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Stalking Jack the Ripper ❮KINDLE❯ ❁ Stalking Jack the Ripper Author Kerri Maniscalco – This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01BU1IURCPresented by James Patterson's new children's imprint this deliciously creepy horror novel has a storyline inspired by the Ripper murders and an u This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN BBUIURCPresented by James Stalking Jack Kindle - Patterson's new children's imprint this deliciously creepy horror novel has a storyline inspired by the Ripper murders and an unexpected blood chilling conclusionSeventeen year old Audrey Rose Wadsworth was born a lord's daughter with a life of wealth and privilege stretched out before her But between the social teas and silk dress fittings she leads a forbidden secret lifeAgainst her stern father's wishes and society's expectations Audrey often slips away to her uncle's laboratory to study the gruesome practice of forensic medicine When her work on a string of savagely killed corpses drags Audrey into the investigation of a serial murderer her search for answers brings her close to her own sheltered worldThe story's shocking twists and turns augmented with real sinister period photos will make this dazzling debut from author Kerri Maniscalco impossible to forget.

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  1. Katerina Katerina says:

    Two wordsThomas CresswellAlright of course there will be words I just needed to give you a proper motivation to grab this extraordinary book and an obnoxiously yet damnably brilliant British boy seemed like a good idea Now that I have your attention let's move on shall we? “One taste of warm blood is never enough Miss Wadsworth” Jack the RipperThe Whitechapel Murderer Leather Apron Whatever you call him he's still the same; a monster that lingered in the shadows bathed in blood and gore and terrorized London with his brutality and depravity There are numerous theories about his identity but none of them was confirmed And so Kerri Maniscalco crafted her own tale A tale of heroes and villains “There’s nothing better than a little danger dashed with some romance” Audrey Rose Wadsworth was not a proper lady She chose science over blind faith and spent her afternoons cutting up dead bodies rather than taking her tea with actual proper ladies discussing eligible bachelors and gowns Her dark curiosity was never satisfied so she cut and stitched and cut and stitched until one day the mutilated body of a prostitute shook her to the core And it was not the last Assisted by an insufferable mortuary student she made the solution of these horrible crimes her top priority while her family was falling apart and Jack the Ripper was always one step ahead solidifying his reign of terror But sometimes answers can do damage than good “Fear is a hungry beast The you feed it the it grows” Stalking Jack the Ripper was macabre Gruesome GhastlyMorbidly fascinatingThe descriptions could be so graphic that bile rised up my throat The ambience so eerie I couldn't suppress my shivers The mystery so tangible my heart bet frantically in my chest Kerri Maniscalco's palette contained gloomy colours grey for the mist that covered London black for the shadows that hid the Ripper's work mixed with crimson red for all the blood that was spilled And in the middle of this canvas of death were two young forensic students a boy and a girl whose skills and wit would make Sherlock Holmes and Watson proud SourceWadsworth A girl determined to be both pretty and fierce a girl that fought for what she wanted sick of the stereotypes against women and eager to prove them wrong And while I couldn't help but admire her for her spirit I did get angry at her a couple of times I should hate to be judgemental but why why why was she so reckless and impulsive? When there is a serial killer on the loose who targets women and his savagery is unprecedented you don't leave your house late at night lurking near the sight of the murders based on the belief that he won't attack youCresswell A rich young man cold and distant when it comes to murders and corpses but with a fire burning within him that awaits for the moment to be ignited His replies are always witty and sarcastic he is aware of his marvelous deduction skills and vast knowledge and this makes him arrogant but he is caring and loyal and I am so smitten it's ridiculous “Without lifting his head from his own journal he said “Not having any luck figuring me out then? Don’t worry you’ll get better with practice And yes”—he grinned wickedly eyes fixed on his paper—“you’ll still fancy me tomorrow no matter how much you wish otherwise I’m unpredictable and you adore it Just as I cannot wrap my massive brain around the euation of you and yet adore it” Get a spoon because I am a puddle of goo Wadsworth and Cresswell are always bickering driving each other crazy and the attraction between them turns slowly into something deeper that does funny things to your stomach which is pleasant after all the ugly things the body parts and fluids have done to said delicate stomach while the tension sets you on fire “I don’t blame you I am rather attractive The tall dark hero of your dreams swooping in to save you with my vast intellect You should accept my hand at once” Stalking Jack the Ripper is a superb debut and I am all too eager to read the next adventures of Wadsworth and Cresswell Great job Kerri ManiscalcoInstagram | Twitter | Facebook | BookNest

  2. Sasha Alsberg Sasha Alsberg says:

    This is the first book I've really enjoyed reading after my horrid book slump and I LOVED it I need of Kerri's writing in my life especially with her amazing characters like bloody Jack ;

