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Terminal Secret ❮KINDLE❯ ❀ Terminal Secret Author Mark Gilleo – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When an attorney is murdered on her doorstop in a wealthy DC enclave Detective Earl Wallace and his new partner are assigned to the case As the detectives uncover the details surrounding the suspiciou When an attorney is murdered on her doorstop in a wealthy DC enclave Detective Earl Wallace and his new partner are assigned to the case As the detectives uncover the details surrounding the suspicious death a visit to the Medical Examiner provides evidence that sends their investigation into a tailspin Meanwhile Dan Lord – a private investigator with a law degree who operates in the gray area of the legal system – has a new client Hired by a congressman’s wife who fears for her safety Dan soon learns she isn't telling him the whole truth A secret from her past has taken a deadly turn and Dan’s latest client is proving to be his most dangerous As Dan and the DC detectives work their respective cases a random street crime brings them crashing together revealing that both investigations are connected to a string of unsolved murders Working as a team each new piece of evidence puts Dan and the detectives closer to their suspect and closer to danger To survive they need to learn the truth behind one Terminal Secret.

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  1. Tulay Tulay says:

    Depressing storyLittle politics dealing with terminal illnesses and revenge killings Secret jurors innocent humans being killed Detective Earl Wallace and his new very capable partner with the help of lawyerinvestigator Dan Lord trying to solve these murders

  2. Darryl Greer Darryl Greer says:

    Mark Gilleo’s Terminal Secret is the second in what may well become a successful series involving the exploits of Dan Lord a private investigator who is also an attorney He’s based in Washington DC and in this story teams up with two detectives Earl Wallace and Emily Fields of the Washington Metropolitan Police Not far into the story an attorney is murdered on her doorstep in a wealthy DC enclave Nothing so unusual about that per se but a visit to Dr Lewis Medical Examiner changes all that Meanwhile Dan is hired by a congressman’s wife Sherry Wellington who fears for her safety Dan’s brief is to find Sherry’s ex’s killer but the woman is hiding something — secrets from her past — and if Dan is going to help her he needs to know what they are As Dan embarks on his investigation Wallace and Fields get on with theirs Each step in both investigations reveals another puzzle the intrigue deepening with each twist and turn Even when Dan enlists the help of other police officers and an IT guru unravelling the mystery proves challenging even for our super sleuth When he eventually joins up the dots he can barely believe what he has unearthed I did wonder why a guy who was both a lawyer and a private investigator neither profession particularly enamoured by cops had no difficulty getting information and even co operation from so many law enforcers But I guess there are exceptions That aside Terminal Secret is chock full of intrigue from beginning to end The story is coherent the characters captivating and engaging the dialogue script like and realistic As the tale nears its denouement each page turn causes a sharp intake of breath Just when you think you’ve worked out what’s going on along comes another twist Author Mark Gilleo’s imagination and creativity shines through this riveting read Terminal Secret is both thriller and murder mystery and suspense rolled up into one delightful package

  3. Jill Jill says:

    A private investigator and Washington DC Detectives working seemingly disconnected murder cases come crashing together in an unexpected way in this new novel by Mark Gilleo Without giving away any of the entertaining details Gilleo perfectly merges the intricacies of the crime while constantly piuing the readers’ interests Admittedly this book included some obvious history between two of the main characters Dan and Wallace While this does not seem to be a seuel the history between the two is not thoroughly elaborated on within the pages of this book Despite this Terminal Secret provided an intensely entertaining read Any fans of police procedurals such as Harlan Coben and Michael Connelly that seek a light hearted read should definitely pick this one upFor the full review visit Disclaimer I received a copy of this book via Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review

  4. Barry Payne Barry Payne says:

    An excellent suspenseful novel that completely surprised me with the ending I loved this book and had a lot of trouble putting it down Great book Mark thank you Barry

  5. Kathleen Gray Kathleen Gray says:

    Well done WDC based procedural where secrets and lies are deadly than anyone could reasonably expect Gilleo has a knack with characters I was especially entertained by the interplay between Earl and Emily Some of the Dan Lord story line is a tad implausible but his relationship with the MPD officers is integral to the story Thanks to Edelweiss for the ARC Try this one for a different sort of Washington novel I'm looking forward to from Gilleo especially if it involves this trio

