surface level and there were some repetitions in the writing But odds are you re going to pick this up if you re looking for a gory Halloween story This is definitely it I wouldn t say it s scary o...

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    I m sure glad this was only a quick read as the towel would ve been thrown in early in round 2 The Maze doesn t have a lot going for it I m afraid The characters are flat, there is no tension or atmosphere and the dialogue is cheesier th...

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    The Maze is only 68 pages long, but it is sixty eight pages of intensity, suspense, and some gruesome horror The front cover says WARNING this is an extreme horror story Some content may be disturbing to sensitive readers Heed this warning very diligently.I loved it, but it is not for anyone sensitive to splatter fests, and definitely not for children or young teens There is also strong language, but if your leg were getting wacked off by a psycho you d use strong language too.That being said, if you want to be scared no, terrified is a better word then pick up Greene s The Maze , lock the doors securely, turn on all the lights, and be prepared to be nailed to your seat until you finish the book My favorite lines no spoilers is when teenager Kayden, is lamenting about how he misses his older brother who would normally be beside him in the car teasing him and doing what older brothers do when you re stuck in a car for hours on end With two older brothers I know exactly what it is older brothers do when stuck in ...

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    Gore gore gore If you want adventure with family atmosphere go to the maze This roadside stop will have all your senses working overtime Unlike a cornfield maze this is indoors which traps all the odors A...

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    Bringing life into each primal dread and covering the pages in blood, Jordon constrains you to confront the extremes of the human range.

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    Definitely a nail biter, not much storyline but lots of gore Heed the warning and watch out for the pumpkin heads.

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    Wow Very Graphic Nice ending though I don t know if I will ever go to a haunted house again Thanks Jordon

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    I really wanted to love this book it s totally up my alley in terms of genre and the author who willingly admits this his his first foray into the horror realm was than generous for allowing people to read and review it in advance Unfortunately, I didn t find it especially good It s very short, which can be a good thing, but it s also verbose about inconsequential details, yet somehow lacking in a varied vocabulary the word reeling is used at least 10 times, for instance An entire paragraph about, plus a dozen references to, a woman s ass just feels like unnecessary padding The dialogue is forced and unnatural, and probably could ve been scrapped altogether in many spots The book is not without its merits, howeve...

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    I don t really like short stories but i do like blood and gore.If you are looking for a quick read and you are a fan of the genre than this book is definitely for you Not recommended for the faint hearted

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    Blood and GoreWhat a waste of an hour and a half One of the stupidest books I ve read in a while I DO NOT recommend this book to anyone