  3. emma emma says:

    my full review of this sexist book in feminist clothing is now up on my blog 'm still mad if you couldn't tell If you opened up a PDF of this book and control F searched it for the phrase “kind of girl” your computer would explode Or suddenly bypass decades of hypothesized technological progress and instantly become cognizant and emotional developing the ability to feel just so it could ask you personally why the author of this book thought she could possibly write anything remotely empowering to women while taking down women at large at every turnThis book is so bad and so unfeminist it could cause the singularityHere are the main ways this book is bad1 IT’S SEXISTThis whole thing posits itself as if it were a confection baked in a feminist bakery An euality cupcake with empowerment frosting and the death of misogyny on top It is after all a revisionist history in which we all get to pretend that a girl a girl Named Audrey Rose was pivotal in the solving of the Jack the Ripper case and please ignore the part where that case isn’t actually solved and also that girl is a mortician living a secret life Because she’s rich And respected And the whole thing should be so deliciously contrary to gender roles and also dead body y and we get to have a great corpsey time This is what I wantedIf you’ve ever read one of my reviews before this is where you get worried If you weren’t already worried when you saw that sweet sweet one star rating Because I never never NEVER get what I want from books And true to form this book took one look at my hopes and dreams and asked “Oh are these your expectations?” And then when I nodded excitedly it ate themOr somethingClearly and for so many reasons we’ll get into later this author has no fcking idea how to write a powerful female character Instead she has to resort to tearing down other girls to make her value brand spoiled brat of a wannabe badass seem strong Here are some examplesInstead of writing a character who is focused on her workdreamsachievementsfamilyfriendsthe scene outside her windowthe history of umbrellasweekly school board meetingsostriches than the cute boy nearby she writes “I was thankful I wasn’t the kind of girl to lose my mind over a handsome face” Pity that all that internalized sexism was for naught anyway considering our lovely protagonist spends the entire fcking book losing her mind over that exact handsome faceInstead of writing a powerful brave unrelenting narrator who doesn’t give up when the going gets tough she writes “I wasn’t the sort of girl who backed down” Important clarification considering how many girls I encounter every day who just seem to do NOTHING but back down They relish it Classic girls am I right? Weak foolsAnd instead of writingactually you know what I don’t even know This line is so completely useless from a characterization standpoint or any standpoint of any kind that I have actually no idea what the author was going for I’ll just type it here and see if you have any guesses “I enjoyed applying makeup as any girl my age would only I did so with a lighter hand” Sonot only some fun generalizations about girls but also some makeup shaming? Ah we have funBut let’s not deprive ourselves of discussing everyone’s favorite insufferable brat2 THE MAIN CHARACTER IS TERRIBLESomething that tends to be true about every book is that you spend a lot of time with the main character Sometimes this is pleasant; sometimes it is whatever; sometimes it is less than ideal Rarely is it a continual never ending process of irritation and profound sufferingThat last scenario is what we get here with our dear Audrey Rose And first off I have to say I know that Audrey is like an ancient name and everything but “Audrey Rose” reads much like “John Green character” than “nineteenth century girl of title”Here’s my Audrey Rose impression “I am powerful and fearless Everyone underestimates me I am not like other girls who cannot even use a knife at a tea party Oh what’s that? A mildly scary or gruesome thing? faints immediately”I would estimate that 57% of that is directly from the textAlso we are reading about pretty touchy stuff here These are real life murder victims real women who were often just minding their business and living their lives best they could when they were brutally attacked in their own neighborhoods This is sad even almost 150 years later and our protagonist is reacting in real time So she should be strickenShould beInstead this girl will be like “This is the saddest thing that has ever happened We should pay undying respect” on one page and then be crackin’ jokes and comparing her dumbass problems I have a curfew My brother doesn’t get me to those of brutal murder victims on the next We stan consistency and compassionShe has zero common sense very little personality outside of the comparisons to other girls and a whole lot of entitlement She jumps right into situations she knows nothing about and screws everything up always all the time Everything she does on this case is sheer luck between moments of making dizzying eye contact with the hot guy she works withSpeaking of which3 HOW IS THE ROMANCE SO TERRIBLE?I don’t have much to say beyond that category title really How is this so bad? There is no chemistry There is no slow burn or rooting for the characters or any real hate to love