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10 thoughts on “Blind Affection (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs, #10)

  1. Lori D Lori D says:

    An amazing story of how two people come together who needed each other desperately Lily Whitefield had been corresponding with Wythe Radcliffe for two years After her accident she felt she would never marry and the one man she had loved was now courting her sisterWythe had his own imperfections and thought he'd not find someone to care about him and not just his finances He finally got up the courage to ask Lily to marry him because he felt such a connection to herWith the wonderful words of Sandra E Sinclair and the voice of narrator C J McAllistar I fell in love with these two and their journey to finding true happiness in each other Now off to grab my next one by this fabulous duo

  2. Jan Jan says:

    Love and misunderstandings Lily was accidentally blinded on the day her mother died and subseuently the man she expected to marry became engaged to her sister Wythe had his leg crushed in an accident and had a peculiar gait but the worst was the totally obnoxious response by the girl he had been courting Lily began writing to him in response to his ad in a lonely hearts column and after two years she was at her wits end with her family and decided to go to Wythe and marry Things started remarkably well until complications arose That's it no spoilers The best part is that I have the audio It's great when a romance author chooses a man to be narrator and even better when said narrator has a pleasant voice obvious sensitivity and is skilled in audio performance That would be CJMcAllister Well done I reuested and received a free copy through AudioBookBOOM provided by the publisher author or narrator I win

  3. Elissa Elissa says:

    Physical injury leaving a lasting and visible mark remains somewhat of a stigma at least in the minds of the injured I mean there it is staring at you right? Now go back a hundred or years That need for outward appearance becomes even socially critical So although this is a sweet romance the story is underneath it all a parable of acceptance first of oneself and then of one's fellows As voiced by narrator CJ McAllister author Sandra Sinclair's Mail Order Bride story is a bit cagey about how our heroine achieved her stigmatization falling from favored nonpareil to family embarrassment but once disclosed action commences to a satisfactory conclusion Pity party to party hearty? Disclaimer I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review AB

  4. Claire Claire says:

    This is a sweet clean romance that is so well written I felt like I could see everything that was happeningI loved that it dealt with self image after injury It's easy to underestimate the lasting affects of and injury that causes someone to see them self differently I though this was used very compassionately and yet accuratelyI really enjoyed the romance between Lily and Wythe they're such a good match for each other The narration is smooth and flowing and the character voices are clear and distinctI received a free copy of this book from the author andor narrator andor publisher and I voluntarily wrote this honest review

  5. Zena Zena says:

    I enjoyed this audiobook thoroughly It is sweet and clean nicely written with a good theme and easy to followThe main characters are both afflicted with a physical handicap but both characters have good ualities that keeps the story interesting and I loved how they decided to get married and their support love and caring for each otherCJ McAllister is the narrator of the audiobook and he reads it wellThe above is my unbiased and voluntary review of a free audiobook that I reuested

  6. Tammy Rolle Tammy Rolle says:

    The brides keep comingJubilee Springs is steadily changing from bachelors ville to family town Lily is running from the pain of seeing her once fiancé getting ready to marry her younger sister She set him free when an accident mars her beauty but she refuses to spend the rest box her life in the shadows of her sister's happiness Wycliffe was crippled in a work accident but hopes to find a mate who is interested in than his wealth Can they find happiness together?

  7. April April says:

    Blind Affection Sandra E SinclairA clean historical western fiction Can two people with physical imperfections find happiness together even though they think no one could love them Several twists involving other people try to interfere The narration was well done The characters were well portrayed CJ McAllister has a fine voice for this book I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review

  8. Jean Jean says:

    Friends FirstThis book centers around Lily the female lead and Wythe the male leadBoth leads are looking for the same thing but they don't realize it at firstOverall a sweet romance with extremely likable charactersCJ McAllister did well with the narration NoteThis audio book was provided by the author at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review

  9. Glaidene Ramsey Glaidene Ramsey says:

    Historical Western RomanceI really enjoyed reading this book Lilly is a woman who's ideas I would have agreed with Her groom has allowed someone to make him think less of himself than he should Enjoy this book I did

  10. Robyn Echols Robyn Echols says:

    Lovely RomanceThis was a lovely romance of two people who feel inadeuate due to each having disability and feeling no one will consider them a suitable match The characters were well written and an interesting plot with secondary characters that enhanced the story

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Blind Affection (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs, #10) [Reading] ➽ Blind Affection (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs, #10) Author Sandra E. Sinclair – Her sister is marrying her ex She’s running away to marry a man she’s never met Lily Whitefield’s once prized debutante status went unfulfilled marred by a cruel fateful accident Now her sister Her sister is marrying her ex She’s running away to marry a man she’s never met Lily Whitefield’s once prized debutante status went unfulfilled marred by a cruel fateful accident Now her sister is marrying the man she loves Trapped by her imperfection Lily decides to escape the prospect of spinsterhood by being a mail order bride She sneaks away leaving her safe cushioned existence behind and boarding a train to Colorado to marry a man she’s never met Uncertain if he’d ever find true love or simply an honest woman who saw him as than a purse a financial wishing well Wythe Radcliffe sought the advice and aid of a Matchmaker from a mail order bridal agency But he already has the girl in mind He’s been writing to her for the past two years He just needs a little help Lily has her own money and flaws she’ll make him the perfect wife After all he wasn’t perfect either Broken and scarred by the tragic events in their past Can Lily and Wythe heal and build a loving future together.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 101 pages
  • Blind Affection (Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs, #10)
  • Sandra E. Sinclair
  • English
  • 02 June 2016

About the Author: Sandra E. Sinclair

Sandra E Sinclair is a dreamer and hopeless romantic Sandra grew up in London England where the skies are often gray and the streets could be cleaner However she doesn't let this dampen her spirits She loves her hometown and considers herself a true blue Londoner who is happy to find her sunshine overseas and she does as often as she can It’s through traveling abroad that she finds her in.