  6. Reader Views Reader Views says:

    Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views 917“Terminal Secret” by Mark Gilleo is one of the most creative story plots I have read in a long time From the very first page the author captures your attention and leads you through a whirlwind of drama intrigue and suspenseA DC attorney murdered on her own doorstep arouses suspicion when unusual evidence from the Medical Examiner confuses investigating detective Wallace and his new partner Within the same time frame another female was found drowned in a nearby canal First thoughts were that she was distracted by using her cell phone However after further examination she shows cancer throughout her body A mysterious shell casing found in the victim’s pocket leads to even further uestionsSherry Wellington is a former waitress who had a child by a former military veteran that was addicted to pills and alcohol Realizing the relationship would not work out Sherry took work wherever she could It was during this time she met and married a popular Congressman Now fearing for her life she hires private investigator Dan Lord When Sherry learns the baby’s father is killed she wants to know why and by whom She does not want her husband the Congressman to know she is looking into this matter and chooses not to divulge all the information from her past life The two investigations collide setting all parties on the path of immense dangerGilleo does a great job with character development I particularly enjoyed Detective Wallace a humorous black male who has no need for a partner especially one who is a young white female with no real life experience Detective Wallace is a character who makes you love him just for his sarcastic comments His partner is up for the challenge he presents and eventually wins his approval The interaction between the two as they work the case provides solid entertainmentI love the way the author slowly builds up the motive for the mysterious deaths and why terminally ill cancer patients were chosen for this job I found the story uite interesting and uniue It was easy to read and stay involved in given the circumstances There is plenty of action without being overwhelmed with too many characters or details and I can certainly understand why certain individuals chose to do what they didI have not read any previous books by this author however I understand he has several other novels available and look forward to checking out his other works Though lengthy the creative plot action and humor make for a fast read “Terminal Secret” by Mark Gilleo will be my recommendation for our next book club read

  7. Charles Ray Charles Ray says:

    A government attorney is murdered on her doorstep in a wealthy DC neighborhood A senator’s wife approaches a private detective to find out who killed her ex husband a disabled army veteran Two seemingly unrelated cases the first assigned to DC detective Earl Wallace and his new partner both by the books cops; and the second to lawyerprivate eye Dan Lord a man who makes his own rules in his pursuit of justice They soon learn that their cases are related and portend even dead bodies perhaps their own if they don’t find the mastermind behind a series of crimes being committed by people who are terminally ill with cancer The key Dan discovers is an old case involving a now dead drug dealer but the time to solve it is uickly running outTerminal Secret by Mark Gilleo is a high octane mystery thriller that uncovers the raw underbelly of our nation’s capital in ways that other novels set in Washington DC often fail to do It swings effortlessly from wealthy Georgetown enclaves to the wasteland of Anacostia’s neighborhoods introducing the reader to the variety of colorful and sometimes dangerous denizens of DC’s asphalt jungleI give Gilleo four and a half stars for this one

  8. Jane Jane says:

    As the book opens Dan Lord a private detective slash attorney is seen sneaking through a wired fence of the home of an Indian diplomat He’s there to rescue two female employees who are being held against their will He manages to set them free and escape with a cut from a shard of glass When a young female EPA attorney is shot dead in front of her home Detective Earl Wallace of the Washington Metropolitan Police and his partner Detective Emily Fields a newcomer from Fairfax County are called in to investigate An hour after the shooting the body of a terminally ill middle aged woman is recovered from her submerged minivan in a canal A bullet casing is found in her pocket and it matches the type of bullet used in the killingHow are their deaths related? They uestion friends relatives witness trying to find leads—anything that could help with their investigation Meanwhile Sherry Wellington wife of Congressman John Wellington hires Dan Lord to find her ex Marcus Losh’s killer Marcus a disabled ex Army vet was shot through the door of his home in Virginia soon after meeting with his Sherry to warn her that she may be in danger She thinks whoever killed Marcus may be after her Moreover she doesn’t want her husband to know she’s hired him While following up leads Dan senses that Sherry is withholding meaningful information that could help him find Marcus’s killer He decides to do some snooping on Sherry An incident he witnessed during one of his stake out leads him to get into touch with Detective Wallace whom he’s had a history with Together they try to establish a connection between the victims and the wife of the congressman the motive behind these killings and bring the killers to justice Fast paced thriller and engaging storyline Would recommend

  9. Everydayreader1 Everydayreader1 says:

    Washington DC police Detective Earl Wallace and his new partner investigate the murder of an attorney and find their investigation taking numerous twists and turns wit no easy answers At the same time lawyerprivate investigator Dan Lord's new client doesn't seem to be telling him the truth and he has to try to figure out the whole story before he becomes a victim of a terminal secretThis story is fast paced and the characters are interesting The book also offers a glimpse into big city life and there is good description of DC layout and topography Through no fault of the author I had some difficulty finding commonality with the characters and the final outcome seemed too me to take too long to reach

  10. Sharon Joyner Sharon Joyner says:

    Brilliant and entertaining I have been starting books and stopping 2 or 3 chapters in for the last 2 years at least One unoriginal plot after another or so poorly written Finally a book that had characters I could care about and an intertwined story that kept me turning the pages into the night Glad the mystery was solved but sorry that meant reading the book was over Will be moving onto other books by the author

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