outside of some surface level attempts at cashing in on America’s favorite trope The characters spend the whole time being separately insufferable and at occasional moments coming together to combine their insufferableness into one insufferable mountain of insufferability The number one reason I don’t think I can continue with this series is my awareness that I will be expected to root for these two buffoons to mash their faces together4 THE OTHER BUFFOONI also and it brings me no joy to say this cannot stand ThomasI don’t think he’s uirky or smart or funny I find him neither lovable nor charming nor interesting He does not live up to the descriptors “swoon worthy” or “book boyfriend material” He is an inconsistently characterized mishmash of every fictional crush cliché from whatever Cole Sprouse is on Riverdale to Will Herondale and it DOESN’T WORKHe’s annoying and omnipresent and condescending and mean and nonsensical I don’t get why Audrey Rose likes him and I especially don’t understand why he likes herEverything about this book feels like an evil factory took every piece of content that’s Popular With The Teens and blended it into this unholy smoothie of suffering and unoriginality5 IT’S GREAT WHEN HISTORICAL FICTION IS HISTORICALLY INACCURATE AND WHEN BOOKS WITH SCIENCE GET THE SCIENCE WRONGThe author has a big note at the end of the book explaining all the various ways she fcked up history while writing this book Which is very fun I think when writing historical fiction Why stay faithful in any way to history? It’s just historical after allThat author’s note mostly if not entirely had to do with the ways she messed with the Jack the Ripper case itself Kind of insane considering that’s what this entire book centers around but whatever It’s not my biggest ualmThat would be the fact that while reading this I a person who has not taken a history class in three or so years would occasionally think “Hm That doesn’t sound right” and Google Or sometimes I a person who has hated science for her entire life would think “Huh Not sure if that’s scientifically accurate” and do some light researchAnd it would turn out the person who wrote this book who ostensibly did extensive studying on the late nineteenth century and at least a little on science and anatomy considering her protagonist was into bothwould have made what we call an oopsieHere are a few of the things I just happened to Google that were in some way misrepresented in the book Extra details included if I remember them photography the technology just wasn’t at the level it’s presented as and this is one I’m confident about considering I was in a history of photography class at the time I was reading this exposure immunity as a concept cross contamination as a concept popularity of the Petri dish it existed but was not in common use contagiousness of leprosy scabs late in the illness leprosy isn’t really contagious like that transplants the first successful one was in 1954 nearly 70 years after the events of this book popularity of cigarettes use wasn’t widespread in the West until the 20th century the concept of medication for mental illness the idea that someone would think in the 19th century that someone’s “salvation” from his mental illness would “come in the form of tonics working on his physiology” is just absurd Even if it’s coming from our protagonist who we’re supposed to believe without evidence is brilliantThis book is so careless that it’s impossible for me to care about it6 VERY VERY VERY POORLY WRITTENThis is not very well written Which is fine in some ways it’s a debut after all However there’s something about trying to write in an old timey style that just ties some authors up in knots Let’s explore some of those knots “Conseuences come with a high cost some than others” Uhconseuences ARE that high cost You’re talking about the conseuencesof conseuences “If only there were a way to cure life’s most fatal disease Death” So in other words If only there were a way to cure life’s most death causing disease Death OBVIOUSLY DEATH IS FATAL IT’S DEATH “Jack was coming undone it seemed” Huh Really? You mean that guy who’s been murdering women and cutting their organs out? That dude? He always seemed pretty mentally sound to meAlso at one point a character says “Uh huh” You know The way rich British people in the late nineteenth century famously talked7 BAD PLOT VERY BADLike a middling episode of a value brand version of CSI we spend this whole book following our intrepid cast as they think they’ve cracked the case and are wrong And then wait no actually now they’ve got it Oh wait scratch that they’re wrong And then third time’s the charm we got this you guys we got him We know it And then they’re wrongAnd then the actual answer falls into their laps through no real sleuthing or skill of their own and it was the ending you knew it’d be for a long long timeWhat plotline could be satisfying than that?Bottom line This book was brutal And not in the fun old timey murder way I expected pre reviewmy hobbies include having unpopular opinions; sufferingreview to come currently reading updatesSPOOKY SEASON should I actually prioritize my schoolwork and other responsibilities or should I push all of that off and ignore it so I can read this book during Halloween month? sound off in the comments belowspoiler alert I'm irresponsible

