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Operation Deep Strike Operation Deep Strike Read Author Rahul Badami Thomashillier.co.uk Infiltrate An Enemy Naval Base Sneak Onto A Submarine Full Of Hostile Crew Members Sabotage A Top Secret Weapon What Could Go WrongHad My Heart In My Mouth From Beginning To End There Were Twists In Every Chapter Shabnam A Gripping Story, Keeping You On Edge Rear Admiral A Ganesh I Believe That It Would Make A Great Movie Barbara Finished Cover To Cover In One Sitting Gripping Pace Ankur Full Of Surprises, Suspense, And Action Helen When A Top Secret Military Program In Pakistan Is Discovered, The Indian Prime Minister Launches A Covert Operation To Neutralize It The Plan Is Simple Infiltrate Pakistan, Penetrate The Heavily Guarded Secret Facility And Sabotage The Weapons Veteran Operative Armaan And His Covert Ops Team Are Called Into Action But Such A Daring Mission Was Never Going To Be Easy And As The Ops Team Find Themselves Outnumbered, Outgunned And Surrounded In Hostile Territory, Will All Be Lost Or Will They Be Able To Pull Off The Objective Despite Insurmountable Odds, And The Risk Of Discovery And Execution Armaan And His Team Are Experienced Field Agents, But As Their Plan Threatens To Spiral Out Of Control, They Realize That They May Not Make It Out Of This One Alive Meanwhile In Afghanistan, The Disbanded Al Qaeda Has Regrouped And Is Powerful Than Ever They Have Conceived A Blood Chilling Attack That Will Make 9 11 Pale In Comparison From The Dense Jungles Of Bangladesh To Afghanistan S Desert Of Death To The Snowy Peaks Of Gilgit Baltistan, Operation Deep Strike Is A Pulse Pounding Adrenaline Rush That Will Leave Action Thriller Fans White Knuckled Please Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Now Or Continue Reading Below Prologue Hunza Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan BangAbdul Knew He Was About To Die As Soon As He Heard The Gunshot BangThe Second Gunshot Was As Loud As The First, Reverberating In The Tiny Hotel Room Abdul Watched In Horror As His Security Guard Who Had Opened The Door Crumple Down On The Floor Two Small Holes Blot Red On His Beige Uniform The Body Lay Motionless Dead Abdul Couldn T See The Assailant He Was In One Corner Of The Hotel Room And The Half Open Door Blocked His View Of The Killer Outside The Door Who Had Shot His Guard This Also Meant That The Assailant Hadn T Seen Him Yet He Only Had A Second Before He Too Would Be Gunned Down Abdul S Eyes Darted Around The Room Searching For An Escape Route The Window It Was Open It Was The Only Way But He Hesitated He Should Be In Here He Heard Shouts Beyond The Door Abdul Glanced Back The Assailant Walked Past The Door Abdul Could See Him Now A Smoking 9mm Was In His Hand, The Face Masked By A Black Cloth Only The Eyes Showed Dark Furious Deadly The Killer S Gaze Burned With Such Intensity, Abdul Felt His Soul Shiver There More Men Poured Into The Room All Masked All Of Them Carried Weapons Abdul Had Seen Enough His Decision Was Made He Turned And Jumped Through The Open Window He Fell Through Fifteen Feet And Landed On The Snow Covered Ground His Room Was On The First Floor Of The Hotel And The Snow Cushioned The Impact Of His Fall He Was Alive, But He Wasn T Safe Abdul Scrambled To His Feet And Ran He Wasn T Sure Where He Wanted To Go But He Wanted To Get As Far Away From The Hotel As He Could.

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    Really nice and engaging booksRead it in one sitting Amazing experience of world reality

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    Wow, what a book, feels proud with the kind of character described and chosen for this book.Story , the turns it gives every moment, is very good.Hooked me up to finish in 3 days.Best Wishes to Rahul

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    A thriller from beginning to end Twists in every chapter Had my heart in my mouth for some time Waiting for the next book

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    Good readAnother master piece..spoilers ahead..good storylineall though it would have been nice if the epilogue was streched a little longer.and other charecters were given representationand focus on the role of Israelis

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    Obviously fiction with less to reality but filled with thrill and a little suspense, but this is not how intelligence agencies and armies function Rather a stunt towards achieving what we want to achie...

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    What can a reader ask A perfectly crafted thriller Each and every page that you turn create a curiosity inside your mind, nail biting suspense that made you wonder what was going to happen next The deep research done by the author is clearly evident in the writings Even though the book is a work of fiction, it clearly throws in some light to the struggles faced by these brave men, because of whom we get to enjoy a good sleep Throwing multiple perspectives of the protagonists and antagonists gave the plot a different dimension This book is a gentle reminder to all of us, ...

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    Unbelievable story yet, you don t want to miss A fiction with mixture of real time issues and past events with a believable touch of history of post freedom of India and Pakistan I was craving for a action thriller of Indian military sleuths for quite some time.That feeling used get roused whenever I finished a fiction by western authors which is often as I am a voracious reader of thrillers.Indo Pakistan conflict is tried in a fitting manner and the way and speed the author takes us t...

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    Of late I have been reading a lot of spy thrillers about the india Pak axis This book definitely ranks among the best of these Though a fiction the author included the entire theatre of Pakistan and Afghanistan, dropping in interesting snippets about the weapon systems, the organizations, places, terrorists etc In a covert op 4 Indian army soldiers enter Pakistan to neutralize their new nuclear missiles Their jour...

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    I loved the fast pace at which the plot moves and the twists and turns in the story, though i was hoping it doesn t turn out to be a jack bauer kind of protagonist who can come out of impossible situations without even a scratch At least a couple of times I felt a little detail into the characters or the scene would have been great Overall I loved my first indo pak thrillier.I did feel there were logical plot holes and people in cove...

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    Action packed book Eventful experience for the Indian audience by their very own Indian author Amazing plot along with some great details of various technical specs about ammunition, anti missiles programs and spying technologies.The description of the situation and the change of events will have your adrenaline rushing and then suddenly after the capture of the protagon...