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Fractured Download Fractured Author Jessica Jesinghaus Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk I Don T Know Who I Am Or How I Got Here But Something S Not Right I Can Feel It In My Gut A Man Finds Himself Alone In The Woods With No Memory Of How He Got There Seeking Shelter And Assistance From A Nearby House, He Instead Finds A Dead Body Why Is He Plagued With Sensations Of Dejavu And Why Does The Man Lying Dead On The Floor Look Exactly Like Him Fractured Is A Psychological Suspense Short Story Of Approximately 2700 Words.

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    The moment I began reading this short story, I felt like I was being pulled along a winding path and I could barely keep up My mind was racing, desperately trying to figure out what was going on I felt taunted at being fed clues one at a time However, by the tim...

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    A bloodied man wakes alone in the woods, with no memory of who he is or how he got there Has he been the victim of some terrible crime Or is something perhaps even darker at work Rightly or wrongly, Ernest Hemingway has been credited with writing the shortest short story ever For sale, baby shoes Never worn and the finest short stories excel at conveying human dilemmas and emotions with a minimum of carefully chose...

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    I m a fan of short stories Mostly because they aren t given the credit they deserve It s really not so easy telling a complete tale with few words, especially when the main character doesn t know who he is or how he ended up in the situation to b...

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    Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up not knowing who you are Then you find yourself outside a house where a murder has just taken place Then you can relate to this guy If not, well, it s a damn good short story anyway.

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    What happens when you wake up bloody but without a memory Very well written short story 11 pages 4stars because it could have been longer

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    Short, sweet, bloody.This short story was rather good It had me on the edge of my seat and the twist at the end was well written and avoided cliches The characters all stood out, even though the story was so short, and all in all it was a great read.

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    This is a short story that does it s job well Immediate hook, bleeding pun intended out the situation little by little so that you just can t stop reading, and then wrapping up a horrific situation by turning the horrified into the horror Good stuff This was a quick and enjoyable read and shows that Jessica Jesinghaus has mastered the art of the short story I already knew that she had mastered the very di...

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    Did you see Finding Dory She s the blue fish that is actually Ellen DeGeneres who suffers from short term memory lost and keeps forgetting where she is Well Um, who What Where Where was I Yes Where was I That would be the first question Thom asks himself in Fractured by Jessica Jesinghaus Where was I Poor Thom You are in the rain, in the dark, in the woods and you seem to have misplaced your shoes Not a good sign Maybe you are a Hobbit Maybe your name is not Thom Maybe it s Bilbo.Next question Was that blood Yes Thom, it is On your hands no less Oh, are you having another Dory moment How convenient.Next question What happened here Dog owners ask this a lot You come home from work to find your floor has been replaced by toilet paper or the stuffing from what once was Teddy or Doggie or Ewok Thom wants to know what happened here Colonel Nathan R Jessup will tell you You can t handle the truth.FIND THEM scrawled in blood on the wall.Find Them When you are swimming in a pool of your own blood and you want to let someone, anyone, know whodunnit , by all means do take the time to use your own blood and dying breath to BE OF NO HELP AT ALL Find Them Find what Things A person Couldn t have thought of a better clue I grumbled, then shook my head sadly Sorry man, you probably did your best Your best Really Thom Even I could have come up with a appropriate blood scr...

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    EnjoyableThis was an enjoyable short story I found it engaging and compelling, although I would have liked details on the characters other than the first person narrator particularly towards the end of the story.

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    This fast paced short read will keep you on the edge of your seat with a shocking ending you ll never see coming I look forward to reading by this author Fantastic

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