  4. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    The ShortActual rating 45 Perfect for fans of The Diviners by Libba Bray A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody or if you've already read this and enjoyed it you might like theseWriting 45 starsCharacters 45 stars Plot 4 starsOriginality 5 starsAll out of 5 starsThe LongThis was sooo good I had heard such great things about this book but knowing how mysteries are hit or miss with me I was extremely skeptical What I expectedA romance heavy mystery where I would be able to tell who was the culprit after one chapter at mostWhat I gotA scientific approach to the infamous whodunnit' story of Jack the Ripper featuring a strong heroine with a deep dedication to her forensic studies constantly challenging what society deems is proper With just the right amount of romance of courseI listened to the audiobook which was awesome I've already started the 2nd one Despite the fact that I went the audiobook route I still looked at the photos scattered throughout the story They really enhanced the reading experience making it feel like I was gathering bits of evidence alongside Audrey Rose as the story goes on The forensics that went into this story are where I believe it really stands out As previously mentioned I'm not a huge mystery fan so I don't have much authority on the matter but this was one of the most uniue YA mysteries I've ever read You can tell the author took care not only to research her subject Jack the Ripper but also the nature of forensics as a whole The anatomical descriptions painted grotesue pictures in my mind bringing the victims mutilated state to life please forgive the terrible pun but I am weak willed in the face of bad jokes Audrey Rose's position as a young woman in the Victorian era was an important aspect of the story as well As a proper high society female she is constantly underestimated and disrespected but she does not let circumstances limit her She constantly uestions why she as a female isn't thought to be as capable as her male counterparts and as such always strives to prove said counterparts wrong This isn't necessarily uncommon in YA but this case was uniue because it was a situation of the female outwitting her opponents not in a battle or political sense but rather in terms of her intelligence scientifically Her fight to be able to be educated in her Uncle's classroom shows how important knowledge is to her and she proves time and time again that it is her most lethal weapon The murder mystery kept me guessing the whole time I'm not terribly good at figuring out whodunnit' mysteries so keep that in mind but I felt like the twists and turns this story took were not easily anticipated If I have one complaint it's that it dragged a tiny bit at points But it wasn't unbearably so This kept me on the edge of my seat and made for a perfectly spooky Halloween read If you're looking for a good book to pick up this October give this one a chance I think it will surprise you

