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101 People to Kill Before I Die Set In Melbourne Australia A Dark, Fast, Action Packed Thriller, Dripping With Bitterness And Sarcasm With A Few Comical Moments And An Array Of Colorful Characters All As Determined As They Are Deadly.Brian Samuals Is A Former Soldier, A Former Police Officer And An Ex Convict, Recently Bankrupt, Divorced And Now Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer He Has An Epiphany He Has Nothing To Lose And A Lot Of People Have Offended Against Him Therefore, Before He Goes They Go All Of Them As He Embarks On His Killing Spree He Hooks Up With A Beautiful Stripper, Natasha Brown, But Is Unsure How That S Going To Work.Be Careful Who You Kill Before Long He Has The Russian Mob, A Chinese Triad, The CIA, Interpol, The Australian Federal Police, The Australian SAS Anti Terrorist Squads And Every Cop In The State Of Victoria Hunting Him Down, Screaming For His Head Things Aren T Looking Good For Brian And Natasha.

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    A Bloodbath of Bullets and Belly laughsWhat if your life in retirement from CIA Ops was a boring mess You now exist in a corporate world of cubicles, with obnoxious co workers and a marriage gone bad What if you felt that the world pretty much sucked, but you have to put up with all of the shit to support an ex wife you now despise, and a child you aren t allowed to see What can you do But what if one day a doctor told you that you had only three months to live And finally, what if you were a now a dying man who reminded himself that he had, as Liam Neeson s retired CIA Op character in TAKEN would say, A very particular set of skills So why not kill all of the assholes Brian Samuels is a serio comic sledgehammer of a character who launches a bullet flared vendetta against a world stifled by boring complacency and smug in its corruption As the bullets fly and the bodies pile up we sometimes find ourselves laughing alou...

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    Levels of conflictNot bad overall, goes a little sideways at the very end Personally didn t think the last additional level of conflict was needed.

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    It couldn t end any other way What a ride Couldn t put it down, because I had to know what happened next Funny, sexy, a little gory, and lots of killing What would your hit list look like if you knew you were dying Who would be looking to kill you, for your revenge killing of their loved one Defi...

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    The protagonist Brian Samuels goes on a killing spree after he s been diagnosed with terminal cancer with only six months to live He has a list of his own One of his kills does not go as planned and he accidentally kills the American ambassador to Australia At other points, he also kills the son of a Russian gangster and the son of a Chinese gangster So we have the Australian police, army, anti terrorist squad, CIA, Russian gangsters and Chinese gangsters all trying desperately to kill him They corner him in a small town Very interesting premise.The buildup to this point was good I was getting seriously hooked And then what happens Aark Aaark Aarrk, Varrk, Aark Aaark An alien shows up Seriously I couldn t believe what I was reading I think I felt betrayed by the author there Anyways, it was a good read with humor The ending was a little weird but I liked The author has left a lot for the readers to imagine.If you read this book,...

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    I really enjoyed this book, the premise was very interesting and the violence and mayhem that ensued were entertainingly farcical The main character who discoverers he has six months to live decides to wreak revenge on all those he has decided have done him wrong He is a misogynistic conspiracy theorist with a short fuse.I have had to mark the book down to two stars because of the confused and bewilderingly, comprehensively, unsatisfactory conclusion, sadly t...

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    Despite a decent premise, this book fails to deliver.The main character has life hand him a shit sandwich, some of which is caused by his own actions then he proceeds to make things worse by smearing said sandwich across the face of almost everyone he encounters.Add in a casual dismissive attitude towards killing that makes James Bond look like a flaming liberal.With a frankly ludicrous plot twist element and the only slightly r...

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    The overall story is interesting That said, Brian Samuals is a most unlikeable character Yes, he received a dire diagnosis No, his remaining time to live is short Yes, he has scores to settle, though most of them ...

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    MehDoesn t draw you in Tries too hard to use a shock factor to pull you in but it s not relatable and the first chapter doesn t even sound realistic.

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    This book went to an extremely weird ending, but I enjoyed it until then.

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    Good readGreat storyline Loved the characters Kept me reading on But some parts were so long, drawn out that I lost interest. I skipped quite a few parts..

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