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    PI Jamie Rush and her best friend and partner, PI Cookie are pulled into Jamie s family problems She grew up with a father who was a con man her half brother joined that life and now is calling Jamie to find his daughter, Kristen, who has also participated in some potentially dangerous scams.Jamie has changed her life and only works on this side of legal As much as she really has nothing to do with her family, she finds it hard to ignore her brother s request for help.Things change when she does find Kristen Kristen is dead of an overdose although Jamie knows she was clean She finds a crumpled up 2 bill in her back pocket the calling card of a drug family.So who, exactly, killed Kristen Was this is warning to someone else in the family What was Kristen into that someone felt compelled to kill her As Jamie begins to dig into Kristen s life, she finds her nieces secrets That truth will put a target on Jamie s and Cookie s backs.This is an exceptional debut novel This is not a gritty police procedural it is not a cozy, but somewhere in between There is no romance rather the love Jamie has for her chosen family Cookie, who lives in Hawaiian shirts, Erin, the bookie s daughter, Marty who runs a bar and Deuce an extremely lovable and spoiled 4 footed, furry friend.The book is well written, with wonderful characte...

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    I liked this book Jamie displays strength and intelligence This really is a fast read There was plenty of action to keep the storyline moving along at a good pace The only thing is that as much as I did enjoy this book and the lead character, I had a bit of trouble connecting with the rest of the characters within the story Therefore, it does not matter ho...

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    Daughters of bad men by laura oles.Jamie Rush understands what it takes to disappear because her parents taught her that long ago Leveraging her knowledge of why and how people run from their own lives, Jamie has built a...

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    Pivotal to Laura Oles s debut novel, Daughters of Bad Men, is the sense of place and people that permeates this gritty crime thriller Set in Port Alene, a mythicized version of the Texas coastal city of Port Aransas, which is only a three hour drive away from where she lives in Texas Hill Country, the setting holds an especially dear place in the author s heart, especially in view of it having suffered so badly from the depredations of Hurricane Harvey As befits the darker world of Daughters of Bad Men, however, the town takes on a murkier side in the form of the challenges faced by its deeply conflicted characters, not least of which is the emotionally troubled skip tracer, Jamie Rush.Rush wishes to have as little as possible to do with her nefarious family, most specifically her estranged brother, Brian, that is, until he literally begs her to help find her missing niece, Kristen When she very quickly does, what she finds catapults the lead protagonists into a situation that becomes tumultuous by the minute, and one that tears at the very heart strings of the otherwise fairly close knit Port Alene community Oles clearly feels very deeply for her fictional characters, on whose lives and adventures she intends to e...

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    Jamie Rush brings people out of hiding to answer to for the things they have done She uses her skills both inside and outside of the law to do this When her brother calls and tells her that Kristen is missing and in trouble, Jamie isn t so sure Kristen has always been a wild child, but her brother assures her this is not the case As Jamie digs into Kristen s behaviors and what she has bee...

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    I received an eARC through NetGalley I would recommend as a quick easy read I enjoyed the story and the characters Some parts of the story were not that surprising and I wasn t kept on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens However, I enjoyed the characters and the story There are parts where we coul...

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    Thank you to JKS Communications for allowing me the opportunity to read this book and for the adorable dog beanie baby Check out my blog for a full review

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    Missing niece, complicated familyI truly enjoyed the story and I figured that it based on Port Aransas where I have traveled to from Austin My family and I know Corpus Christi, Texas and the surrounding towns This story is based on that area which makes it a must ...

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    Port Alene, TX Hemingway s Pier restaurant pub Jamie Rush PI was meeting with his client Sarah Mathers single mother, 2 boys Ricky Finch Irish, deadbeat father, lousy BF was behind in his child support owed his bookie Erin Clay a bunch Jamie was hired by Erin to hunt him down The Tarpon Taproom Jamie Cookie Hinojosa 60, Manny s older brother, Jamie s PI partner BMF were on stakeout Brian Jamie s brother, aka Dexter Hutchinson informed Jamie, Kristen Brian s daughter, Jamie s niece, drug addict, aka Natasha Irons is missing Dylan Luna 20 , Kristen s BF was at the top of the suspect list Erin s Senior Seaside Adventures warehouse Jamie Cookie greeted Detective David Herrera Port Alene PD at the crime scene.The coroner was on his way to look at Kristian s body She than likely OD A syringe needle was stuck in her arm.Golden Star Racetrack Now Jamie had to break the horrible news to Brian.It really didn t seem to bother him.Tricky Dick s restaurant Dick Dobbs owner was glad to see Jamie Jamie interviewed Connie Coy waitress.Youth Art Center Next stop on her list Marcus Holliday.Coastal Adventures Marina slip 46 Bill J R is going to work on Chelsea s Freedom Marcus fishing boat.St Mark s Senior Care Corpus Christi, TX Room 112 Jamie Cookie were going to pay Abuelo Deltone matriarch a visit They visited wit...

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    I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley.Jamie and Cookie run a PI agency although goodness knows how they make any money, given their willingness to take a week off to work for free and use their skills when Jamie s estranged half brother Brian asks her to find his daughter Kristin Brian is a con man and he cut off contact with Jamie when she tried to persuade Kristin to leave her father and go straight Things I liked about this novel the title is excellent the plot makes sense and is easy to follow.Things I liked less there is a fair amount of repetition and many places where a paragraph really hammers home a point which could just as easily have been expressed in a single sentence poor Deuce of whom we heard far too much surely leads the unhealthiest lifestyle of any dog ever and I also wish Jamie or Cookie would eat a vegetable or a piec...

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Daughters of Bad Men Ebook Daughters Of Bad Men Author Laura Oles Horsebackridinggeorgia.us Jamie Rush Understands What It Takes To Disappear Because Her Parents Taught Her That Long Ago Leveraging Her Knowledge Of Why And How People Run From Their Own Lives, Jamie Has Built A Business Based On Bringing Those In Hiding Back To Answer For Their Actions She Takes Pride In Using Her Somewhat Shady Skills To Work Both Inside And Outside The Law.When Her Estranged Brother, Brian, Calls And Says His Daughter Is Missing, Jaime Initially Turns Down The Case Kristen Has Always Been A Bit Wild, Frequently Dropping Off The Grid Then Showing Up A Few Days Later But Brian Swears This Time Is Different, And Even Though Jamie Vowed Years Ago To Keep Her Conniving Sibling At Arm S Length, She Can T Walk Away If Kristen Could Be In Real Trouble.As Jamie Begins Digging Into Kristen S Life, She Uncovers Her Niece S Most Guarded Secrets Uncovering The Truth Will Put A Target On Jamie S Back And Endanger The Lives Of Those She Loves.

  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Daughters of Bad Men
  • Laura Oles
  • English
  • 15 September 2018
  • 9780615816319

About the Author: Laura Oles

Laura Oles is a photo industry journalist who spent twenty years covering tech and trends before turning to crime fiction She has been widely published in numerous photography magazines and has served as a columnist for several trade and consumer publications.Growing up in a military family, Laura discovered the frequent travels were made enjoyable with the company of Nancy Drew She has bee