  5. Kat Kat says:

    ah here it is the first one star of the year womp wompif you want a fluffy historically inaccurate romp through 1888 london that is the kidz bop version of the ripper’s notorious crimes read this book i guessin it u will find1 anachronistic fake feminism doled out by audrey “i’m not like other girls” rose the only “capable” female character in this book that is supposedly full of girl power 2 an annoying love interest who is a clear sherlock holmes ripoff 3 an apparent lack of knowledge surrounding the 19th century and the serial killer that the book is named after4 a killer whose identity is ridiculously obvious the first time they walk on page and while i love the self esteem boost that solving a twist provides if you’ve ever read literally any thriller in your life you WILL guess who “jack the ripper” is and it WILL be disappointing

  6. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Damn it all If every time I decided to have a snack I picked up this book and it would be at a morbidly graphic part of the book Hence said snacking ceased to exist 😄There were parts of the book that were a tad boring but overall I think it was great There are also pictures through out the book I might add some later Audrey works with her uncle cutting up cadavers and doing gross stuff they do with trying to find out causes of death and what have you Thomas is also a student that is learning as well They both get caught up on trying to find out who Jack The Ripper was as one of the girls worked as a servant at Audrey's home I think she was there for like a day but still Then it became a thing for Audrey and Thomas to find this mad man to stop the killings And I knew who the Ripper was in the first few chapters The author added some things to try to make you think it was someone else BUTI liked Audrey's uncle even though he was a bit nutty Thomas grew on me Audrey got on my nerves from time to time Audrey's dad was nice but had a lot of sadness And Audrey's brother Nathaniel I crushed on for a bit there He wasn't in the book much but still The ending was completely sad and I really loved the way the author set it up I have read other Ripper books whose ending was a big let down The end of this book was sad AND morbid The end end was sweet and leads us into the next book Yessssssss 😄 Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  7. Natalie Monroe Natalie Monroe says:

