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Knowledge Quickening Reading Knowledge Quickening Author D.S Williams Pembspm.co.uk Charlotte Duncan Has Been Kidnapped By An Unknown Enemy, Leaving Her Frightened And Facing An Uncertain Future Filled With Worry For The Man She Loves And The Members Of His Group Whom She Considers Friends, Charlotte Must Find A Way To Escape The Nightmare She Is Enduring.Using The Remarkable Psychic Gift She Has Recently Embraced Is Impossible, Because Charlotte Learns It Is Those Very Abilities Which Led To Her Current Predicament Charlotte Must Find A Way To Escape The Clutches Of Her Kidnapper, Drawing On A Strength And Determination She Never Knew Existedand Will Have To Give Her Trust To A Complete Stranger In Return For His Help In Doing So, Charlotte Will Discover Many New Things About Herself That She Would Never Have Believed Possible And Will Face A Future Wildly Different To The One She Imagined.

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    To wake up in a cold dank room would be frightening but not to know how you got there would be worse How much punishment can a person take before their body and mind just gives up Charlotte knew she could put up with anything except someone else being killed because of her This book is where is first meets Conal and realises there is not much time before the change affects him At last Lucas s Kiss and Conal s Pack meet, I could feel the tension in the room and could not read fast enough to see if they get into a fight If only all wars could be handled the way this was accomplished life would be so much better for us all Again, I found myself laughing aloud at the antics Charlotte and Striker got up to I found this book Knowledge Quickening had me going through the different facets of my feelings from anger to sadness to laughter and s...

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    This was a great follow up from the first book in the series D.S Williams has done a great job introducing lots of new elements, making this book much complex than the first.There s plenty of action and the plot moves along at a great pace If you re looking ser...

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    I enjoyed the first book in this series But I loved the second In this book, the author shifts the action into top gear and never looks back The heroine takes control of her destiny if not her heart and becomes a force to be rec...

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    This author was great, so much so that any editing errors were easily overlooked The book picked up were it left off from book one, it did so smoothly and adventurously It kept me hooked just as well as book one and indeed...

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    After the first book, the second didn t disappoint I loved this one also I can t wait to read the next oneI highly recommend it.

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    Greatly entertaining Great book I couldn t put it down I am so looking forward to reading the next book There were so many twists and turns that couldn t predict what what might happen next Anyone who liked the Twilight series will absolutely love this one Thanks again for the entertainment.

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    The Nememiah Chronicles Knowledge Quickening by D S Williams picks up the story at the cliff hanger from the first book in the series It was patently obvious that I was in trouble Serious trouble Right from the start, Charlotte Duncan must tap into her skills, develop new ones, and find ways to save herself and her friends Like the first book, the story sweeps along, and I kept turning the pages to see what was happening As Charlotte extricates herself from one difficulty, she gets into another.In addition to these problems, Charlo...

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    First a vampire, now a werewolflife certainly gets interesting for Charlotte as desperate circumstances force her to choose to do things she never thought possible Far from suicidal, now she s determined to do anything she can to live Ah, but that s where the bonds of love, loyalty and blood come inOoh, it s so hard not giving any spoilers in this review, given you really MUST start by reading the first book Knowledge Revealed before starting this one Demons, shapeshifters,...

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