    Lord help the girl he set those eyes for good His boyish vulnerability was a weapon powerful and disarming I was thankful I wasn't the the kind of girl to lose my mind over a handsome face I originally gave this two stars but the I thought about it the pissed off I felt Stalking Jack the Ripper is what happens if you drop a girl with 21st century feminist ideas in the Victorian era Everything about Audrey Rose from her speech to her actions screams 2016 I had no idea my innards were composed of cotton and kittens while yours were filled with steel and steam driven parts Notice I put uotation marks around feminist Because this book is not feminist Sure it sells itself as such with a headstrong heroine with a smart mouth and an obsession with the macabre which I enjoyed to its credit but it's lazy feminism It's Julie Kagawa feminism or Kristin Cashore feminism Audrey Rose is the only capable woman in the book Everyone else is either on Team Evil like her stuffy aunt and the sharp tongued girls who only dream of serving their husband at the tea party or utterly forgettable like her cousin I finished this book this afternoon and I can't even recall her name That's how insubstantial she is Just know that she's the Fun Best Friend the kind that likes gossiping clothes and sneaking off to make out with boys In contrast the men play much bigger roles There's Thomas Cresswell her brother Nathaniel her father her uncle the policeman and the psychic who's wearing a baggy shirt with the words Fucking huge plot device on it They all play crucial roles in the narrative and not just as a murdered prostitute By casting Audrey Rose against this background of intelligent useful men and unmemorable worthless women you're basically saying She's not like other girls She's as good as a man which I don't need to tell you is incredibly insulting Why must value be measured in masculine terms? Why can't a woman be brilliant alongside a bunch of sisters from other misters who are also brilliant? I'm planning to write my MPhil English thesis on this topic and it gets me all fired up when other women have to be shoved down in order for the protagonist to rise rise to hallowed hall of men and their power pyramid where she's congratulated for not being part of that weak sex It would have so cool if Audrey Rose cracked the case by interviewing prostitutes lower class women etc and then using that information that's usually deemed trivial by menEverything happens too conveniently for her I have never seen her use an ounce of the logic and intelligence she claims to possesses She stumbles onto clue after clue like a kid hunting for gumballs in a candy shop It's even infuriating considering she constantly waxes on about how able she is and how society is keeping her in chains but it's men who helps her at every turnview spoilerI wanted Thomas to be the Ripper It would have been a original ending with huge emotional whammy If you added in the stuff with the women it would've been amazing I know a lot of reviewers love him but I found him to be eye rollingly generic His wisecracks don't feel real And there's a scene where Audrey realizes his emotionless callous exterior is to mask some childhood torment and I guffawed so hard I choked on my spit It is the ultimate proof of how lazy this story is Even the love interest doesn't get an original backstory hide spoiler

  8. Teodora Teodora says:

    4455 ⭐Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺 uick statement the title feels both puerile and scary at the same time and I don’t know what do make out of this informationBut stillAren’t y’all living for the macabre? Because I kind of do sometimes and it actually disturbs me than it should but how can I come across a title like Stalking Jack the Ripper and don’t go okay I need to read that just becauseI wasn’t completely sure what was I expecting from this book when I first started it I mean my curiosity was totally aroused but it felt weird to be reading such a thingI kind of lived in prejudice my whole life so I’m always going to judge my own actions like there were someone else’s And this was the case with this book but hear me out it has a childish vibe that I wasn’t sure my almost adult brain would approve of despite the fact that was definitely goryIt actually started gory and it caught me off guard But you know what? I enjoyed it very much overall and if I enjoyed it then to hell with everything It deserves my praise “Fear is a hungry beast The you feed it the it grows” Jack the Ripper is a well known figure in the history of maniacal murderers At some degree everyone has heard at least partially about him Which is terribly terrifying if you ask meI am not really well suited to dig in scientific facts about what caused this man to go cuckoo bird But I can tell you this some people are monsters and that’s thatI am pretty impressed with Kerri Maniscalco’s idea of taking the story of this dirty monster and twisting it into a bestseller that is not totally absurd I mean she does give a shine to it if you think better of it I for instance would have never been so brave to turn the story of a murderer into something sick and enjoyable at once It’s like she made up a whole new reality for the psycho and that’s kinda neat “Monsters were supposed to be scary and ugly They weren’t supposed to hide behind friendly smiles and well trimmed hair” Yet another neat experience in this book the documentationI admire well informed people and I am a fan of accuracy so when facing a book that demands both scientific and historical documentation and accuracy I wake up the little old woman inside me ready to argue anything badly placed But as far as I am concerned the anatomical aspect of the novel is very accurate and even though the historical timeline has suffered some adjustments as long as it fell well into place I am not complaining about anythingI could give a whole star only for the pictures placed at the beginning of every chapter They were real pictures of sickly interesting things and I loved them and the idea of placing them thereAlso very important here I felt like the book was a weird combination of Sherlock Holmes Frankenstein and the story of Jack the Ripper that fell in places pretty well It’s like all the things that make my brain go psycho met for coffee it’s amazingAudrey Rose Wadsworth is kind of a girlish tomboy if that makes any sense at all But this is how she is and she is great that way She’s smart she’s beautiful and she has a deep fascination for the macabre which is such a wrong thing for a young lady like her Bullshit But that’s how the society thinks in order to keep her wifey and disciplined What’s there than knowing how to dress for a proper royal tea party? Oh yes only knowing how to stitch the perfect handkerchief of course double bullshit “I was determined to be both pretty and fierce as Mother had said I could be Just because I was interested in a man's job didn't mean I had to give up being girly Who defined those roles anyhow?” Audrey Rose hates being told what to do She feels very rebellious And I like that about her A sister can do what a sister wants to do and there’s nothing wrong with it And the smug heartthrob that Thomas Cresswell is sees this and encourages her to go wild And I’m living for thisThomas is another male character I’ve recently fallen in love with and at this point I just have them coming like that He has a huge sexy brain an eually huge but less sexy ego and a huge and even kind of sexier shamefulness which me likes He’s also terribly cheeky but gentle at the same time How can one not add him to the never ending “book love interest” list?His relationship with Audrey Rose is definitely a slow burn and I love it especially because it is sprinkled from time to time with the shameless flirting Thomas inflicts on Audrey Rose and also with a candid type of falling in love from both of them They’re totally precious “Why don't you talk to me about what's really troubling you? What emotional dilemma needs sorting out?” He patted his legs “Sit here and I'll rock you gently until you or I or both fall asleep” Also romance and all aside if you think that you have guessed who’s behind all the murdering stuff then there is a high chance that you might be wrong Just sayin’I mean I was so sure that I knew who the killer is just for me to get rubbed in the face by the fact that I wasn’t actually paying attention to the details in order to see the big picture clearly I haven’t guessed the killer and I had all the facts right in front of my eyesKerri Maniscalco really let me feverishly believe I was a smart ass and then struck me down with my own stupidity Ugh that was a genius move against me actuallyWhat can I say ? I am super impressed with this first book and I mean it I didn’t think it was going to make me enjoy it so It even gave me time to analyse other amazing facts hidden in there – like the or less obvious female empowerment scenes and passages or witnessing a bit of a young girl’s anarchy against patriarchy “No man has invented a corset for our brains Let them think they rule the world It's a ueen who sits on that throne” It really felt like this book’s essence And I loved and appreciate itAll in all what a great book it was for meAny thoughts on it you might have I am here to read them I’ll give this a chanceBook styled

  9. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    DNF after 5 chapters Loved the beginning which has the heroine literally up to her elbows with a cadaver in an autopsy room But the deliberate visceral appeal of those types of scenes reminiscent of THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER are hampered by thin romantic beginnings mannered dialogue and an anachronistic hammering of modern feminist attitudes Since people love to kneejerk complain over observations like the last one I'll spell it out clearly for the trolls in simple language view spoilerRecycled from previous reviews but hey I'm tired and I'm not paid for this hide spoiler

  10. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    ”Fear is a hungry beast The you feed it the it grows”Okay let’s start this review with a little bit of background knowledge I gathered before I read the actual book and take it from there ; As always I got aware of “Stalking Jack the Ripper” because so many of my friends on here read it and thus it was all over my feed It doesn’t take much to figure that I wasn’t only intrigued by the promise but also by the idea behind the book I mean who isn’t curious about Jack the Ripper? It’s THE unsolved mystery everyone knows about and people’s theories about his true identity are still running wild So of course I wanted to jump that hype train and see where this was heading Truth be told the reviews about this book are rather mixed and by discovering the controversial opinions of other bloggers I couldn’t help but find out what this means for me Did I enjoy the book? Yes I did Was it what I expected? Well yeah pretty much Did I find out who the culprit was? Yep I think it wasn’t that hard to deduce but I still enjoyed reading about Audrey Rose’s and Thomas’s musings I guess what it ultimately boils down to is the expectations you have when you start reading this book If you want to be entertained and like slow paced stories that animate you to think if you enjoy fictional books that are built on real evidence if you dig two characters that are like cat and mouse “Stalking Jack the Ripper” will most certainly be the right book for you If you dislike male leads that are self assured and always voice their “dirty thoughts” if you don’t like the idea of modern day feminism in a historical fiction book if you’re no huge fan of knowing the OTP right from the start and if you’ve read or seen too many whodunnits and are an observant person you might not enjoy this though Okay admittedly I knew who the killer was pretty early on in the book but since I mostly fall into the first category I found myself enjoying the book ; P Also Thomas Cresswell Honestly I can’t resist a sexy Sherlock Holmes ever since I saw the movies with Robert Downey Jr and discovered the series with Benedict Cumberbatch drools And before I continue to rave about dear Mr Cresswell heaven knows he’s already way too cocksure of himself I’ll head right into my characters section ; PThe characters Welcome to Whitechapel where robbers pickpockets and one particular murderer roam the streets at night If you don’t want to end up against a wall either robbed or spoiled out of your mind you better don’t continue this venture into the unknown This is a fair warning you better heed it ; P Audrey Rose ”My hands fisted at my sides I refused absolutely refused to let this cruel treatment of a woman stand I’d do everything in my power to solve this case for Miss Nichols And for any other voiceless girl or woman society ignored”I’m going to be honest here Audrey Rose wasn’t as brilliant as I expected her to be but she was likeable enough lol Okay that doesn’t sound like I was all too persuaded by her but I guess I just read way too many YA books and most of the heroines follow the same pattern I liked that she had a rather unconventional “hobby” and was so fascinated by the human body and I’ve to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed how she handled Thomas and her father XD Still she was rather stereotypical and I hope that her character will get uniue as the series proceeds There’s still room for improvement and I genuinely hope that Kerri Maniscalco will use the rest of the series in order to develop Audrey Rose’s character As far as I know this was her debut though so I’m uite confident that she’ll make it work ; P ”One needn’t be strong in only physical matters – a strong mind and will were fierce to behold as well” ”While it wasn’t something I relished it was the hard truth I was a young girl growing up in a world run by old men I’d pick and choose my battles wisely”Thomas Cresswell ”Golden brown eyes were perfectly set into an angular face as if Leonardo da Vinci had painted him himself If only my lashes were as luxuriant His chin was suared giving him a look of steadfast determination Even his nose was thin and regal giving an air of alertness to his every expression If he weren’t so infuriatingly aware of his own intelligence he’d be uite attractive I supposed”Entrance The irresistible love interest ; P Honestly it’s almost impossible not to like Thomas At least not if you’ve a weakness for obnoxious presumptuous complacent cocksure smug and irritating men like him Which I obviously do lol I loved the arrogant “Sherlock Holmes” vibe I got from him and I really enjoyed the way he thought Not saying I’m a Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot myself but I tend to be very observant as well and I like to think outside of the box so we definitely seem to have that in common Plus that sass and his audacity I loved it It kind of reminded me of myself after all my blog is named “The Sassy Library Fox” for a reason ; P and so I could relate to him Cheeky brilliant bastard 333 I want of him and can’t wait to read the next book especially because I’m sure that there’s a very intriguing backstory to discover ”Why don’t you talk to me about what’s really troubling you? What emotional dilemma needs sorting out?” He patted his legs “Sit here and I’ll rock you gently until you or I or both fall asleep” ”Ah There’s something about you saying my name that sounds like a blessed curse” he said “If you can work up a good hand gesture to go along with it that’d be exceptional” Uncle Jonathan ”I stole a glance at him but his gaze was fixed hungrily on the corpse At times the darkness in his eyes terrified me than the dead we butchered”Uncle Johnathan definitely had a creepy vibe about him but I don’t blame him for being so curious and totally absorbed by his passion It was obvious that he lived and breathed his profession or should I rather say his calling? Despite everything I never suspected him to be Jack the Ripper though Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the police and I was really sorry for him when he ended up in that asylum I’m sure there’s to Uncle Jonathan’s story as well and once again I hope that Kerri Maniscalco will explore it in one of the next books Cousin Liza ”Wield your assets like a blade Cousin No man has invented a corset for our brains Let them think they rule the world It’s a ueen who sits on that throne Never forget that There’s no reason you can’t wear a simple frock to work then don the finest gown and dance the night away But only if it pleases you”I really liked her cousin Liza and I wish we would have gotten of her I kind of admired how she found a balance between what society expected of her and what she truly believed and thought With a mother like hers this couldn’t have been easy but she was clever enough to play along with her mother’s views and not to defy her outright Something that can’t be said for Audrey Rose and the way she dealt with her father lol This said Liza’s approach was way diplomatic and skilful which automatically caused her to be in my good books XD Can we please get Liza in “Hunting Prince Dracula”? Superintendent Blackburn Blackburn walked around his desk dropping into the chair behind it and rubbing his eyes ”Perhaps running the estate as my father had wanted isn’t such a bad idea I can handle a vast amount but this is a bit much How horrid can a life of leisure and politics be?” I know he was supposed to be some sort of antagonist but I somehow started to like him? Haha I mean alone that uote above lol He respects Audrey Rose and her work and even though his way to court her was totally wrong he still made an effort which is than can be said for other men during that time I think he might be Liza’s calibre though so I’d totally ship those two if they’d meet one day 3 As for now he was a nice addition to the cast and I’m sure he has his own interesting story to tell The relationships shipsAudrey Rose Thomas Without lifting his head from his own journal he said “Not having any luck figuring me out then? Don’t worry you’ll get better with practice And yes” – he grinned wickedly eyes fixed on his paper – “you’ll still fancy me tomorrow no matter how much you wish otherwise I’m unpredictable and you adore it Just as I cannot wrap my massive brain around the euation of you and yet adore it”I just loved Thomas unapologetic and unashamed flirting with Audrey Rose lol There’s a man that knows what he wants and I’m sure she captured his interest way earlier than we see in the book In fact I’m pretty certain that she’s been on his radar for months already and the fact that he instantly knew who she was and worked with her uncle for uite a while indicates that this was no instalove At least not for him which was truly refreshing Also did anyone else die when his composure finally crumpled and we got to see the real Thomas that’s hiding behind his calculating mind? Thomas totally losing his mind because he was afraid someone would harm Audrey Rose was one of the best things about this book 333 Yes it’s tropey yes it’s stereotypical but I still loved it lol Can’t help it but I’m weak for such boys XD Plus their easy banter was so amusing to read I might have known that those two would end up together from the very moment they met but it was still fun to watch it unfold and I’m looking forward to of those moments and scenes ”Hurry along then” I said grabbing my orchid and securing it safely in my journal “I want to sit by the window”“Hmm”“What now?” I asked losing patience“I usually sit by the window You may have to sit in my lap” ”If you’d like to see me out of my breeches simply ask Wadsworth I’m than happy to accommodate you on that front”“Scoundrel” I took a steadying breath Thomas was a complete wreck I gently touched his face drawing his attention to me “Thomas What –““I thought I was going to lose you” He ran both hands through his hair pacing away and coming back “I saw blood – I thought He’d slit your throat I thought – “ He covered his face with his hands collecting himself for a few breaths then fixed his attention on me swallowing hard “You must know what you mean to me? Surely you must know how I feel about you Audrey Rose The thought of losing you”Audrey Rose her father ”I was unaware keeping abreast of the daily news was inappropriate Perhaps I shall spend my time and your money on new corsets to bind my will from my lips” I said sweetly “Wearing something so constricting ought to tether my vocal cords nicely Wouldn’t you agree?”Talk about a complicated and strenuous father daughter relationship Those two didn’t give each other an inch and I could understand why Audrey Rose’s father was still grieving for his wife and he obviously loved his daughter and wanted to keep her from harm Yet at the same time he being so strict pushed her away from him The he tried to keep her close the she rebelled The things she said to him though lol I was like WOAH GIRL Oo Still I’m glad they managed to sort things out in the end and that they got closer once again 3 I just hope their relationship will continue to be on a good terms in those next few books Also No surprise Thomas won her father over XD He watched out for his girl and saved her so which kind of father wouldn’t approve of a boy like that? ; ”Those who deserve respect are given it freely If one must demand such a thing he’ll never truly command it I am your daughter not your horse sir” ”Fear is a hungry beast The you feed it the it grows My misguided intentions were good but I’m afraid they didn’t turn out as I’d planned” He tapped his heart “I thought by keeping you close keeping you safe in our home I could protect you from such monsters”Audrey Rose her brother Nathaniel ”Father will go berserk if he discovers what you’re really doing I fear his grasp on reality is most delicate these days His delusions are becoming worrisome”I saw this coming from miles away and truth be told I already got suspicious about Nathaniel when he told Audrey Rose that he and his friends were trying to protect the citizens of London There’s no better way to disguise your dark deeds than to claim that you’re out at night in order to keep others safe Who would suspect a righteous person like that? Except of me of course lol When it comes down to the 3 most important uestions it wasn’t hard to deduce who was the murderer though You might call them the three “w” Who has a motive? Who had a good alibi? And who had the perfect opportunity? It was way too easy to suspect Audrey Rose’s uncle Thomas or her father They were the obvious choices and so I didn’t even suspect them Pity Audrey Rose didn’t do the same She was so hung up on the idea of her father being Jack the Ripper that she didn’t even see all those obvious signs Bless Thomas for keeping a cool head in her stead XD Also she loved her brother dearly and made the mistake of trusting him blindly Beginner’s mistake ; P Still I understand why she couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of him being the murderer and it’s always tough when it’s your own familyConclusion“Stalking Jack the Ripper” was a very entertaining and easy read Admittedly some of the gory details might not be for the faint hearted being a scaredy fox myself I didn’t think that it was all too bad though ; P If you like a little mystery easy banter and a slow moving plot this might be the right book for you Is it wise to start with a 7th book?Nope Am I going to start it anyway?Yes yes I am lolI need to get my reading groove on and hopefully “Stalking Jack the Ripper” will helpThings I want to find out1 Is Audrey Rose really as brilliant as everyone claims her to be?2 Is the infamous Thomas Cresswell going to steal my heart?3 Will I really lose my appetite while reading some of the gory scenes?4 Am I going to find out who the culprit is? Let’s find an answer to all of those uestions ; P

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